May 2009

June 1, 2009 – Blog 59 

 I’d like to share with you a KEY method for speeding up the process for manifesting your desires using the LOA. That is, expressing gratitude in four particular ways.

The reason gratitude can help you bring MORE of the things you want into your life is that it is one of the most powerful positive emotions you can feel.  And your positive thoughts, along with the positive feelings that result from those thoughts, create the vibrational energy that you are sending out into the world all day, every day. Your energetic vibration is the “magnet” that draws back into your life people, things and circumstances that are vibrating at the same energetic frequency as you are. 

There are four steps to mastering Gratitude that I want to teach you about, because all of them are a very powerful force for bringing MORE good into your life:

STEP ONE: Express gratitude for everything good that you have in your life right NOW.  If you do not feel appreciation for all that the Universe has already sent you, the Universe will not send you MORE. 

The fastest, easiest way I know of to keep yourself consistently sending positive energy out into the world every day is to keep a Gratitude Journal.  Every day, 365 days a year, I sit down in the morning and write 10 things I am grateful for RIGHT NOW in my life. Not “someday when…” — but RIGHT NOW.

I always start with my wonderful husband, Rick. You may know the story of how I consciously manifested our meeting on the eHarmony website three years ago, using the Law of Attraction.  I have spent every day since expressing gratitude for him and the love he has brought into my life. Second on my list is always our “perfect health” and third is “our happy family and pets.” Fourth is “our two beautiful homes.”

The rest of my 10 items are whatever I feel present to right at that moment.  My wonderful clients are often on there, sums of money that have come to me unexpectedly, the ability to make a difference in the world doing work that I love, working from home, the beautiful weather, our lovely neighborhood, seeing an old friend for lunch the day before, our monthly day at Disneyland, etc. etc. etc. 

By the time I finish writing 10 things, I am brimming with gratitude for my life.  I am no longer focused on any areas of lack or any petty problems I might have.  I am 100% GRATEFUL and HAPPY, and I know my energy is vibrating at a high, positive level that is going to draw to me many wonderful new opportunities to be even MORE grateful tomorrow.

 My clients often ask me, “How can I get out of the funk I’m in that is getting in the way of manifesting what I want?!” 

My instruction is always the same: Sit down and make a list of 50 things – big or small – that you are grateful for in your life right NOW.  Don’t stop until you have thought of 50 different things.  Then email me your list. 

The email always comes with a note attached that says something like, “WOW! I feel so much BETTER!  I didn’t want to STOP at 50 — I could have kept going and going! I see that I have SUCH a wonderful life right now.  And most of these blessings came to me without my doing anything.  I am so fortunate!” 

When you are feeling good about your life, you can’t help but attract to you more good things that are vibrating at a very positive level, too. Your gratitude-charged energy makes you a magnet for GOOD! 

STEP TWO: The second aspect of Gratitude you need to master in order to become a Master Manifester is to learn to be grateful IN ADVANCE for what you are trying to create.  This means that you are able to get yourself into a state of FEELING GRATEFUL for having what you want even BEFORE it has actually appeared in the material world.  You have the ability to FEEL the feelings of gratitude NOW — in this moment — that you know you will feel when you actually HAVE what you want. 

The ability to vividly visualize yourself enjoying your fulfilled intention, using the proper technique is the key to making you able to FEEL gratitude right now for something that isn’t technically present yet.  I recommend that you re-listen to the free Create Prosperity Now Tele-class I did in February about how to do vivid visualization and practice those techniques. 

Then add to your ability to vividly visualize what you want the FEELING of gratitude for it that is identical to the gratitude you feel for all the things you already have.  This is why keeping a daily Gratitude Journal is so helpful. It makes you practice feeling grateful every day, until it becomes second nature.  Then, you can easily “flip the emotional switch” to create a feeling of “instant gratitude” in yourself when you are practiced at creating that feeling daily.  It must be practiced — just like going to the gym to build your physical muscles. Practicing feeling grateful on a daily basis rapidly builds your capacity for feeling GRATEFUL.  Visualizing and feeling grateful for what you know is about to come to you will speed the process of actually manifesting it because everything in your outer world is simply a physical manifestation of what is going on inside of you – your “inner world.”

