November 2009

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” — Cicero 

This Thanksgiving week provides us with an opportunity to step away from our concerns, worries and uncertainty about the future and focus on the good we have in the NOW.  

This Thursday, those of us living in the United States will gather with our loved ones to celebrate with a feast of GRATITUDE that focuses on all the GOOD already in our lives, instead of on whatever we think we lack.  Of course, this is exactly what we should be doing every day, if we want to live a life filled with abundance and joy.   

Now is the perfect time to pause and thank the Universe for our GOOD, which opens the way for even MORE good to come to us!  I offer up this past blog as a gentle reminder that we all have much, much more to be grateful for than we ever take the time to acknowledge:

It seems counterintuitive, but the truth is that when your circumstances have you gripped by fear or worry or anger – when your world seems anything but abundant and joyful – the most important thing you can do to change your outer circumstances is to start thinking about all that you have to be GRATEFUL for. 

Gratitude has been acknowledged by every Master of Manifestation I have studied for the past two decades to be one of the most powerful forces for igniting the Law of Attraction to bring you what you desire.  If you can’t be grateful for what you already have — however little that may appear to be at the moment — there is no way the Universe is going to send you more good stuff. What it WILL send you is more circumstances that are a perfect match for the negative energy you are sending out into the world.  

What you focus on expandsThoughts become thingsLike attracts like. These classic affirmations express accurately how the Law of Attraction works.  You can’t attract more of what you want into your life until your thoughts and emotions become a vibrational match for what you desire.  Being grateful for the good that is already present in your life is the quickest way I know of to put your emotional energy into positive alignment with your new desire. 

At least once in our coaching relationship, virtually all of my clients come to our coaching session in the grip of a negative emotion they feel powerless to release. Often it is the fear of what could happen to them if their outer circumstances don’t change soon.  Many of them are self-employed and the economy seems to be beating them up badly right now.  They don’t know where their next mortgage payment is coming from.  What I know as their coach is that if they remain focused on their fear of what might happen — feeding powerful energy to that negative possibility — they are dramatically upping the odds that the very thing they fear WILL come about. 

The fastest, most effective way I have found to help my clients shift their focus off of their negative circumstances and onto the positive outcome they desire is to give them this simple assignment: “List 50 things you are grateful for in your life and email me the list.”  Could be that you had a good cup of coffee this morning or your phone bill was smaller than expected or you are enjoying the beautiful weather – it can be anything.  Just find something you can honestly say you feel grateful for and write it down. 

Once they start, they rarely stop at 50.  They are feeling so good by then, they just keep going.  Universally, they tell me that writing down what they are grateful for shifts their belief about what is possible for them.  When they acknowledge how much good they already have in their lives — their loved ones, their warm home, enough to eat, good health, clients who appreciate them, etc. – it makes them believe that even more good is possible for them. And without BELIEF, nothing is possible. So, even when nothing has changed in their outer circumstances, simply by shifting their attitude, they have taken the most important first step in making their “long-shot” desire a reality. 

If you want more good things to come into your life, I highly recommend keeping a daily Gratitude JournalI start each morning listing 10 things I am grateful for in my life that day.  (My husband Rick is always first on the list, and my perfect health is always second.  Both are irreplaceable, so I make sure to express my gratitude to the Source that sent them to me every day.)  

Writing down my big and little appreciations also reminds me daily that the life I live as a middle-class American makes me look like royalty to most of the rest of the world.  It reminds me there are people on this planet who miraculously manage to survive for a year on what I make in a week.  There are individuals who cannot walk or hear or see but who manage to find joy in living.  There are growing numbers of people whose lives and finances have been decimated by the fight to keep someone they love alive for one more day, only to lose the fight in the end and have to go on living without them — somehow.  There are gentle souls who are persecuted daily for their skin color, gender, tribal affiliation, sexual orientation, or religion, yet manage to live lives full of dignity and quiet courage. 

So what could I possibly find to complain about???  My life is charmed.  My life is abundant beyond measure.  My life is a Dream Come True! I should express gratitude ALL day, EVERY day for the countless precious gifts the Universe has bestowed on me that are beyond what I once could have imagined, yet now accept almost as a matter of course. 

