“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward 

Gratitude is THE most powerful positive emotion to attract all the wonderful things you desire into your life…We can never feel or express TOO MUCH gratitude for all the good already present in our lives. Here is an updated version of one of my favorite past blogs about Gratitude. I hope you enjoy it! 

As you know, today is Memorial Day in the U.S.A.  This holiday — originally called Decoration Day — began in 1868, as a time set aside to commemorate those who died fighting in the Civil War by decorating their graves with flags and flowers.  

But I find it equally appropriate to celebrate Memorial Day by taking a moment to remember with gratitude ALL those who have gone before you who have contributed to making you who are today:  

  • All the strangers, friends and loved ones who served in the armed forces to preserve your precious freedom.   
  • Your parents, grandparents and other dear ones who raised you and helped you determine the values you choose to live by. 
  • All the mentors and teachers who freely gave of their precious time to help guide you along your purposeful path.  
  • Everyone who has ever showed you the encouragement and love that nurtured your spirit and helped you grow into your authentic Self.   
  • Yes, and even those who disagreed with you honorably or sought to undermine you dishonorably — because they, too, had a hand in strengthening your character and determination to succeed against all odds. 

Let us today transform our sadness at the loss of those who contributed so much to our lives into abundant GRATITUDE for all they have contributed to us.  While sadness and regret are negative emotions that attract more pain, gratitude is one of the most powerful positive emotions there is.  Gratitude can help you put the Law of Attraction to work to make your most heartfelt dreams and ambitious intentions a reality.  If “energy attracts like energy,” as the Law of Attraction states, then feeling GRATEFUL for all those who have blessed your life with their presence can only attract more good to you. 

And because an abundantly prosperous life involves so much more than just money, I want to close with something profoundly simple, yet powerful, that I learned from my wise minister, Rev. Margaret.  It’s the Four Spiritual Truths to live by, which can help you create a life that is truly abundant and prosperous in every way. (I loved them so much, I had them made into a plaque for my office!) 

1)     Breathe deeply.  Breathing slowly and deeply nourishes your body with oxygen, makes you more alert to new ideas, and settles you down.  It makes you aware of being in the NOW and living fully in the present moment — which is really the only time that you have available to you.

2)     Live Fully.  Go out and make a miracle today.  God is busy and needs your help.

3)     Kiss slowly.  Appreciate all the love in your life – in ALL the forms it may take.  Don’t give your dearest loved ones just a hasty peck on the cheek as you bolt out the door.  Take time to really appreciate them and show them your love.

4)     Love wastefully.  Don’t hold back.  Spread your love around lavishly, so there isn’t a drop left at the end of your life.  Love can’t be hoarded; it must be spent to be enjoyed! 

I hope you enjoyed a gratitude-filled Memorial Day weekend with people you love.  If you didn’t, try following these Four Spiritual Truths, and watch what happens! 



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