September 2014

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Finally, there is a little nip of Fall in the air here in sunny Southern California! As we head into the final quarter of the year, many people’s thoughts turn to football. I am not a huge sports fan myself, but I do appreciate that there are some distinct similarities between the roles of a sports coach and a Personal Success Coach.

Like my sports counterpart, my job is not to teach my clients HOW to play; they already know the fundamentals of their Game. My job is to help them strategize the best way to win their Game. And most of all, my job is to help them BELIEVE they can win it.

The fourth quarter of the year is a lot like the fourth quarter of a great football game. What makes it exciting is that, while one team may be behind, it is still possible for them to win. Great players and great teams NEVER concede before the final buzzer sounds. They give it everything they’ve got – especially in the final quarter, when it really counts. This same mindset can also enable you to win your own personal Big Game.

Imagine that the quarterback on one Team is totally gung-ho at the start of the Big Game. Confident that she has effectively utilized the recommended equipment and had the best available training, she sprints out of the locker room to charge full-steam ahead in pursuit of a Win. But inevitably, she faces some obstacles along the way — including other people’s judgments about her and her Team’s chances – that slow her down and make her doubt herself.

By the Second Quarter, she stops executing as consistently as she is capable of. She always has a “good excuse” about why she is not playing full-out: “That particular play wasn’t ideally set up… But just as soon as I am in the perfect position, I will be able to reach the Goal!”

By the Third Quarter, the goal posts look farther away than ever to her. She compares herself to opposing players and gets more and more discouraged that they seem to have unfair advantages like being younger and stronger, having more committed Teammates and a natural talent for the game. She feels tired and discouraged, and everyone else seems to be going faster than she is.

Before she knows it, the Fourth Quarter looms in front of her, and she can barely see the goal posts from here. She doesn’t see how her Team can possibly win at this point in the game! Everyone she approaches for support seems distracted and too busy with their own issues to pay attention to her. She decides that nobody else on her Team is willing to make a big effort this close to the end of the game.

So she decides to sit on the sidelines for the Fourth Quarter, since the Big Game seems already lost. She will let the rest of her Team keep on playing if they want to, but she knows it’s futile. “I am going to conserve my strength and wait until NEXT year,” she tells the Coach. “I will really be able to focus then!”

In contrast, the quarterback of the Big Game’s second Team doesn’t get off to a flashy start. She knows her Teammates lack some of the innate skills and external resources as the opposing players. Nevertheless, she believes they have the will and capability to win the Big Game, and she is committed to doing whatever it takes to support her Team.

She focuses entirely on doing a steady, consistent job. She faces the special challenges of each quarter as they come, turning them into unique opportunities that allow her Team to push beyond their perceived limitations. For example, in the First Quarter, many of her Teammates say they don’t want the Big Game to go the same way it did the year before, so QB2 urges them to work side by side with her to make sure it doesn’t. Some of her Teammates see the opportunity to make positive changes in their personal play, and she focuses on helping them to excel.

In the Second Quarter, even more of her Teammates seem to come to life and shake off their previous doldrums. She encourages them to adopt a fresh mindset and promises to do everything in her power to help them win. A few sincerely want to make a fresh start in their careers and commit to playing full-out for the rest of the Game.

In the Third Quarter, she warns her Teammates not to get distracted by what the bystanders are shouting or to compare their progress to that of the other Team. She reminds them that it is still a GAME, and inspires them to work together to make great progress while having FUN.

At the start of the Fourth Quarter, QB2’s Team is still a ways from the goal posts, but she doesn’t let that faze her! She tells her Teammates that she knows they can still win if they play together as a Team. She reminds them that there are many possible ways to reach their Big Goal. She inspires them through her BELIEF in them and in herself. As a result, they don’t let the Fourth Quarter pressures distract them. Instead, they redoubled their efforts and eventually score for the WIN!

As we enter the Fourth Quarter of 2014, each of us has the option to adopt the attitude of QB1 and dread the approaching Holidays as a jumble of time pressure, stress, distractions, and frustration at not being closer to our own goal posts. You could opt to sit out the rest of your Big Game for this year and declare, “I’ll do better next year.”

Or, you can see the Holidays as QB2 would – a potential bonanza for your business, charity or enterprise! This is your once-a-year chance to reconnect with old friends and far-flung family members, while also making many NEW acquaintances at the mall, social gatherings, office parties and entertainment venues where pretty much everyone is in a festive, receptive mood. It’s all about your MINDSET.

