It’s not easy being grateful all of the time.  But it’s when you feel least thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you. – Oprah Winfrey

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the USA!  I hope you are looking forward to a long holiday weekend filled with delicious food, fun times and great memories.

And, of course, I hope you will join me in using our national holiday as an opportunity to deepen your personal appreciation for the incredible life you get to live, all the wonderful people in it, and especially for whatever you believe is the Source of all that good stuff blessing you with abundant grace.

Still, even with all we have to thankful for, we must admit that life can sometimes disappoint us big-time.  No matter how sincerely we strive to follow The Four Agreements, live with integrity, focus only on what we want, contribute to others and strengthen our belief, there are times we just don’t understand why things are not working out the way we’d hoped.

I must admit I’ve asked myself “Why not?” frequently during the past few months, as two of Rick’s real estate deals in a row, which both seemed like “sure things,” fell apart at the last minute.  We were already excitedly making plans for how to spend the money and anticipating a joyously abundant Holiday Season. Rick served his buyers (and the other side) in these transactions with complete professional integrity, yet the rug got pulled out from under him through no fault of his own. In both cases, his clients backed out of purchasing their “dream homes” because something was revealed at the 11th hour that had been hidden at first.

We talked it over, looking to see if there was anything that Rick had done or not done or if either of us was holding an unconscious Limiting Belief that could have created this undesired outcome…and we came up empty.  Then, in an Ah-Ha moment, I suddenly recognized that it truly was for the best that these deals didn’t go through.

In the first case, a $400/month additional local water tax had been hidden in the listing, but came to light from a careful reading of the mandatory disclosures that a seller must give the buyer before final loan documents are signed.  Rick and his clients agreed that it was clearly NOT in their best interests to go through with the deal, since that extra cost would have stretched their family budget too much.

The second deal imploded when Rick’s buyer discovered right before closing that her beautiful dream home with the perfect location on a lake was also riddled with termites, had significant water damage, asbestos in the attic and a host of other problems — ALL of which were known to the investors. They had bought the foreclosed house and fixed it up cosmetically, hoping to hide the serious defects and sell it “as is” to make a quick and easy profit. Only Rick’s diligence in getting her own thorough inspections done saved his buyer from being saddled with future repair costs in the tens of thousands of dollars.

My take-away from these apparent “disappointments” is that sometimes it is a blessing when we DON’T get what we ask for.  If you look back, I’m sure you will recognize times in your own life when you were saved from what seemed like desirable outcomes at the time – maybe a failed romance with a n’er-do-well or a financial scam you didn’t fall for.  The Universe may have used your own intuition or the wise counsel of a trusted advisor to protect you from the disaster that would have resulted if you had gotten what you thought you wanted.

It was clear that these two averted real estate disasters were in his clients’ best interests, but what, I wondered, do Rick and I have to be grateful for, aside from our happiness for their good fortune?

Here’s the BIG blessing for us: If either of these commissions had come through, we would have been vacationing this past week at the luxurious Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite. I had cancelled our reservations without penalty as soon as I realized that things were not going to work out financially as we had hoped.  Right after our trip was cancelled, Rick got calls out of the blue from two new referral clients to help them purchase their dream homes before the end of the year.  One of the two couples was only in town during this week. If we had gone to Yosemite, they would have found another realtor to work with.

BONUS blessings: Both of Rick’s new clients are looking for homes in even HIGHER price ranges than the deals that fell through.  AND Rick’s two original clients, who appreciated his integrity and diligence on their behalf, are actively working with him to find their new dream homes. So, as a result of our initial “disappointments,” we now have more than double the financial prosperity coming to us!

This Thanksgiving, I hope you will give thanks for everything in your life – even if it doesn’t appear (at the moment) to be working according to YOUR plans.  If you will just wait patiently and trust the Universe to work out the “How” in its own perfect way, eventually it will bring you something EVEN BETTER. I promise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  I will be enjoying the long holiday weekend with my family.  A Cup of Caroll will return on December 8. 

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