What I am very grateful for at this moment is that I have the opportunity to show my appreciation for your listening and to “pay it forward” to YOU by expressing the fundamental truths I have learned about Gratitude:

    1. Gratitude is Power. 
    2. Gratitude brings Joy. 
    3. Gratitude speeds up the process of creating what you want, bringing even more for you to be grateful for.
    4. Gratitude is absolutely essential for putting the Law of Attraction into ACTION in your life. 

I wish you MUCH MORE to be grateful for in the months and years ahead!

“Each experience through which we pass operates ultimately for our good. This is the correct attitude to adopt and we must be able to see it in that light.” – Raymond Holliwell

“No matter what an experience looks like on the outside, there’s soul gold in there somewhere. Find it.” – Victoria Moran

In last week’s blog, I shared with you the amazing experience of a friend of mine who transformed what seemed to be a tragic life experience into a triumph for himself through a simple shift of attitude. This week, I couldn’t resist sharing with you another Victoria Moran piece on the same issue, but from an even bigger-picture perspective. She says, and I firmly believe, that life continuously presents you with many such opportunities because they are intended for your soul’s training and development.

As a Certified True Purpose Coach ™, I spend much of my coaching time helping my clients find their Life Purpose, the essential quality they embody and the unique and special blessing they are meant to give to the world. (My own “essence” is Transformational Love and my blessing to the world is to teach people to love themselves.) One of the tenets of True Purpose Coaching ™ is that everything that happens to you from the day you are born is meant for your soul’s training and development, thus enabling you to live your Life Purpose at a higher level.

That is why I completely agree with Victoria’s point of view that life’s ups and downs are all meant to bring us our Highest Good. What follows is Chapter 66 of her wonderful little book of wisdom entitled Creating a Charmed Life:

Build Soul Equity by Victoria Moran

Everything around us has varying degrees of worth. The house you live in, for example, has a certain appraised valuation, but the replacement value given it by your insurance company is higher. And if two of your children were born there, you and your [spouse or partner] added on the art studio with your own labor, and your oldest daughter had her wedding there last spring, its perceived value to you is immeasurable.

Just as a realtor, an insurance adjuster, and a homeowner can place different values on a house, our ego and our soul place different values on our daily activities. It is tempting for the ego to let the boring, difficult and unpleasant aspects of our lives convince us that life is largely boring, difficult, and unpleasant.

The soul – our animating, motivating, inner essence – can use the trials and the tedium to its benefit. It can celebrate the very circumstances that jar the ego; enduring a lengthy traffic jam or an interminable meeting, having no time to ourselves or spending too many Saturday nights alone. Living through these, and learning through them, builds soul equity that’s worth more than money in the bank.

Once you’re convinced that you’re here to learn and grow and expand your capacity to love, know, and experience life, you’ll start to value everything you do and everything that happens to you in terms of soul equity. Then you’ll feel less pressure to radically alter your life or yourself. Uncovering the intangible treasures within the obligations you already have and within the [person] you already are becomes much more appealing.

You build soul equity by learning the lesson within every experience, remembering it, and applying your expanded insight to a similar circumstance when it comes up later. Soul equity increases as you search out the meaning inherent in the simplest goings-on of daily life. If seeing a squirrel collecting acorns for the winter reminds you that you really ought to be saving more for your retirement, don’t brush it off because you’re not supposed to get investment advice from wildlife. Look for the metaphors around you, majestic truths packaged inside modest events.

From time to time, take stock of the soul equity you’ve capitalized to date. What did it take to acquire the patience, perseverance, wisdom, humor and faith you have today? Whatever your process has been, you have priceless assets to show for it.

The soul equity abundant in a charmed life is not accrued only on uphill climbs. It also comes from the joys of your life, provided you’re totally present to them. The paradox here is that being alert for the good things is guaranteed only when you’re willing to be an equal-opportunity experiencer. You have to suit up and show up every day – whether you’re taking a vacation or taking inventory, whether you have a five-year-old who’s a nonstop delight or a teenager you sometimes wish would join a traveling circus.

No matter what an experience looks like on the outside, there’s soul gold in there somewhere. Find it. Appreciate it. Let it figure prominently in your net worth. ___________________________________________________________________ If you have missed any of this year’s F.R.E.E. monthly Create Prosperity Now tele-classes, all the audios are still available for download to listen to at your convenience. This series of 60-minute live classes will teach you exactly how to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION in your life. Mark your calendar now to join us on Wednesday, December 2 at 6:00pm PST for the last class of the year, “Dreams Delivered!” You won’t want to miss these jaw-dropping true stories from my coaching clients who created prosperity for themselves in record time, simply by putting the Law of Attraction to work for them!