I recently received an email from a delighted Practical Prosperity Coaching © client who was in a state of gratitude when the Universe expectedly delivered the perfect “How” for creating something she had been wanting for a long time.  She wrote: 

I was joyfully walking down the street today having a “just the way I like it” kind of day…and I thought of you.  Caroll, I am so enjoying my life…”filling it with that which I love”.  Sometimes it blows me away! 

This morning I didn’t have to go to work, so I lay in bed setting my intentions for the day.  I wanted to find a dress for a special event.  As usual, I wanted it to come with “grace and ease, so that I’d be in an attitude of gratitude and awe, and knowing that I would have the eyes to see the “Providential Serendipity”.  Well, since I wasn’t working, I had time to go to my favorite morning yoga class.  I remembered that the receptionist is a classy lady who is always beautifully dressed.  On the way in I asked if she had any suggestions of where I might look.  On the way out, she handed me a 2-page list of local consignment shops she’d recommend.

Later in the afternoon I went to the closest one.  I opened the door and there, right in front of me was this beautiful dress–and my jaw dropped.  It had the same lines as the dress that had been on my vision board for the last year.  The fabric was perfect for dancing and the 2-piece outfit was great for the traveling I’ll be doing this summer. 

That was only one of the wonderful things that happened today…which caused me to be in a continual state of gratitude and awe.” 

Next week: The final two steps to using Gratitude to manifest the life of your dreams! 


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May 25, 2009 – Blog 58 


“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward

As you know, today is Memorial Day.  This holiday — originally called Decoration Day — began in 1868, as a time set aside to commemorate those who died fighting in the Civil War by decorating their graves with flags and flowers.  

But I find it equally appropriate to celebrate Memorial Day by taking a moment to remember with gratitude ALL those who have gone before you who have contributed to making you who are today:  

  • All the strangers, friends and loved ones who served in the armed forces to preserve your precious freedom.   
  • Your parents and other dear ones who raised you and helped you determine the values you choose to live by.   
  • All the mentors and teachers who freely gave of their precious time to help guide you along your purposeful path.  
  • Everyone who has ever showed you the encouragement and love that nurtured your spirit and helped you grow into your True Self.   
  • Yes, and even those who disagreed with you honorably or sought to undermine you dishonorably — because they, too, had a hand in strengthening your character and determination to succeed against all odds. 

Let us today transform our sadness at the loss of those who contributed so much to our lives into abundant GRATITUDE for all they have contributed to us.  While sadness and regret are negative emotions that attract more pain, gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions there is.  Gratitude can help you put the Law of Attraction to work to make your most heartfelt dreams and ambitious intentions a reality.  If “energy attracts like energy,” as the Law of Attraction states, then feeling GRATEFUL for all those who have blessed your life with their presence can only attract more GOOD to you. 

I hope you will join me for this month’s F*R*E*E* Create Prosperity Now Tele-class © on Wednesday, because the topic is how you can put gratitude to work for you in creating a more prosperous life. 

And because a prosperous life involves so much more than just having money, I wanted to close this blog with something profoundly simple, yet powerful, that I learned on Sunday about Four Spiritual Truths to live by which can help you create a truly prosperous life:

1)     Breathe deeply.  Breathing slowly and deeply nourishes your body with oxygen, makes you more alert to new ideas, and settles you down.  It makes you aware of being in the NOW and living fully in the present moment — which is really the only time that you have available to you.

2)     Live Fully.  Go out and make a miracle today.  God is busy and needs your help.

3)     Kiss slowly.  Appreciate all the love in your life – in ALL the forms it may take.  Don’t just give your Loved Ones a hasty peck on the cheek as you bolt out the door.  Take time to really appreciate them and show them your love.

4)     Love wastefully.  Don’t hold back.  Spread your love around lavishly, so there isn’t a drop left at the end of your life.  Love can’t be hoarded; it must be spent to be enjoyed.  

 I hope you have enjoyed a gratitude-filled Memorial Day with people you love.  If you didn’t, try following these Four Spiritual Truths tomorrow, and watch what happens! 



The next F.R.E.E. Create Prosperity Now 60-minute tele-class will be held on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00pm PACIFIC.  This month’s topic is “Gratitude Brings More Good.”  Join us to learn a key tool for drawing positive people, things and resources into your life! If you can’t be there, the call REPLAY will be sent to you, but ONLY if you have pre-registered. So send your full name and email to: The call number and password will be emailed to you the day before the call.  Please let me know if you plan to be there live or via replay, so we’ll be sure to have plenty of lines available.  And don’t forget to invite a FRIEND – they’ll thank you for it! 


