August 2010

In overcoming fear and sharing our stories with others, we find the truth about who we really are – and discover we’re not alone. – Lisa Hammond 

Well, you might have noticed I took another week off.  As I predicted, we were having TOO much fun for my husband’s birthday week to pause long enough for me to write the blog. 

But that is me walking my talk — entirely in keeping with my intention for this summer, which I call the Summer of Time Prosperity. That is, I promised myself at the beginning of June to pause often for the next three months to enjoy fun, adventure and relaxation, and not miss the special wonders of my favorite time of year. 

And I hope that YOU, too, have been stopping to smell the roses lately because it won’t be long now until autumn raises its spectacular red- and gold-leafed head, leaving yet another summer as just a lovely memory!  I am happy to report that most of my clients have been taking a break too, and I say, “BRAVO” to them.  One of the most precious forms of PROSPERITY is simply having “balance” in life, isn’t it?  The one thing nobody can buy, no matter how much money they have, is more TIME.  We’re all equal in that gift from the Universe.  The same 24 hours a day is available to you and everyone else – so, what will YOU do with it? 

Continuing my practice of taking ample time each week to do all the things I love to do in this favorite season of mine, I have spotlighted a number of “guest hosts” for the blog throughout the summer, which is a Win-Win for both of us.  It gives YOU the opportunity to learn tips and tools for creating a life of abundance from some of my favorite Master Manifesters, and it provides ME the opportunity to enjoy my favorite time of year without guilt!  

My final guest columnist writes about a topic that I feel is often overlooked by those seeking to use the Law of Attraction (which states that energy attracts like energy) to draw more of the things they want to them with EASE.  Everything in life has a price that must be paid for it.  And I believe the #1 price we have to pay for having what we want is to constantly be aware and make sure that we are IN INTEGRITY.  

From my considerable study of the topic of  what it takes to live “in integrity,” which can be defined as being “whole and complete,” I have come to believe that there are three crucial aspects to living a life of integrity: 

1)     Always keep your WORD to yourself and others. This includes paying your outstanding debts or making specific arrangements about when you will pay them if you can’t pay them now.  It also means doing what you said you would do — on time and to the very best of your ability. However, if something prevents you from doing that, you must immediately let the person impacted know that you won’t be doing what you said you would do – and then re-promising by when you will do it (or helping to find a replacement to carry out your promised accountability.) 

2)     Clean up any “messes” you have created and complete all incompletions. This is the solid foundation upon which to build a life of abundance, freedom and peace of mind: You must empty out the “closet” of your life of all clutter from the past and make energetic “room” for more good things to flow to you. This step can be anything from cleaning out the garage, as you have been promising your partner for months now, to contacting the IRS to work out a way to pay the taxes you still owe from last year, to sincerely apologizing to someone you know you hurt in some way. 

3)     ALWAYS tell the truth, no matter what.  This includes actions like admitting when you have made a mistake, resisting the temptation to embellish your resume to make yourself look better, or overcoming your fear of conflict to finally say something you really need to say to someone.  Remember, the truth always comes out eventually, so you are always better off telling the truth now, rather than getting caught in a lie later — no matter how well-meaning it was.  The truth is defined as what is purely FACTUAL. Therefore, there is no such thing as a little white lie. A statement you make is either “the truth and nothing but the truth” (i.e., what you believe to be factual) or it isn’t.  

This week’s guest author, Joan Gattuso, explains this last aspect of integrity succinctly and memorably in wonderful little article published in a magazine put together by Unity called Survival Guide for the Soul, Part II. Here is her article in its entirety: 

“How to Be Honest When the Truth May HURT”

By Joan Gattuso

 “According to an ancient Hindu teaching, if you can only speak the truth and tell no lies – either miniscule or outrageous – for 12 consecutive years, you can attain enlightenment.  This is no easy assignment. 

Most of us perceive ourselves to be honest and forthright, never intentionally lying, but most of us have been taught through life’s experiences to mask our true thoughts, pad our words, or simply avoid a response.  We attempt to convince ourselves that a “little white lie” doesn’t matter. 

The spiritual truth is: Everything matters. 

A friend was recently sharing how her single sister had traveled to Europe alone and was e-mailing photos back regularly.  These two are 10 years apart in age, live on opposite coasts, and see each other once every two or three years at most. 

