Summer’s definitely right around the corner now! And while Summer is my very favorite season, it does present one unhappy challenge. People go on vacation and take their Big Goals and Dreams with them! Most people don’t realize it, but Summer is truly the “Make or Break Time that can determine whether they will look back on their entire year with joy or regret.

Procrastination is Opportunity’s Enemy

In my seven-plus years as a full-time professional coach, I have seen just how tempting it is for people to put their dreams on hold and “sit out” the season with a cool drink by the pool – or by getting very busy with vacation trips and family activities. They tell themselves, “I’ll get started on my goals in the Fall – as soon as the kids are back in school.”  And when September rolls around, they say, “We’re too busy right now with the kids just back in school; I’ll do it next month.” In October, it’s “The Holidays are right around the corner.  I’ll get started on my dreams right AFTER the Holidays.” Sound familiar?

Avoiding Painful Resolution Regret

When people put their goals and dreams on hold for the entire summer, it almost invariably leads to the death of those dreams – because before they know it, it’s New Year’s Eve again….and they shake their heads in amazement and say, “Wow! Whatever became of my 2012 Resolutions?  Why didn’t I make the changes I had planned? Where is my wonderful new relationship?… fit body?… great income?… dream career? …beautiful new home?” Also sound familiar?

If you don’t want “Resolution Regret” to happen to your friends, colleagues and loved ones, please encourage them to get into ACTION NOW on their Big Goals.  NOW is the perfect time to re-focus and pursue their personal and professional goals, because it’s still only “Half Time 2012.” There’s still enough time to discover their life purpose, create unlimited prosperity and reach their biggest, juciest dreams THIS year! And coaching offers the guidance and support they need to break through every barrier to their success.

The Time is NOW

Because this is so urgent, I’ve made it QUICK and EASY for you to help your friends:  Simply forward this message to them along with the two attached gift certificates and give them the priceless gift of ONE F*R*E*E HOUR of focused coaching to jumpstart their goals and dreams at no obligation whatsoever. 

And here’s the BIG incentive for them to get out of the beach chair and do it NOW:

 If, after our F*R*E*E coaching session, they decide that they are committed to breaking through the barriers standing between them and having what they REALLY want once and for all, they will receive this BONUS jumpstart: HALF OFF of their June coaching fees!

I have different coaching programs to fit any need and budget, including:

  • Practical Prosperity Coaching™
  • True Purpose Coaching™
  • Dream Coaching™
  • Personal Success Coaching 

By maintaining their momentum, they will achieve their Big, Juicy Goals NOW, while SAVING anywhere from $150 to $2,250 — just by getting into ACTION NOW!  (Even if they choose a monthly payment plan, they will still save 50% OFF whatever they invest in coaching during the month of JUNE.)

Proven Results:

And in case your friends are skeptical that really BIG results could happen so quickly, one of my clients had this amazing recent outcome in just THREE WEEKS:

“Sandy” is a single mother with a serious physical disability who lives in a small town and shares custody of her two kids with her ex, so moving for greater opportunities wasn’t possible.  She felt her career options were extremely limited, but still she followed my coaching guidelines and created a written list of everything she wanted in her “Ideal Career.”  Three weeks later, the career of her dreams came and found her through an unexpected referral to a nearby company that she hadn’t even known existed. Sandy got a promotion, a raise, quarterly bonuses, flex time, a full health plan and much greater appreciation from her new boss — Absolutely everything she had asked for came to her effortlessly! 

 Results like these are possible for your friends, too – IF they don’t procrastinate.

 IT’S EASY to help them succeed!

Just forward this message and give the people you care about the opportunity to be living the Life of their Dreams by the time the beach umbrellas are packed away again!

P.S. For those who already have unbreakable commitments for June, tell them they don’t have to begin their coaching program immediately!  If after our one-hour F.R.E.E. coaching session, they choose to simply register by June 30, we could begin working together whenever it best fits their summer plans.  Whatever investment they make by June 30 will still be HALF PRICE! 

P.P.S. For clarity, this offer applies to:

  • NEW clients who have not yet registered for coaching with me and
  • PAST clients who have not been in coaching with me for at least two consecutive months and would like to re-start, begin fulfilling a NEW dream, or to find their life purpose for the first time.  


The available time slots for these F.R.E.E. sessions will fill up fast!  And the special offer absolutely ends on June 30, 2012. So please urge those you care about who could benefit to call or email right away to claim their F.R.E.E. coaching session and be sure to mention the “JUNE Special Offer.”  It will be the best gift you have ever given them! 

Best wishes for a Fun and Fulling Summer! 

Caroll Schwartz