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May 11, 2009 – Blog 57 


“I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.” – Judith M. Knowlton

I was wondering what to write about for this week’s blog when, right on cue, the Universe delivered the topic via another letter from my friend “Mitch,” who is incarcerated. I seem to be learning prosperity lessons through Mitch over the past several months, and I wanted to share another one of them with you. 

As I mentioned in previous blogs, Mitch is a young man I met several years ago when I hired him to help me with my computer problems.  A born teacher, he was able to explain to me in the simplest possible terms how a complicated computer function worked, and then watch patiently as I practiced, just to be sure I got it. 

Once on track to become a professional teacher, Mitch is college graduate and a trained Life Coach. He is gentle and kind, and far from the stereotypical image of a hardened criminal one might visualize.  Nevertheless, he is serving a multi-year sentence in federal prison for committing a very stupid “white collar” crime, and he is well aware that his job opportunities will be extremely limited once he regains his freedom. 

Sometimes, the only choice available to him in such a tough environment is what attitude he chooses to have about his circumstances. Rather than letting his environment change him, he has taken on transforming his environment.  One of the ways he’s doing that is by serving as president of the prison Toastmasters group.  Despite struggling in that role, he has stuck with it and constantly looks for ways to change what is going on around him by changing himself. 

The first big prosperity lesson I got from Mitch is that he ASKED for what he wanted.  He asked me in one of his letters if I knew of anyone in Toastmasters International who might serve as an unofficial outside mentor for the group and help guide them to become more like a Toastmasters club on the outside.  

True to the Law of Attraction, which states that energy attracts like energy, Mitch ASKED for and quickly RECEIVED the help he needed. Just a few weeks before, I had been introduced to someone who mentioned he used to be an Evaluator for Toastmasters.  I asked for his help on Mitch’s behalf, and the Universe started the ball rolling to create some amazing changes in the prison environment and in Mitch himself – which are now having an impact far beyond what I could have imagined. 

That really shouldn’t surprise me, since I know full well that the Universe is always trying to deliver our very Highest Good to us – which is often even better than what we originally imagined for ourselves. That is also why our own act of kindness or generosity towards another can very often have a ripple effect that extends beyond the specific act itself.  

My friend in Toastmasters not only agreed to advise Mitch’s group by mail, but also personally photocopied and sent Mitch an entire manual, as they had no materials to guide them in how to get started.  He plans to send Mitch a new manual every month or so (there are about 15 different manuals), along with instructions on how to use them properly. 

But after this great start, Mitch soon wrote to tell me that there had been an unexpected “rebellion” from many in the group at the new structure and rules they felt were being imposed on them. They initially were trying to be a Toastmasters group without really knowing what that required. Mitch described in detail how change-averse and rules-averse many of the group members are because of their prison mindset.  And few wanted to take on any of the real Toastmasters responsibilities. One of Mitch’s recent letters indicated that he couldn’t find someone to serve as Toastmaster for a month, let alone a quarter.  He had to resort to having a different person fill the post at each weekly meeting, which felt quite disruptive. 

So Mitch reached out and ASKED for help again by being authentic about his discouragement and upset with how ungrateful and unhelpful everyone was being.  He wondered why he was putting himself and his kind volunteer mentor through the effort, if nobody else seemed to care.  That’s when I wrote back with some coaching, which I knew was exactly what Mitch would have done, being the natural coach he is. 

I asked him to look at who he was being in the matter: What was his attitude toward the group?  While his belief in possibility and his willingness to ask for help had attracted so much assistance to him, might his current negative energy born of resentment and discouragement be attracting these problems to him now?   The Law of Attraction is, after all, always at play, and it applies both to positive and negative energy. Being a great coach himself, he recognized the truth of this, and took 100% responsibility for his own attitude and the impact it was having on the rest of the group. 

 He wrote back, “Wow!  I saw I was a clearing for anxiety, stress and frustration…Where I was out of integrity is in not letting them know where I stand (even though no one asked), about starting to implement real, usable changes…I forgot to look at my community.  Prisoners relate to the world so different than you or I do.  So to communicate or relate to them as I normally would doesn’t work; it’s out of integrity for me to do that.” 