As the younger one who was the traveler sent photos with herself in them, she would regularly ask, ‘How do I look?’ My friend chuckled as she told me that she thought her sister looked way too skinny and had way too many lines in her face.  That was the truth as she saw it.  But what she wrote back was, ‘In each picture you look like you are having the time of your life.  I am so happy to see you looking so happy.’  That was the truth also, although a kinder expression of the truth. 

Many people, however, are unclear as to what the truth is, because they haven’t told the truth to themselves for so long that they no longer recognize what the truth is.  They say it doesn’t matter when it does, convincing themselves that no one will notice or everyone cheats just a little.  All such justifications are ignoble thoughts and behaviors. 

A spiritual principle I have taught and know to always be true is: The truth will always emerge.  And when you tell the truth, there is a whole lot less to remember. 

A noble being will always tell the truth.  Do you?  Begin now with the first step of simply noticing if you do tell the truth immediately, or if your first instinct is to pad or alter the facts a bit. 

If you notice you are regularly withholding the complete truth, resolve to be honest with yourself and others starting today.  Know it is safe to be truthful.  Like many lifestyle changes, resolve to tell the truth one day at a time. 

And after 4,383 days you just may become enlightened.” 

WOW! What great wisdom, huh? Now, I must excuse myself again…I’m off to begin a fabulous end to my summer: the combined 39th & 40th reunion celebration of the Newport Harbor High School classes of 1970 and 1971!  My two best girlfriends from high school, now living in Northern California and Oregon, are renting a beach house and we and another local high school girlfriend are all getting together for a whole week of fun in the late-summer sun, sand and surf (and shopping malls and restaurants) of Newport Beach!  Just the thought of a week of time freedom and fun, laughing and enjoying this beautiful vacation destination with people I love makes me I feel positively RICH!  Feeling prosperous often costs a whole lot LESS than we imagine, doesn’t it? 

I hope you also plan to get outside where YOU live and enjoy a fabulous time of abundance, freedom and joy in these last two weeks leading up to the “unofficial” end of summer — Labor Day.  That’s when I will begin writing a new series of original blogs spotlighting some remarkable clients of mine whose stories of creating miraculous prosperity for themselves will absolutely amaze you, while teaching you the principles they used to do it! 

Your comments and questions are always welcome!  You can contact me at:

“So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.”—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

Did you miss me the past two weeks?  I admit it: I was simply playing hooky. My Summer of Time Prosperity really took over!  First, my husband whisked me away to the California Coast “Wine Country” (which you may have seen in the delightful movie “Sideways” a few years back), for a long weekend as a belated birthday celebration.   

Then I came back with every intention of writing a new blog last week, but there were just TOO much opportunities for fun pulling me outside, including a backyard party we put on so our friends could savour our Million Dollar View from the back patio – stretching about 100 miles to the Palos Verdes Pennisula in another county. 

To me, summertime is a season of myriad delights to be sipped and savored — and not a day of it can ever be replaced. It wasn’t always thus. Last summer I “woke up” to the fact that the previous summer had gone by in a blur of tele-seminars, projects and paperwork, while I missed the opportunity to savor the many big and little moments of relaxation, rejuvenation and FUN that are available only during my favorite time of year.  

Continuing my practice of taking ample time each week to do all the things I love to do in this favorite season of mine, I am spotlighting a number of “guest hosts” for the blog throughout the summer, which is a Win-Win for both of us.  It gives YOU the opportunity to learn tips and tools for creating a life of abundance from some of my favorite Master Manifesters, and it provides ME the opportunity to enjoy my favorite time of year without guilt!  

This week’s guest columnist plays right into my summertime theme of fully appreciating and savoring what we love, yet realizing we can’t hoard it.  We can experience true abundance and prosperity by enjoying what we have right NOW to the fullest, and then trusting that when its season is finished, something equally delightful will be provided to us by the endlessly creative and abundant Source of everything around us. 

I found Paula Langguth Ryan’s wonderful little article in a magazine-style publication by Unity called Abundance is Yours! What follows is an excerpt from her piece: 

“Embracing God’s Abundance, The Raspberry Mystery”

by Paula Langguth Ryan 

“When I was a young girl, I used to spend my summers ‘grandma-sitting’ my great-grandmother on her farm in northern Indiana.  One of my favorite activities every morning was harvesting the raspberries from the raspberry canes.  Each morning I’d go out with my basket, and come back into the farmhouse kitchen with two pints of raspberries.  One pint, we’d clean and put in the freezer; the other pint, I’d sprinkle with sugar and eat for breakfast.  I was always amazed that every morning there were always two pints of raspberries waiting to be picked.

