“Dreams come in a size too big so that we may grow into them.” – Josie Bisset

 As you will remember from the last two blogs, my Realtor husband and I are just now beginning to experience a personal financial renaissance, following a five-year financial meltdown when the Real Estate “bubble” burst. Never imagining how long the Great Recession would last, we sacrificed ALL of our retirement savings in a futile effort to save our new dream home and a rental home — and still ended up losing both.

As I turned the Big Six-Oh in June, I found myself thinking about what lies ahead for us in our “retirement” years.  Before the Real Estate market imploded, Rick and I always envisioned spending our retirement years having fun and adventure traveling and enjoying time together. But I had grown resigned to working until we dropped and living frugally just to “get by.” Leisure time and adventurous travel seemed out of the question.

Last week, I shared my brand new Big, Juicy Dream. When I turned 60, I had an “Ah Ha” moment that I didn’t want to take on the responsibilities of home ownership ever again, nor was being a renter ideal for us either.  Owning a home definitely provides stability, but requires financial resources, time and effort to maintain. Renting is “carefree” but the downside is ever-rising rents and potentially having to move if the landlord decides to sell.

But then a vivid vision came to my mind one day of a turtle carrying its “house” on its back, traveling where it pleased, without a care (or expense) in the world.  I suddenly thought: THAT is for me!  On my daily walks, my Turtle-Housing-Travel Dream took on more vivid detail, as I pictured us buying an SUV next year, paying it off in five years, and then in the sixth year (when we will both be fully vested in Social Security), buying a deluxe trailer, hitching it to our SUV, and taking off across America and Canada to see new sights, make new friends and enjoy a carefree retirement as we had always dreamed of.

My Big, Juicy Dream was now crystal clear. But HOW could it become a reality?  Even though Real Estate is now paying the bills again, many financial and logistical hurdles still stand between us and “financial freedom.”  Just as my clients are challenged by Limiting Beliefs about manifesting their dreams, no sooner had my Big, Juicy Dream emerged, but I started shutting it down by doubting HOW it could manifest. “But we still don’t have nearly enough money to do all THAT! That will take at least six figures! How will we live NOW and still save to finance this retirement dream before we are too old to enjoy it?”

Thankfully, I recognized that The Universe was kindly giving me yet another chance to walk my own coaching talk and put my Practical Prosperity Coaching™  techniques to another personal test!  As I coach my clients, you don’t have to know HOW to make a dream come true at the beginning. Your job is just to be CLEAR on what you want and by WHEN you are willing to accept it. Then you must continually work on transforming your Old Limiting Beliefs into new Empowering Beliefs that will support your dream instead of crush it.

Not every dream is meant to come true.  We have a lot of wonderful fantasies that we enjoy thinking about but never take any action on.  My Dream Coaching™ mentor, Marcia Wieder, who is known as America’s Dream Coach, says the difference between a “dream” and a “fantasy” is that with a fantasy, there is nothing you can do to make it happen. Winning the lottery is a fantasy.  It doesn’t mean fantasies never come true.  It just means there is nothing YOU can do to affect the outcome.  Well, I truly believe there IS something I can do to affect the outcome of my dream.  The answer just hadn’t come to me yet!

With a dream, you can take steps to make it a reality. And the first step is to turn your dream into a specific goal. Marcia Wieder says a “goal” is a just a dream with a deadline attached to it. You may not know HOW it’s going to manifest when you first start pursuing it. But you can believe it’s POSSIBLE and you say with conviction, “I intend to have this.”

STEP TWO of the Dream Manifestation process: Create your INTENTION.

So an Intention is a goal — something you intend to have, be or do by a certain date. One caveat: You must not become emotionally attached to that exact date. Simply “play for it” as though you believe 100% that it CAN happen by then, while remaining open to something even better showing up in a slightly different timeframe.

I re-created my “travel North America in our trailer/home” dream as this specific Intention: “On or before Fall, 2019, Rick and I travel North America in our deluxe trailer home with complete financial freedom and peace of mind.” An Intention Statement should be short, clear and measurable.  In other words, you will definitely KNOW when you have received it – with no ambiguity. And resist building your idea of the HOW into the statement, because the truth is, you don’t know HOW yet.

Then write your one or two sentence, clear Intention statement on a 3×5 card and at least twice a day — once in the morning and once right before your head hits the pillow – read it aloud with FEELING, and spend a few moments with your eyes closed, imagining and visualizing what your life will be like when your Intention has been fulfilled.

As Wayne Dyer says in his wonderful book Wishes Fulfilled, your vivid imagination will cause your subconscious mind to begin to work on a manifestation plan, running 24/7 in the background like a computer in your brain and colluding with the Universe for the HOW that will turn your dream into a reality.

In my case, the HOW appeared very quickly in another big Ah-Ha Moment.  Stay tuned next week to learn what the surprising plan for manifesting my Big, Juicy Intention turned out to be!

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