Look for the good – in yourself and all around you. Positive thinking may not be a panacea, but it is the most basic way we have to cooperate with benevolence. Victoria Moran 

There are two reasons that I am excited to share with you another wonderful chapter from Victoria Moran’s amazing little book Creating a Charmed Life

1)     It allows me to give you great value while saving myself about half a day’s writing, as I must attend to some important personal matters this weekend. 

2)     It provides a beautiful lead-in to this month’s Create Prosperity Now tele-class that I am in the midst of preparing, which teaches you a very powerful technique for ensuring that the Universe delivers only its very BEST to you. 

Victoria and I are so much on the same wavelength, it is as much a pleasure for me to share her thoughts and suggestions with you, as it is to share my own.  I hope you enjoy this chapter and that you will take a moment to actually DO her suggested exercise.  It has an effect similar to keeping a Gratitude Journal, but even more powerful! 

Creating a Charmed Life, Chapter 49:

Cooperate With Benevolence 

By Victoria Moran 

It doesn’t take any more time to think in a way that makes your life better than it does to think in a way that makes your life miserable.  People whose inner spirit spills over into  their lives in the real world look for the good, and their days flow smoothly most of the time.  When you ask how they are and they tell you they’re fine, they mean it.  This isn’t the kind of positive thinking that’s regimented and enforced, but simply a nod to the good given often enough that it becomes natural. 

We tend to get what we look for.  But just as it’s easier to let our bodies sag than to exercise consistently, it’s easier to let our thinking slump into negativity than to jog it up to something better.  Some will even argue that there are certain benefits to awaiting doomsday: if it doesn’t happen, you get to feel terrific.  There’s also a kind of superstition around expecting something awful and somehow willing the dreaded event away.  You could think of it as prophylactic worry. 

Nevertheless, truly spiritual people and truly happy people (those particular demographic groups tend to overlap) expect the best to the point of annoying everyone else.  It’s even more annoying when marvelous things keep happening for them, which they generally do.  The point is to learn how to be just as annoying as they are. 

From a purely mathematical viewpoint, you’re better off expecting a positive outcome, because that’s what usually happens.  Life has a vested interest in perpetuating itself.  Therefore, it tends to come through for its participants the majority of the time.  This is not to deny the existence of delay, disappointment, loss and sadness.  Even these, however, when you can stand apart and view them in retrospect, are often part of a progression toward greater good. 

Help yourself get comfortable with expecting the good by making a positive precedents time line.  Go back over your life and bring to mind your successes, your growth spurts, and your victories.  List them.  Stick with events you remember, not those that you were told.  How far back you’re able to go isn’t important.  The abridged time line of a fifty year old might include the following: “Age 4: wrote name.  Age 7: rode two-wheeler.  Age 12: sang solo in group assembly.  Age 17: won scholarship.  Age 28: stopped drinking.  Age 31: son born.  Age 42: master’s degree.  Age 50: silver wedding anniversary.” 

A positive precedents time line is visual evidence of both your capabilities and life’s generosity.  It’s human nature to focus on the ways we’ve fallen short and extrapolate from these evidence for continued failure.  Realizing that we have set some extremely positive precedents is solid backing for thinking well of the future. 

Look for the good – in yourself and all around you. Positive thinking may not be a panacea, but it is the most basic way we have to cooperate with benevolence.


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