“Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


This week, I want to share with you a couple of great results stories from my Practical Prosperity Coaching © clients.  Both represent intentions fulfilled about creating the perfect “home” and both illustrate some important points to remember as you set about manifesting something YOU want for yourself. 

In prosperity coaching, I help my clients manifest something that they really want, usually in 30 days or less.  We do this by creating their personalized Daily Success Script© that includes all three critical steps for manifesting using the Law of Attraction.  As you know, the Law of Attraction states that, “energy attracts like energy.”  But there is a misconception among many that what this universal law really means is, “just think about what you want really hard and it will magically appear.”  Not so! 

What the three steps to manifesting using the Law of Attraction actually call on you to DO, if you want to manifest your desires with greater speed, ease and efficiency are: 

1)     ASK for what you want, specifically and clearly. Don’t leave out any of the “must haves” and don’t forget to include any “must NOT haves” in your stated Intention. However, it is also important not to dictate HOW your intention should be delivered to you. Leave the Universe as much “wiggle room” for the means for manifesting your desire as you can.  YOUR job is to be specific about WHAT you want – not HOW you want it to come to you. 

2)     BELIEVE that it is possible to have it.  Belief is absolutely critical, and nobody else can give it to you.  It has to come from within.  However, it seems to help my clients enormously to work with me to uncover their unconscious “Limiting Belief” about whatever it is that they want.  Once you know what it is, you can begin the process of releasing the Old, Limiting Belief that no longer serves you and replacing it with a New, Empowering belief that will support you in fulfilling your Inention.  

3)     Be willing to RECEIVE it when it comes. And look for it to often come wrapped in unexpected “packages” and by unforeseen methods!  Don’t be attached to having your Intention show up YOUR way or on YOUR timetable.  Specify when you want it, but then release attachment to your timetable, and trust the Universe to determine the very best timing for you. 

Both of my clients did an excellent job of following all three steps to the letter, doing their Daily Success Script © twice a day – morning and before bed – as recommended, to make the best use of the incredible creative power of their subconscious mind.  And both of them manifested exactly what they wanted exactly when they wanted it – in 30 days or less – with ease, flow and truly amazing synchronicity. I want to share with you exactly what they did, so you can learn how to apply these important lessons to making your own heartfelt dreams come true. 

My first client is a busy professional who works from home and whose job involves a lot of travel.  He could be based anywhere in the country, and so he decided to move from his current location of many years to another part of the state that better suits his lifestyle. 

There were, however, two potential glitches: First, he had become focused on living in a very upscale neighborhood in his new chosen city, but wasn’t sure he could really afford the rents he imagined would be involved.  Secondly, he had several months left on his existing lease, and the housing market being so slow, he was certain his landlord wouldn’t let him out of the lease early. 

Nevertheless, he knew that he had to follow the three steps for manifestation if he was going to be in his ideal new home in 30 days or less.  The first thing we had to do was to create an Intention that spelled out his Must Haves clearly and specifically, while leaving the Universe the “wiggle room” to deliver it in the easiest, most efficient way possible – keeping his mind open to the possibility that it might come in an entirely different way than he could imagine.  

Here’s what we came up with: “On or before May 1, 2009, I am living in a home that suits me perfectly and I can easily afford, in a part of [the new city] where I feel completely at home and myself.” 

Notice he didn’t say how many bedrooms, what the décor would be, what the rent would be or even exactly what area of the city it would be located in!  Those details he left up to the Universe, knowing that if it “suits me perfectly,” his new home MUST have all the qualities and amenities that will make him happy; and if he can “easily afford” it, the exact rent amount doesn’t really matter.  What DID matter to him, was to be able to “feel completely at home” and express his authentic self – something he didn’t feel able to do in the city he was currently living in. 

Although he is very science-minded and trained to be skeptical, he was willing to set aside his natural discomfort about being asked to “just trust” the Universe and leave all the details for his happiness up to it.  He kept coming back to just focusing on believing it was POSSIBLE that his intention could be fulfilled, even if he couldn’t believe it was CERTAIN.  Doing his Daily Success Script © aloud for about 10 minutes twice a day helped him to focus his mind on what he WANTED, rather than on his fears and doubts.  

And before long, the “How” came to him!  He knew that his current building was owned by a company that owned other apartment buildings in the state, and he thought they also might own one in the city in which he wanted to live.  In researching the matter, he found that they DID have one in his desired city — but not in the exact neighborhood he was sure he wanted.  Instead, the company owned an apartment complex in a neighborhood that had a very different vibe and culture.  He had never been to that area, so he decided to investigate on his next trip to that part of the state.

