“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.” — John Homer Miller

Did you miss me?  I sure missed you!  I took the whole month of February off from writing the blog because I was busy partnering with Career and Life Design Coach Sue Koch to prepare and deliver a four-week tele-seminar we call “Resolution Breakthrough: Designing Your Fresh Start for 2010.”  On top of that, my family and I moved to a new home.  This had all the makings of a very stressful time, but ultimately, with a lot of focus and belief on my part, both projects went smoothly and became a great chance for me to expand the limits of my prosperity consciousness.  

The tele-seminar has successfully concluded (except for a “reunion” call we’re eagerly anticipating having with the group at the end of this month to see how each person’s Big Juicy Dream for 2010 is unfolding). My husband, son, pets and I are all settling in nicely to our cozy new home.  Last week, I found myself finally pausing to breathe a sigh of grateful relief and ask myself, “What’s next?” 

And out of nowhere, a phrase came to me that I hadn’t thought of for almost 2 years: “Fired Up! Ready to Go!”  Do you remember this?  These words became a rallying cry for Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign in 2008. I learned the significance of them when someone sent me the inspiring You Tube clip of then-Senator Obama relating the story of how these words changed the course of his campaign. 

So I went back and looked up the clip on You Tube and watched it again last week.  During his victory speech after winning the South Carolina Presidential primary, Obama repeated the story of how this catch-phrase become a turning point in his campaign by re-energizing his belief and determination to triumph.  In fact, these five words were a major factor in him becoming the President of the United States against some very long odds. 

Obama recalled that he went on a campaign junket far off the beaten path to Greenwood, South Carolina because he had promised a group of ardent supporters that he would.  He had been campaigning for 10 straight days without seeing his family, and he was exhausted as he arrived in South Carolina around midnight.  His staff warned him that he would have to be up at 6am so they could drive several hours to get to the town.  When he got up, it was raining hard, and he opened the morning paper to read a negative article about him in the New York Times

He got in the car and they drove for hours to the hamlet of Greenwood.  When he got out, his umbrella blew inside out and he got quite wet before entering the meeting hall.  There, due to a mis-communication between the meeting organizers and his staff, he was greeted by just 20 people at the “rally.”  One of them was Edith Childs, a little elderly black Councilwoman in the town.  She was seated front and center, beaming up at her candidate from underneath her big, fancy “church hat.” 

Despite feeling very tired and secretly dejected about this whole fiasco, Obama said he believed that “every vote counts,” so he went around the hall greeting each person personally and thanking them for coming.  When he got to Edith, he asked her how she was doing. She replied, “Fired Up!  Ready to Go!”  

Then Edith, who was locally famous for her habit of leading call-and-response “chants,” started the crowd chanting in unison, “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” “Fired Up!  Ready to Go” over and over.  Everyone in the hall was getting more and more excited by the minute, including candidate Obama, who felt his own discouragement transform into energy, enthusiasm and optimism.  He told the cheering throngs at the South Carolina Primary celebration that at that moment, he realized that “If one voice can change a room, then one voice can change a city.  And if one voice can change a city, then one voice can change a state.  And if one voice can change a state, then one voice can change a nation.  And if one voice can change a nation, then one voice can change the WORLD.” 

That was the beginning of the Obama Presidential campaign taking off. Whereas his first win in Iowa had been considered a “fluke” by many, and Hillary Clinton was still the anointed “front runner” among the Democratic candidates, when Obama went on to win the South Carolina Primary, the tide turned.  One voice was all it took.  One voice belonging to a little lady in a big hat, who BELIEVED in her dream and chose to be ENTHUSIASTIC about her dream, even in the face of no agreement from most of the rest of her nation. 

I think the reason these encouraging words popped into my mind just at that moment when I was thinking “What’s next?” for my life is that I have recently been through some big challenges myself.  My husband’s real estate business has been on life support for the past two years, leaving me the main “breadwinner” in the family, while he struggled to maintain two full-time jobs.  We’ve had to make some very tough choices and sacrifices, including giving up the “dream home” that we bought just 3 ½ years ago and downsizing to the lovely little home with a million-dollar view that Rick owned before we married. We found a new place for our renters.  Then we tossed, sold or gave away a mountain of “stuff” that we realized we really don’t need, and moved to smaller quarters, smaller taxes and a smaller mortgage. 

We aren’t entirely out of the woods financially just yet.  But real estate is showing signs of life, and I have been blessed with many coaching referrals from my past clients and lots of love and support from my dear friends and extended family.  The greatest gift is that Rick and I have learned first-hand that ABUNDANCE means far more than mere money.  We are abundant in love, fun, support, optimism, faith and opportunity.  If a black man named Barack Hussein Obama can become President of the United States, then we can’t deny we are living in a land of unlimited opportunity to fulfill our dreams! 

So now that a whole new year and new decade stretch out before all of us, the question is, “What are YOU going to make of it?”  Are YOU fired up and ready to go in pursuing your Biggest Dreams for YOUR life?  Or has your spirit already fallen victim to “resolution resignation”? 

As I look forward to each new day, week, month and year, I feel a renewed optimism, enthusiasm and gratitude for the many opportunities for personal growth and success that life provides each of us when we are willing to simply BELIEVE in our dreams and leave the “How” up to the Universe.  I have chosen my theme for 2010 to be “The Year of the Miraculous Comeback” for myself, for our country and for the World.  

And I AM “FIRED UP and READY TO GO”!  I hope you are too!


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