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Without the difficulty of being hemmed in, the tree in the forest would not be forced to marshal its power to grow toward the light.  It must truly bring forth all its inner strength to spread its branches.  If it becomes grand, it is in part because of its suffering.  Thus the times of adversity can be crucial to the development of one’s inner personality. – The Tao 

I have said many times in my blogs and monthly Create Prosperity Now tele-classes that I believe everything that happens to us will ultimately prove to be for our Highest Good.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be some pretty rugged challenges along the way to receiving your Highest Good!  But holding to your faith that every adversity will ultimately benefit you can help you weather life’s storms and appreciate the sunshine when it comes. 

Wally “Famous” Amos, of chocolate chip cookie fame, has experienced his share of adversity in life.  He went from rags to riches with his cookies, only to lose control of his company to a mega-corporation and have to start all over.  But Wally Amos has never let adversity divert him from his goal of creating prosperity and happiness for himself and others, so he has now made a whole new fortune with “Uncle Wally’s Muffin Mix.” 

This is a man who has lived through some “tough economic times” before these still facing many in our nation and in the world.  His philosophy reflects what I believe to be true about the Law of Attraction: You can use it consciously to help you manifest what you WANT or unconsciously allow it to manifest what you DON’T want. It’s all about your own focus and attitude! Therefore, I think what Wally has to say about the proper attitude to adopt toward adversity is worth heeding: 

“By now, we all know we are in ‘tough economic times.’  It is a phrase that has become a permanent part of our language.  I believe it is also a phrase that prevents us from climbing out of a negative situation.  We are focused on tough economic times, not on answers and solutions.  What you give attention to grows.  I have learned through my personal challenges that the only way we can move through adversity is to maintain a strong, positive mental attitude, regardless.  It is not a sign of weakness.  A positive attitude is as strong as steel.  It will consistently lead you to the answers and solutions you need to move through challenging situations. 

We have been conditioned to believe that adversity is negative.  Overcoming adverse situations is how we gain strength and character.  It forces us to get on top of the circumstances and not lie down under them.  Adversity reminds us that we are stronger than we could ever imagine.  It’s a mind-set that actually helps us to flip a situation upside down.” 

This week, I received some concrete proof that what Wally says is absolutely true – you CAN “flip a situation upside down,” through faith that there is always an opportunity waiting for you inside every adversity and that the Universe always aligns circumstances to produce your Highest Good. 

The proof came in a letter from my friend “Mitch,” whom I have written about several times before in this blog because he so often inspires me with his “look for the good in adversity” attitude.  This young man lives in one of the most challenging daily circumstances I can imagine — federal prison.  His non-violent, self-destructive crime stemmed from his fundamentally good but somewhat naïve and immature personality. Mitch has always wanted to help others, but couldn’t help himself, and got arrested for a crime that involved using the internet, which made it a federal offense.  As I have learned through our correspondence, federal time is hard time.  Things you and I do and say without thinking on the “outside” as a matter of course, could get us killed on the “inside.” As a result, Mitch has grown up very fast in the past year he has been incarcerated.

 I send him a copy of my blog every week, and he sometimes writes back about how it helped him maintain the right attitude in a challenging situation.  This week, he wrote his entire letter about how he used the belief I hold that every adversity contains the seeds of opportunity to take a personal disaster and “flip it upside down.” The following is an excerpt from his letter, which he has given me permission to share with you: 

“This past week has been a whirlwind.  I told my Dad that things never change in prison. But are constantly changing.  It is a weird paradox/phenomenon. 

The first of the changes is that I was fired from my job in Electrical.  Like 90% of everything around here, it was over stupid politics.” 

I should pause to say that Mitch made about $26 a month in prison wages at his job as an electrician.  Some of his fellow inmates have jobs that earn them just $5 a month.  Yet, ALL of them must purchase their toiletries and other supplies in the prison commissary at the same prices you and I would pay at the local drug store.  The prison job an inmate can secure is critical because the higher paying the job, the better the living conditions it buys. For example, for his first couple of months there, Mitch wore his hair very long, while he saved up enough for a haircut.  Right now, he’s saving for new boots because his old ones fill up with water when it rains. Mitch is fortunate to have friends and family who help by sending him a little extra money each month, enabling him to make a phone call and write a letter or two to friends and family each week. 