 One summer it dawned on me that since there were two pints of raspberries to pick every day, I could save a lot of time and energy if I picked the raspberries once a week.  That way, I could harvest all fourteen pints of raspberries at one time.  So I let a week go by, then I went to the raspberry patch and started harvesting my raspberries with great joy.  But when I finished, all I had were two pints of raspberries.  I couldn’t understand what had happened.  There should have been seven times as many raspberries, but there weren’t! 

It wasn’t until many years later that I truly understood what had happened that summer.  As long as I was embracing my abundant supply of raspberries every day, my abundance continued.  It was only when I stopped embracing my abundance that the flow of abundance decreased.  Because I didn’t show up to harvest my raspberries on a daily basis, the abundant flow of raspberries passed me by.  Some raspberries ripened an fell to the ground or were eaten by birds.  Other raspberries simply didn’t develop because there was still an abundant supply on the canes that hadn’t been harvested. 

This was one of the first of the universal laws of prosperity that I have grasped: Until you learn to be happy with what you have, you won’t be happy with more. 

Until we learn to notice and cheerfully embrace the abundance that surrounds us right now, we won’t be open and receptive to additional abundance.  So how do we learn to embrace the abundance that we do have?” 

Later in her article, Paula gives this great suggestion to help you appreciate all the abundance that is present in your life right NOW, as a first step for increasing it: 

Becoming Aware of Life’s Everyday Gifts

The first step toward receiving abundance, then, is to simply acknowledge our abundance in whatever form it takes. 

We each have so much abundance in our lives, but most of us can’t see it because it’s not taking a form we recognize.  We have our sights set on abundance being a specific thing, like a raise or a bigger house or a gold card.  We don’t see the true abundance. 

A friend recently shared with me a technique she uses as a reminder of the abundance in her life.  She has a little notebook in which she keeps track of not only her income and expenses every day, but also “gifts” she receives every day. 

For example, if someone buys her lunch, she records that as a gift.  If she finds a dime on the sidewalk, she records that as a gift.  If someone offers to carpool with her and she doesn’t have to drive every day, she records that as a gift.  If she’s out shopping and the item she intended to buy is on sale, she records that as a gift.  Whenever she receives a hug, she records that as a gift.  And she’s careful to record a monetary value for each gift so she can clearly see her abundance. 

My spouse and I decided to try out this gift-recording technique.  The very first day, our results were astonishing.  First, we went to the pharmacy and got free lollipops – value: 25 cents.  Then we went to lunch and offered some words of encouragement to a restaurant owner, and we got a free lunch worth $15 and two free loaves of bread worth another $7.  Then we went back to the pharmacy and got what would have been an expensive prescription filled with generic medicine, which we had thought would not be available – a gift of $70.  Then we went grocery shopping and two of the items we were buying had “buy-one, get-one-free” sales, so we got $6 worth of free groceries. 

What abundant gifts have you received in your life today or during the past week?  Start keeping a gift record just for a few days, and see the abundance in your life that is being overlooked.” 

Amen to that!  You know I am a big proponent of keeping a daily Gratitude Journal, where you write down 5 or 10 things you are grateful for in your life RIGHT NOW – that are already a part of your joy and fulfillment and abundant living. 

Well, I am going to add to that practice.  I will take Paula Langguth Ryan’s suggestion and immediately begin carrying a little notebook everywhere I go, in which I will record all the many big and little gifts the Universe bestows on me all day every day. That will give me even MORE things to be grateful for, because as you know, GRATITUDE is the strongest positive emotion you can have. Gratitude brings you more things to be GRATEFUL for  – that’s the Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) in ACTION! 

I hope you will do the same.  Be sure to write me and tell me what surprise gifts you find already available in your life right NOW, just as it is.

And, if by some chance, the blog doesn’t show up again next week, you will know that it’s the start of my husband’s birthday celebration.  Although his birthday is August 16, Rick doesn’t just celebrate a birth “day”; he celebrates a birth WEEK!  We have some very fun things planned to do for my Leo in his great summer birthday season: a trip to the county fair, enjoying some great new movies, making our monthly excursion together to Disneyland, savoring a New Orleans-style Sunday brunch at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney with our friends on his birthday eve. 

I hope you, too, have a delightful summer week ahead, as the Dog Days of summer dwindle down to a precious few, and Labor Day begins to rear its autumn head… And, yes, do be sure to savor every last “raspberry” in your world!


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