“True discovery consists not in finding new landscapes, but in seeing the same landscapes with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

If you missed either of the last two blogs (#153 and #154), I recommend you read them before this one. They are archived at www.practicalprosperitycoach.com.

In this blog, I reveal the third and final Big lesson I learned from the biggest personal challenge I’ve faced in over 20 years of using the Law of Attraction to fulfill my dreams. I hope my experience will encourage you to keep believing and not ever give up if your own dream hits a wall. If you are patient and learn to look at the situation from a fresh perspective, you CAN overcome any obstacles in your way.

As you will remember, last year, just as my husband and I were beginning to rebuild our retirement savings that were lost in the Great Recession, the IRS threw up a huge obstacle by demanding that we pay our mid-five-figures back taxes NOW.

When our original “Offer in Compromise,” was rejected, I was simultaneously scared, frustrated and self-righteously angry that the IRS “idiots” were not willing to see our financial reality, no matter how many facts and figures we presented. We had the month of December to present additional information to convince them of the truth, but the nice Appeals Agent said the new information we initially sent her was probably not going to make a difference for our case.

Help comes in a strange package

Just when things looked darkest, I found the unlikely resource I needed to turn things around:  My friend Leslie Zann gave me a reading from the I Ching, a book of ancient Chinese wisdom, containing the advice that I supposedly needed to guide me that particular day. I was quite skeptical, but when she read aloud the passage that my random coin-toss had “chosen” for me, my jaw dropped.

I instantly recognized that the “Sage” was telling me just what I needed to hear to turn around our frustrating and frightening IRS situation.  I share it with you here in its entirety because I believe it provides a reliable success formula for dealing with difficult people and “insoluble” problems. I have bolded the parts that especially helped me to view our situation from the IRS’s perspective and communicate in their language:

Chung Fu/Inner Truth:   Through openness and gentleness, the correct solution is reached.

Arriving at the correct solution to a difficult situation requires a receptivity to inner truth. Unless we are willing to put aside the strong emotions of our egos and devote ourselves to discovering what is right, there can be no hope of progress at this time. Help only comes when we invite it with a sincere and innocent attitude.

The I Ching teaches a simple but effective method of influencing difficult people and arduous situations.  It advises us first to lay aside our prejudices – our feelings of being wounded, angry or in the right – and second to seek to understand the positions of others and the lesson that the Sage [God] is teaching us with the situation. 

Even when another is truly out of line, it is only by accepting this and remaining balanced that you make it possible for positive change to occur.  Gentleness and understanding create in others an unconscious willingness to be led.

The superior person therefore avoids the use of anger and force in trying times, knowing that they only prolong conflict.

It is far wiser to accept that each experience we have is necessary for us to learn something about ourselves and about the higher laws of life.  The greatest openings come when we meet difficulty with acceptance, gentleness, and a desire to understand the lesson underneath.

Lesson #3: Be Grateful for the Lesson

Leslie photocopied the page for me and I immediately began using it as a daily reminder to release ALL my preconceptions about the HOW that God/The Universe wanted me to use and to let go of my self-righteousness about being RIGHT and resentment toward the IRS. I worked to develop a “sincere and innocent” attitude and strove to“meet difficulty with acceptance, gentleness and a desire to understand the lesson underneath.” My perspective changed from “Victim” to “Student” — knowing there was an important and beneficial  lesson I must learn from this difficulty.

A week or so later, I woke up at four in the morning with clarity of exactly HOW to present our case to the IRS. We had been trying to find more business deductions, but my new inspiration was to show them the additional personal expenses we had coming up in 2014 (such as a my new “Obamacare” medical insurance premium and the hefty dental bill Rick was paying off in monthly installments). These “allowable” personal expenses greatly decreased the amount of money the IRS believed was available to pay our back taxes. I pulled together the documentation quickly and easily and sent it off to the Appeals Agent.

Two weeks later, she called to say, “Congratulations. I have approved your appeal and your original Offer in Compromise is accepted.”  It took nearly a year, with some scary setbacks along the way, but our belief and patience had finally paid off! Now our old tax debt will be cleared in  five months instead of five years and we are now 100% current on our taxes. All because of some coins “randomly” thrown on a coffee table in San Diego!

That’s why I will always remember that there is a solution to every problem and I will always remember to release the “How”and allow the Universe to show me a new perspective….As they say at Mastercard, that lesson is “PRICELESS!”


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