When my client visited the apartment complex his landlord owned in this new neighborhood he had never been to before, he couldn’t believe it!  He instantly truly felt “at home” there like nowhere else he had been in that city.  He thanked me later for persuading him not to name a specific neighborhood in his Intention, because he likes this new area even MORE than the one he planned to move to.  And the rents are cheaper, too!  The apartment that was vacant in the building also had just amenities and ambiance he was looking for. 

The only remaining “obstacle” to moving to his new dream home was getting out of his current lease.  But because he had been steadily working on building his BELIEF that his dream was POSSIBLE, he had come to actually EXPECT a “yes” instead of a “no” from his landlord. In that positive state of mind, my client simply asked the owner to let him transfer the remaining months on his old lease onto the apartment he wanted to rent in the new city.  And without a hassle, he got a “Yes.” 

He told me that although he actually moved into his beautiful new apartment in his perfect new neighborhood of his desired new city on May 4, instead of May 1, that was simply because he chose to wait a few days in order to move on the weekend. So, in fact, his Intention had not only been fulfilled, but within 30 days, to boot! 

When I asked him what his biggest lessons were from this experience he said, he had to learn to simply ASK for what he wanted, and then to release control of the HOW to the Universe. By being open to RECEIVE his Intention in whatever package the Universe chose to send it, he actually got an even BETTER outcome than he had imagined for himself. Secondly, he has now learned to BELEIVE in his biggest, wildest dreams – regardless of what the obstacles appeared to be.  With just his one specific idea to see if the company owned an apartment building where he wanted to live – which I believe was delivered to his subconscious mind via the Law of Attraction – my client easily overcame his imagined insurmountable obstacle of the “unbreakable” lease. 

My second client’s home-related Intention was fulfilled even FASTER because she was in an urgent situation with a specific deadline to it. While she was enrolled for two years in a post-graduate program in the Midwest, she had found the perfect renters to take great care of her home.  When the final winter term was over, although she knew that she still had two courses left to complete in order to graduate, she moved all her furniture and belongings back to her home on the West Coast, believing she could complete the courses online during the upcoming Fall semester. Four months later, however, she was informed by the college that she had just one month to move back to the Midwest campus and attend those two classes for the next five months, if she wanted to get her diploma. 

Daunting as it would seem to have to move on such short notice, there appeared to be an even bigger obstacle she would have to overcome.  She couldn’t afford to pay both the mortgage on her home AND her board at the school, so she needed to find someone on short notice to lease her home for the five months she was away.  She knew that most people who seek to lease a home, rather than an apartment, expect to be able to stay there for at least a year.  She was willing to sign a year’s lease, if that is what it would take to get a renter, but that would mean she would have to become a renter herself for seven months after she returned to her hometown.  

Fortunately, this amazing woman has made and manifested perhaps a dozen major Intentions with me over the past couple of years, so BELIEVING it was possible to have just what she needed was not a challenge for her.  She already knew to leave the HOW up to the Universe, so she didn’t write into her Intention the length of the lease.  Nor did she state that the tenants must let her leave all her furniture, although that seemed a much easier and cheaper option than storing it.  Instead, she simply asked for exactly what she truly needed, and then left all the details up to the Universe. She knew her only job was to focused on believing it was possible for her to receive the best possible outcome for her Highest Good. 

Her Intention simply stated: “On or before August 1, 2009, I attract the perfect outcome for my home with ease and grace.  I find the perfect renters and it is a blessing for everyone involved.” 

The ink was barely dry on her Daily Success Script © when she found herself informing the minister at her church that she was going to be gone for the next five months and what her rental challenge was. Unbeknownst to her, the minister was aware that a member of the congregation whom my client knew well was looking for a place to rent for just a few months, while sorting out longer-term options. My client called the other congregant, and less than one week after she had set her Intention, they signed a five-month lease for renting her home, furnished as is.  

What did my client do that led to such an effortless, perfect outcome for her AND for the other person involved?  She simply ASKED for just what she wanted – not for HOW it should be delivered.  She didn’t dictate what SHE thought would be the perfect solution, but left it up to the Universe to decide how to solve both her problem AND someone else’s, bringing them together in such an elegant, efficient way.  

But most of all, what made this happen is that she BELIEVED.  The more success she had with past Intentions being fulfilled, the less doubt he had that the next one would be too.  Success breeds MORE success because we get whatever we EXPECT to get.  If we expect success, that is what shows up.  One of my favorite sayings is, “You don’t attract what you WANT in life, you attract who you ARE.”   

You or someone you love may be facing your own challenge around “home” right now.  With rising foreclosures, job losses, a sluggish economy and all the other “doom and gloom” statistics that the media “experts” are constantly bombarding us with, you may be feeling resigned that there are just too many obstacles to finding – or keeping – the home of your dreams.  But my clients and I say, never, never, NEVER give up hope! We say, “Home is where your BELIEF is!”



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