Blog 5

An “amazing” thing happened as I was preparing to write this week’s blog (except that I am rarely amazed anymore by the perfect answers that show up in response to my requests for help from the Universe!) I was just thinking that I needed to search through my client files to find a real-life story that would illustrate this week’s concept: In order for what we want to become REAL in our life, we must be willing to RECEIVE it when it shows up. (I know, you may be thinking: “Duh!”…but just wait! It’s not as easy as it sounds!)

What showed up inside of my own intention to find the perfect illustration was that one was emailed to me unsolicited the same day from a new Practical Prosperity client! Before I share her story with you, let me give just a little more detail about what it means to be WILLING to receive.

Last time, I talked about how you must be CLEAR in asking for what you want – providing the Kitchen with just your MUST HAVES order, stated with clarity and focus, and leaving the “garnishes” up to the Chef.

Once you master ASKING for what you want in the most effective way to put the Law of Attraction into action, you can COUNT on receiving it. EVERY time. The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, just like the Law of Gravity. You can choose to believe in it or not, but just like gravity, the LOA is going to work 100% of the time –with or without your cooperation.

You may have noticed, however, that even when you clearly ask for something you want, the timing for its manifestation into your world sometimes isn’t exactly what you had in mind. A delay could mean that the Universe has to work out some intricate details first. Or perhaps there is something at play behind the scenes that you aren’t aware of, and a delay would actually be BETTER for you in the long run.

But there is also another possible explanation for any substantial delay between your asking for and receiving what you desire: Maybe it’s YOU! Perhaps YOU aren’t truly ready and willing to receive what the Universe is quite prepared to deliver in answer to your request.

Perhaps although you think you are being open and receptive to whatever the Chef prepares for you, in reality you have a very limited, specific idea of exactly how it should come to you – by what method and in what form. (Are you secretly attached to your own idea of the perfect “bells and whistles” for you — rather than specifying only your “must haves” and trusting the rest to the Universe? Are you holding out for a man without a moustache?)

If so, although the Universe may have an even more perfect, elegant and effortless method of delivery all ready for you, your focus and energy are not aligned with that solution. When your energy and focus are NOT a match, the perfect answer to your request will NOT be delivered to you via the Law of Attraction. Just as a magnet won’t attract plastic, YOU won’t attract anything that isn’t a match for your emotions and thoughts.

My Practical Prosperity client and I have been working on creating more financial prosperity in her life, and having her remain open to it coming from a variety of sources – not just via income from her work. I think her story is a great example of this critical principle of The Law of Attraction: In order to GET what you want, you have to be WILLING to receive it – even if it comes wrapped in a different package and delivered by a different means than YOU had in mind!


After I emailed you my latest Prosperity Coaching update, I decided to take a walk. Along the way, I saw trash as usual. I did not have a sack and so I picked up some cans. I was leaving the paper trash for when I had a bag. It looked a little wet and soggy — perhaps from the rain and snow.

I then CLEARLY heard God say to me, ”Well if that was MONEY, I bet you would pick it up today!” I laughed and said, “OK, I will pick it up!!” and walked down this little embankment to pick up the trash.

Guess what Caroll? It was two $20 bills and one $10 — $50!! I know I am on a roll. I just have to keep going and TRUST — Life IS amazing!!

Love & Smiling & Laughing, M.”

Are you seeing “trash” where there is really GOLD? Are you waiting for some “better time” to act on the inspiration that comes to you — and left wondering why your heartfelt desire just never seem to show up?

Or are you listening and acting on the subtle messages you receive when the Universe whispers in your ear the perfect way to fulfill your dream? And are you WILLING to RECEIVE it — even if it comes wrapped in a surprise “package”?