Mitch realized that he had been operating on the assumption that what the members wanted to get out of THEIR Toastmasters experience was that same as what HE wanted to get for himself.  He was not truly being their “president” – someone whose commitment is to serve them.  Instead, he had been unintentionally trying to force something on them that they might not want. 

What he decided to do was open the next Toastmasters meeting by finding out what the members of the group were actually committed to.  He asked them a series of straightforward questions, allowing them to indicate, by show of hands, what THEY wanted to get out of the group. Then he could determine an appropriate approach to take.  

To his surprise and delight, most of the members thought the Toastmasters weekly meeting was worthwhile, would help them when they got out, and would like to continue their training in an outside group when they were released. 

Nevertheless, Mitch knows that there is very real danger in standing for what he believes in this environment.  It takes courage to express his views — even in a way that he feels the other men could understand through their own prison mindset “filter.”  As he explained to me, “You wouldn’t normally stab someone for a comment on the outside.  Here, it’s an accepted way of handling business.” So what he said next proved his authentic commitment to them. 

“I would then like to share with you what I plan to do to further what you learn here.  I am committed to you by being a pro-active president.  I will start introducing changes and enhancements to our Toastmasters.  The first change is simple.  We used to know the guy who counts our Ums, Ahs and ‘crutch words’ as the ‘Ah Counter.’  However, this is not the appropriate term, given to me by our friend on the outside. Henceforth, he shall be called the ‘Ah-Um Counter.’ This is a small, simple change that will begin to take us down a better path.  For those of you who want to continue on the outside, I do this so that you are prepared and know what to expect and not be surprised when you go to another Toastmasters.” 

To his amazement, they responded positively.  In fact, they expressed excitement about the prospect of learning much more through a monthly workshop Mitch told them he is instituting, where they will practice standard skills from the Toastmasters manual, such as body language, voice pitch and volume, how to give proper evaluation and how to conduct a powerful Table Topic.  

As soon as Mitch changed his attitude to being curious about what they wanted and then to express his commitment to helping them get it, there was an immediate transformation in the group’s level of participation.  Mitch recounted, “We had one guy do a speech from the manual.  And he later told me how much [positive] feedback he got on it.  Someone asked if they could get copies on the techniques the speaker spoke on and about. (It happened to be a speech on making speeches. He covered almost every topic in the chapter.) I mentioned that there was no need, as I have the manuals and he can feel free to check it out at any time!”  

Mitch summed up his relief at their response to his new approach: “I was expecting people to hurtle chairs at me.  Instead they took it.” 

Mitch now clearly sees that HIS positive attitude and HIS positive energy vibration are what caused the group respond with their own positive energy.  “I now plan to meditate before Toastmasters, bringing myself and my commitment of Educating with Fun and Excellence to the group.  By being that, they will find it fun to join in.” 

But what he wrote next gave me the BIGGEST lesson in what is possible when we freely choose to generate our own attitude adjustment:

“I am working on changing the space there.  Some days I feel like throwing in the towel, resigning my post, not running for re-election.  Then I saw, how often do I do that in my own life?  It blew my mind at how often I just give up when it gets rough. Federal prison teaches me I can’t do that.  Giving up in here has severe consequences.  I’ve seen people give up; they are unrecognizable, cynical, almost zombies.  Their conversations are like, My family says they don’t know who I am anymore.  Well, screw them.  I don’t need them!  I tell myself, if you give up now in Toastmasters, it’ll be a slippery slope from here.” 

Can a simple change of attitude possibly save someone’s life — or at least their sanity?  I think so. Whatever consistently shows up in your life – whether it is abundant good or constant problems – is not the result of forces outside of you. It’s all in inside job.  

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you choose to respond — and that can make all the difference.


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The next F.R.E.E. Create Prosperity Now 60-minute tele-class will be held on Wednesday, May 27 at 6:00pm PACIFIC.  This month’s topic is “Gratitude Brings More Good.”  Join us to learn a key tool for drawing positive people, things and resources into your life! If you can’t be there, the call REPLAY will be sent to you, but ONLY if you have pre-registered. So send your full name and email to: The call number and password will be emailed to you the day before the call.  Please let me know if you plan to be there live or via replay, so we’ll be sure to have plenty of lines available.  And don’t forget to invite a FRIEND – they’ll thank you for it!  

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