Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can. – Ashleigh Brilliant

We are in the midst of exploring the process for making your dreams a reality, using my latest Big, Juicy Dream as a real-life example.  To recap briefly where we are in the dream manifestation process:

  • Step One: Identify a dream – something you want to BE, DO or HAVE.
  • Step Two: Turn that dream into an Intention statement that is short, clear, specific, measurable, and has a target date attached to it.
  • Step Three: Take ACTION on your Intention, and trust the Universe to reveal the HOW for manifesting it.

At this point, you are clear on what you want and you have taken some big or small action demonstrating your COMMITMENT to your Intention. As a result, the Universe has come out to play with you, and the HOW for making your Intention a reality is becoming clearer.  Now, you are ready to create a PLAN for fulfilling your Intention.

In the past blogs, I shared my newest, grandest Big, Juicy Dream ever. My Realtor  husband, Rick, and I are now in the early stages of full financial recovery after losing two homes and all our retirement savings to the Great Recession. Having just emerged from five years in “survival mode,” I had no idea how it would be possible for us to live the fun, adventurous, travel-filled retirement we had once planned for.

Shortly after my 60th birthday this summer, while daydreaming on my morning walk, I had a vision of a turtle carrying its “house” on its back, traveling where it pleased, without a care (or expense) in the world.  That was when my Big, Juicy Dream transformed into a clear, specific Intention: “On or before Fall, 2019, Rick and I travel North America in our deluxe trailer home with complete financial comfort and peace of mind.”

My first committed ACTION toward manifesting my Intention was simple: Every chance I got, I would visualize (while awake AND asleep) us driving across North America in our SUV, pulling our deluxe “Turtle-Trailer,” seeing new sights, making new friends and enjoying the carefree retirement we thought was out of our reach.

That simple ACTION caused the Universe to send me the idea for HOW we could do this: In order to take advantage of the current hot real estate market, I would get my real estate license and help Rick part-time, with the goal of doubling his income, while easily maintaining my full-time coaching schedule. After doing the math, it became clear that we CAN save enough in six years to make our dream a reality.

With a clear Intention and a clear HOW, it was time for Step Four: Create a specific Plan to make your Intention a reality. I decided to use Mel Robbin’s manifestation “Map” approach from her great book, Stop Saying You’re Fine.  (For more details on how to make a manifestation Map, re-read Blog #116: Create a Map in the blog archives at

A manifestation Map offers FLEXIBILITY, so that if you get stopped at any step or the time isn’t yet right for it, you can simply jump over to another step and do that one instead.  Mel says, “Your map is not a step-by-step set of directions.  It is a tool for giving you the perspective you need to start getting creative about getting what you want.” 

Mel’s Map reminds me of one of the old Arthur Murray Learn-to-Dance templates, with the footprints on the floor showing you how to move your feet left, then right, then back, then forward, etc.  The Map allows you to pivot, make adjustments as you go, and take quantum leaps forward if one of the ideas should serendipitously present you with a shortcut to your end goal. Here are the initial ACTION STEPS that came to me to put on my Manifestation Map:

Get a California Real Estate License.

Help Rick 2-3 days a week in his real estate business.

Set aside a specific amount of money to invest each month.

Consult a financial planner about how to maximize the yield.

Begin keeping a journal of the process for manifesting my Dream.

Buy a new SUV and pay it off by 2019.

Buy a deluxe used trailer for cash in 2019.

Begin drawing my Social Security benefit in June 2019.

Plan our initial trip itinerary.

Hit the road in the Fall of 2019.

Keep my daily journal as we travel.

Have Rick take photos as we travel.

Turn my journal into a book to help other Baby Boomers make their retirement dreams a reality.

Continue to coach via mobile phone and Wi-Fi while on the road.

Purchase all necessary equipment for the trip.

As you can see, these “starter” Action Steps are not in strict chronological order.  And most of them will require a number of Sub-Steps to accomplish the Action Step.  But I followed Mel’s advice and didn’t let “completeness” and “perfection” get in the way of TAKING ACTION. Instead, I looked at my list and asked myself, “What is ONE Action Step I could be doing RIGHT NOW that will move me quickest toward my Dream?”  The answer was simple: Find out how to get a California Real Estate License.

So I took the first Sub-Step for accomplishing my #1 Action Step of becoming a licensed Realtor™: I called Rick’s broker. She turned out to be the ideal resource! Not only did she tell me every single thing I would have to do to get my license, she also gave me the registration form for the Real Estate school where I could take the required on-line classes AND got me a $50 discount off the tuition just because I went through her.

Even a multi-year Manifestation Plan can be broken down into a series of do-able Action Steps that will keep me focused and productive the entire time.  Along the way, I’ll have the fun of taking Rick to look at trailers and then deciding on the SUV we want to buy next year. Right now, I am studying Real Estate whenever I am not on coaching calls.

I have already passed two of the three required courses and will be able to take the third final exam next month, after which I will apply to take the California Real Estate Licensing Exam in Los Angeles and be licensed before the end of 2013. Even before that, I get to accompany Rick to the California Association of Realtors Expo™ in Long Beach next month as his “office assistant,” so I can hit the ground running with lots of good marketing strategies to help us amp up his business.

As I learned from my Dream Coaching ™ mentor Marcia Wieder, the key to making any Big, Juicy Dream a reality is simply this: Take ACTION on it every day. There is always something you can do, even if it’s just juicing your excitement and belief by visualizing yourself living the Dream.  That is enough to keep the Universe playing with you: sending the ideas, connections and resources that will make your Dream a reality. That is how – with maximum speed and ease – you can find yourself one minute visualizing what you want and the next, being well on your way to GETTING it!

Next week, we’ll uncover what to do with the “What Ifs” and roadblocks that will inevitably face you as you pursue your Dream!

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