I’ll paraphrase a bit, as his letter continues: 

“One of the Christian brothers I was associated with and helped me get this job was promoted to the ‘Lead’ position in electrical.  Hierarchy is based on pay grades – Grade 5 at the bottom and Grade 1 at the top.  Everybody starts at Grade 5, at $5.25/month and works their way up.  I made it to Grade 3 ($26-27/month).  Grade 1’s, by the way, make $50-70 a month.  

This guy who was promoted to Lead wanted me off the team because I associate with a person he does not like.  The two used to be friends, but had a falling out.  Our new Lead wanted me and the guy he had a falling out with fired, and he convinced our Foreman in charge of our team to get rid of us. 

I’ve seen this script/routine before and I was concerned.  I got to talk to my boss and he lets me know he is ‘letting me go because there are too many members on the team.’  It was ‘nothing I did’ but he was ‘too top heavy’ and needed to ‘trim the fat.’ By the way, three hours after my firing, due to being ‘overstaffed,’ the boss hired a new electrician.  I was livid. 

Then the guy who pushed to get me off the team started to spread rumors about me. He is a congenial, affable man and people tend to believe him.  My reputation was tarnished as a result, and while on the outside I wouldn’t care, here it’s a big deal.  I could be looking for a job and my reputation would follow me…” 

At this point in reading Mitch’s letter, I was beginning to get pretty livid myself, and was  wondering what advice I could possibly offer to help him triumph over what seems to be a hopelessly broken, unjust and corrupt system in which the Bad Guys often appear to win. 

But just then Mitch’s tale of  “adversity” began to take an unexpected turn: 

“Reading your blog, you say that all things our life happen for our Greatest Good.  This firing out of my control was the Universe’s way of acting for my Greatest Good.  I’m looking for a job and I close my eyes and ask, ‘Universe, guide me in the direction to show me the optimal job for me.’ Within 30 seconds, I see a guy I know.  I ask him if there are any openings in his shop.  He thinks so, but says to talk to the Grade 1 (aka #1) guy and ask him it it’s OK.  The #1 could agree or not.  And if he does agree, he puts in a ‘good word’ for you, which speaks volumes… 

The #1 of this crew happens to be my bunkmate.  It’s common courtesy to help your bunkmate, whether it be for soup or for a job.  If the #1 says ‘Hire this boy,’ he gets hired, and I did – in the carpentry shop.  I am now a carpenter, which is 180 degrees different than an electrician.  While Electrical runs on scarcity, Carpentry runs on abundance.  Electrical is fearful to train because that person could use his new knowledge to usurp power, while Carpentry embraces training…In the following 72 hours, I learned more in Carpentry than I did in 11 months in Electrical…I always work with my Bunkie, who gives me things to do.  Now, I actually look forward to work!  What can I learn?  I also signed up for the carpentry class and got a carpentry book I am studying. 

So many good things came out of this, that I don’t have space to write it all.  I’ve made many mistakes, but unlike Electrical, I don’t get chided and blamed for the project failure.  I’m working hard and I’ve got something to prove – that the rumors about me are false and, more importantly, that I can do this!  I’m not a bookworm/nerd, but I can craft or make something with my hands. 

The Big Lesson: My arrest was bad and traumatic.  But it ultimately is for my Greatest Good.  When I was livid about being fired, I didn’t realize that it was the opening for me to have this job I love.  What does this mean when I get out?  I don’t know – but I can’t wait to find out!” 

Thank you, dear “Mitch,” for reminding us that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working to attract to us whatever we choose to focus on.  And the Universe is ALWAYS working to deliver our Highest Good – regardless of the adverse circumstances we temporarily find ourselves in – provided we are willing to ASK for help, BELIEVE it will be delivered, and then RECEIVE the answer (and ACT on it) when it comes. 


If you have missed any of this year’s series of F.R.E.E. monthly Create Prosperity Now Tele-classes, all the audios are still available for download to listen to at your convenience. These 60-minute live classes can teach you exactly how to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION in your life. Mark your calendar now to join us on Wednesday, December 2 at 6:00pm PST for the final one of the year, which is entitled, “Dreams Delivered!” Please email me at to receive future call invitations and replay links. 

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