“The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On this Labor Day Weekend, I decided it would be appropriate to write about “labor.” Of course, the word has many meanings, two of which have particular significance for me:

1)     “To struggle to do something very difficult or very tiring.”

2)     “The process of giving birth.”

I can relate to the first meaning of “labor” because that feels exactly like what I was doing for the last five years.  As I have shared in past blogs, the Great Recession dealt several major blows to my family’s financial health.

First, when the real estate bubble burst, my realtor husband lost his livelihood overnight as clients disappeared in droves.  On top of that, we had just married and purchased our new “dream home,” which we ended up losing, along with a second rental home, and had to file bankruptcy just to survive.

We were not alone in struggling to survive. Some of our friends were hit even harder, with both spouses losing their livelihood at the same time. And, of course, millions of other Americans were thrown out of work and lost their homes as well.

Fortunately, my coaching practice continued stronger than ever. My wonderful clients stuck with me and referred their friends on a regular basis. For several years, I “labored” as the main breadwinner of our family, while my never-complaining husband took a part-time job to help us survive while he “labored” to rebuild his real estate business.

Along the way, we received amazing help from the Universe and from kind, caring friends and even strangers.  When few people were buying homes, a good friend referred relocation clients looking to lease.  Generous friends gave us short-term loans to get from one paycheck to the next. Our vendors were kind enough to wait months without payment until we got another windfall.  The biggest miracle was that, at the precise time we needed to find a new place to live, a friend got remarried and turned his old home into a rental. We are currently leasing his lovely, big home in a beautiful neighborhood at a below-market price.

Despite our “very difficult and very tiring” labors of the past five years, we feel richly blessed because now we have incontrovertible proof of just how much God, our friends and family love and support us.  And we have grown in strength, humility, character and – most importantly – faith.

Just when we were beginning to wonder if our financial struggle would ever end, real estate has made a red-hot comeback!  Rick quit his part-time job last year and is now quite busy helping buyers and sellers and making lots of wonderful new friends along the way.  The real estate rebound enabled us to stop merely surviving and begin truly thriving again.  And here is where the SECOND definition of “labor” comes in: Rick and I are now in the process of “birthing” a whole new set of Big Dreams for our future.

In perfect timing, having just turned 60, I am now feeling 100% ready to open a whole NEW chapter of life. Rick and I are embarking on a six-year plan to take on new challenges, create new abundance, find new outlets for expressing our unique gifts, and finding BIGGER, more fulfilling ways to bless others.

Now I, a card-carrying member of AARP, find myself “in labor” to birth a brand new, bouncing baby Dream.  I want to share it with you in my next blogs, because the path to fulfilling MY dreams is the same path you would take to fulfill YOURS. Manifesting a dream is not magic – it’s a simple, reliable formula!  My hope is that by sharing my step-by-step dream fulfillment journey, you will see what is possible for YOU to create for your life, too.

So, what Big, Juicy Dream do YOU long to be “in labor” with? And what’s been stopping you? 

  • Do you need a strategy
  • Do you need to be held accountable for getting up off the couch and taking the first steps to make your dream a reality?
  • Do you need to transform an old, Limiting Belief that you are not “enough”?

If you need support to give birth to a Big Dream of your own, I’m a certified “dream midwife” and during the whole month of September, I’m offering you a F.R.E.E. strategy session to help you begin to fulfill your Big Dream at NO obligation.

After that, IF you want ongoing coaching support to pursue your Big Dream through the final quarter of the year, I am happy to team up with you at a special discount, so we can pop the cork and celebrate our triumph together on New Year’s Eve 2013!

P.S. And if you do have a secret Big Dream inside you, but aren’t quite ready to give birth to it, that’s fine, too.  Whenever you are ready, I know that the Universe will provide you with the perfect resources at the perfect time, just as it did for me!

Next week: My Big Juicy Dream and the plan I am creating to manifest it.

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