“A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” – Ray Davis

In this blog, I talk about the second of three BIG lessons that I learned from the biggest prosperity challenge I’ve faced in over 20 years of using the Law of Attraction to fulfill my dreams. I am sharing these personal lessons with you in the hope that they will stop you from giving up too soon on making your own Big Dreams come true.

As you will recall from the last blog, my Realtor husband and I lost our entire life savings in the Great Recession, went through bankruptcy and had one car and two homes repossessed in the process. We struggled for five years just to pay our monthly bills and rent with my coaching income and a few Real Estate transactions for Rick.

Finally, in 2013, the Real Estate market in California came roaring back and we began to see a light at the end of our long financial tunnel. But just as we had started making plans to rebuild our nest egg for a reasonably comfortable retirement before we were too old to enjoy it, the IRS threw up a huge roadblock.

While we had maintained our integrity by filing taxes on time each year, we had no money to pay them, so our tax debt continued to pile up.  Although we had been making small monthly installment payments, our debt (including penalties and interest) finally reached the mid-five figures and the IRS said “enough.” They filed a lien against any future assets we might acquire and demanded all of their money NOW.

As you remember, Lesson #1 for me out of this experience was “Never Give Up on Your Dreams.” Even though things looked bleak, I put my fear aside and opened my mind so I could recognize the “How” that we believed God/The Universe would surely present to us. The answer came in the form of our wonderful tax accountant, Charity, who helped us create an “Offer in Compromise” package, which we sent to the IRS last June in complete confidence that they would see the reality of our financial situation and be willing to settle our debt for less than the full amount.

Months went by with no word.  Then at the beginning of the Holidays, we got a rejection letter.  By their calculations, the IRS claimed that we should be able to pay off the FULL amount we owed in just three years!

We were stunned. This was not remotely the truth. For the first time, my belief that God/the Universe would support me through ANY crisis was shaken and my emotions quickly turned to self-righteous anger that those “idiots” apparently have no interest in dealing with reality. Our last hope was to appeal the IRS decision.  We had 30 days to present additional information to convince an independent Appeals Agent of the truth.

I finally got myself back into possibility thinking, although I have to admit it was harder the second time. Charity said not to lose hope; she was sure we would win on appeal because all the figures we had presented were 100% accurate. We just needed to re-work the Appeals package to prove that we had even LESS income and MORE business deductions by the end of 2102 than our mid-year figures had already shown.

Big Setback #2

But then we got blow #2: The very nice and helpful Appeals Agent told us that our second OIC package was full of holes, too. She patiently explained that while our business deductions were legitimate for TAXES, the IRS uses a much more stringent set of standards for Offers in Compromise. She said that many of our deductions would be disallowed, which would still make it look like we could pay the full amount in a reasonable time. Our six-year retirement plan was receding fast and I felt both self-righteously angry and helpless about how to get the IRS to see OUR truth.

In putting together the Appeals package, many of our Holiday plans were put on hold and I was tempted to bail on the annual “Girls Weekend” I had planned with three friends from my days in a network marketing company.  We met every December in San Diego at the beautiful home of Leslie Zann, my former network marketing partner, who is now a very successful independent trainer and speaker for several international direct sales companies.  I didn’t feel very festive, but I put on a happy face and went because I love these women, and because I gave my word that I would.

The HOW appears when I least expect it

It always amazes me how God/The Universe always sends the HOW at the exact time we need it AND it often comes from a place we would never have imagined. That’s why Step Two of the Law of Attraction manifesting process is to simply BELIEVE in your Dream and give up trying to figure out how you are going to manifest it.

The exact message I needed to hear in order to turn around my “hopeless” OIC Appeal was waiting for me right there in Leslie’s living room. It still gives me goose bumps to realize that the planning process for me to end up there during our December Appeals process was set in motion around the same time we submitted our original OIC in June.

Lesson #2: Let Go of Being “Right” and Adopt a New Perspective

I have never been much of a student of Eastern philosophy.  I am not into Feng Shui, Tai Chi, Chinese Horoscopes, etc.  But I respect that there is value in ALL spiritual paths and philosophies that teach love, peace and open-mindedness.  So when Leslie asked me if I wanted to have a morning “reading” from the I Ching, a book of ancient Chinese wisdom, I thought,“Sure, what the heck.”

She had me throw three coins onto her coffee table and the pattern in which they landed determined the specific passage that I supposedly needed to guide me that day. Inwardly, I rolled my eyes because I found the coin reading method complicated and thought the value of doing this every day to gain useful guidance seemed pretty far-fetched.

But when Leslie read aloud the ancient passage that my coins had “chosen” for me, my jaw dropped.  I instantly recognized that the I Ching “Sage” was speaking directly to me about my frustrating and frightening IRS situation!

Stay tuned next week to learn the final Big Lesson the I Ching taught me that directly helped me reach one of the most important goals of my entire life.


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