“Don’t get too sophisticated to be frequently amazed.” – Victoria Moran

While I realize summer is officially over, I must give you one more taste of Victoria Moran’s wisdom because this topic is one that is especially close to my heart: Miracles.  I am a huge believer in them as a part of daily life, and I can honestly say that hardly a week goes by when I don’t experience at least one miracle myself, as well as getting reports about their miraculous experiences from my clients.  

My Practical Prosperity Coaching © system relies on miracles, in a way, because the critical step of determining HOW your intention will be fulfilled is left entirely up to the Universe to decide and deliver to you.  Thus, when you put The Law of Attraction into action in your life on a daily basis, you can count on the answers to many of your desires to be delivered in totally amazing, extraordinary and unexpected ways!  I’ll share one of my own mini-miracles that happened just this week at the end of the blog. 

What follows next is “Allow for Miracles,” Chapter 69 of Victoria Moran’s wonderful little book, Creating a Charmed Life, in which she tells you how to nurture more miracles to appear in your daily life: 

The word miracle is unpopular with many pragmatic people.  It conjures up the notion of  some event that can have no rational explanation or, as one of my friends put it, “‘Miracle” sounds like a TV preacher asking for money.” It’s the word I need to use here anyway: miracle, according to Webster’s second definition, [is] “evidence of Divine power in human affairs.” 

When you look at miracles in this way, you can see that we are swimming in a sea of them.  Being in the right place at the right time, having precisely the item or the information you need, running into just the person who can help you solve a problem – you can see all these instances as “evidence of Divine power.”  When you notice these events for a time, you come to expect them.  Once you expect them, they show up like stepping-stones along your path.  People might comment on how lucky you seem to be, on how things so often work out well for you. 

The three-part process for bringing such miracle into your life is this: 

  1. Look for evidence of divine power in your daily affairs.
  2. Invite more of it in.
  3. Be a catalyst for this power in other people’s lives. 

To look for indications of divine power, avoid taking things for granted.  Really look at what you see – in nature, in people’s faces, in human creations of art and technology.  Don’t get too sophisticated to be frequently amazed.  You don’t have to verbalize juvenile exclamations like “Wow!” and “Awesome!” but think them all you want. 

Invite more divine power into your material world by expecting the best and doing the necessary footwork to birth those expectations.  Act as if what you want were probable (refer back to Secret 34, “Study Method Acting”*), and allow for the possibility that the true miracle may lie in an alternative outcome. 

You can also lure miracles – or serendipity or right results; you can call them whatever you like – by speaking positively.  Use words that are hospitable to whatever mobile miracle might be passing by.  Even in something as insignificant as seeking a parking space, you may as well help on some level by saying, “I tend to find really good parking spaces” instead of “With all this construction, we’ll never find a place to park.” 

(A fascinating aside here is that if you use the first statement and park three blocks from where you’re going, you’re likely to think, “This is great – only three blocks from the door.”  If you use the second, you’re apt to complain, “Three whole blocks – as usual!  I ought to keep hiking boots in the trunk.”) 

Finally, be a stimulus for other people’s miracles.  Encourage them to see their potential and life’s potential.  Remind them of the evidence of divine power you see in their lives already.  Be a miracle provider by putting your own energy and generosity to work on another’s behalf.  And continue to allow for miracles, both minor and momentous, in your own life.  That’s how you show evidence of what can be. 

Well, I would say that Victoria Moran’s final paragraph in this little gem of an essay is what I consider to be my true job description.  One of the affirmations I say aloud every day to prepare for my own daily miracles is, “As I bless others, so shall I be blessed.”  And when I say “bless,” I mean exactly what Victoria described – I want to assist you in any way I can to nurture your belief that you really CAN co-create miracles in your daily life!  When I can be of service to you in this way, I know that the Law of Reciprocity will certainly make miracles show up regularly in my life, too! 

One of these miracles in my own life happened just this week.  My husband and I needed to hire an attorney to help us with some complicated paperwork, and the fee for his services was in the four figures. (He gave us a $200 discount, however, which is something of a miracle in and of itself!)  This lump sum was NOT in our budget planning for the month, so we put down a small deposit and went home to seek “divine power” to assist us with creating the rest of the money. 

The next morning, while I was on my walking meditation, silently repeating the mantra, “God alone fills every need,” it suddenly came into my head that my safe deposit box held two gold coins that I had purchased as an investment over 20 years ago.  While I was vaguely aware that the price of gold has shot up since I bought them, I hadn’t thought about them for a long time. When I got home, I decided to call a precious metals buyer and seller to find out what they were worth.  The very next day, I was standing in his shop, happily watching him count out a large stack of $100 bills that very nearly covered the balance due to the attorney.  

If that isn’t a miracle – “evidence of Divine power” in my daily affairs – I don’t know what would qualify.  I find it amazing, extraordinary and unexpected that I still had these coins in my safe deposit box after all these years, and that they just “popped” into my consciousness exactly when I needed a special resource to meet my unexpected need.  I guess my mantra was right, after all! 

* Note: I quoted this chapter in my Blog 70.


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