The Holidays have traditionally presented a significant financial challenge for me as a coach. Just when I most needed some EXTRA cash, many of my clients would say, “See you in January!” So, especially during the fourth quarter, I always make a point to focus on being GRATEFUL for all the GOOD in my life, instead of focusing on fear of lack.

And last November, out of the blue, I got a handful of coaching referrals from renowned international speaker, trainer and my dear friend, Leslie Zann. In a matter of weeks, those wonderful new clients referred many others to me and I ended up having the most financially abundant last quarter of my entire coaching career!

Take it from me, if you choose option #2, the Big Game is very much yours to win!


What do you want for your life? My “job description” as a coach is simply this: I help you get what YOU want. I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation where together we’ll explore your big dreams and determine if coaching can assist you in reaching them. I have programs and coaching specialties for every need. Learn more at: or contact me at or toll free at 888-503-8145. Contact me TODAY to schedule a complimentary phone consultation!


“Regret is harder to live with than defeat. Grow out of your comfort zone and take those reasonable risks to experience a more rewarding life.” – Jewel Diamond Taylor

Having been a full-time professional Personal Success Coach for 10 years now, I have been fortunate to help over 500 people reach their Big Goals. I have witnessed a lot of them succeed – some far beyond what they had imagined.

Still, to be honest, a small number did NOT reach their goals. Today, I want to talk about the number one reason people fail to reach their dreams, in hopes it will save YOU from making the same mistake and missing your Big Chance.

To assist my clients in reaching their Big Goals, my role as a Coach is two-fold:

  • 1) I believe in them 100%. I know that they are fully capable of being the BEST they can be and living their dreams, without question. I remind them they have what it takes to succeed every time we talk.
  • 2) I hold them accountable. In order to reach your goals, you have to actually GO AFTER them. You must take action day in and day out, even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. That’s the time when most people give up. But as long as you stay IN ACTION on your dreams, you will eventually reach them.

Most of my clients undertake some business, personal endeavor or enterprise where other people are involved. I really can’t think of anyone who is doing it completely solo. Even someone who wants to improve their health by quitting smoking, starting an exercise routine or losing weight, needs help from someone else to succeed. They need the support of their friends or family, a good program to teach them success strategies, or a buddy to meet them for exercise to make sure they don’t quit on themselves.

For goals involving financial success, it’s 100% certain that other people will be involved. I cannot think of a single profession, creative endeavor or business where someone ELSE isn’t involved in buying whatever you market, invent, write or create in order for you to make money. Even in a salaried position, you must enroll someone in hiring you and approving of your job performance in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Many of the wonderful clients who came to me through word of mouth this year are involved in the same dynamic network marketing company. They know without a doubt that their success depends on helping others succeed. They can sell their cutting-edge skin care products to consumers pretty easily because they really work. But in order to create a life-changing level of financial success, they must share with others the benefits of joining the company, sponsor them onto their Team, train them and support them in order to create a high level of mutual success.

It isn’t easy, believe me.   I have a background in network marketing myself. For over seven years in the 1990s, I was a full-time independent consultant for a great company that makes high-end nutritional supplements. I still get a monthly residual check from my early efforts, but in the end, my greatest reward was not financial; it was the personal development — teaching me self-belief, a positive outlook and perseverance — which the network marketing/direct sales industry embraces like no other.

I was first introduced to Master Manifesters like Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and Tony Robbins by the industry. None of them promised it would be easy to succeed. But all of them said it was POSSIBLE for anyone to succeed, and I knew they were right. They are the reason I eventually chose to become a Personal Success Coach. That was, by far, the biggest gift that network marketing gave me.

At the moment, I have the privilege of helping more than 30 wonderful can-do clients pursue their own success. I never tell them it will be easy. But I promise them it is 100% possible — IF they don’t make the same mistake that handful of my past clients made in pursuing their goals: They quit. I truly believe that is the single reason they failed to reach their goals. They simply gave up too soon.

The #1 success secret for ALL my successful clients has been the same: They persevered. They continued believing in their Big Dreams even when they didn’t succeed as quickly as they had imagined they would. They just kept right on going, even when they kept on hearing “NO” – from job interviewers, possible candidates for Mr. or Ms. Right, the bathroom scale, or potential customers for their heartfelt creative expressions, compositions or manuscripts. Even when their family, spouses, kids, teachers or partners told them it seemed like a really “bad idea” that “would never work” they did it any way. They persevered and they WON.

Early on in my network marketing career, when our company was just opening up the new market, I was referred to a complete stranger in Canada who was a locally-famous, respected personal trainer. The person who recommended her said she could be a Superstar if she decided she liked the products, the company and me. I believed them.

So I called this woman once every week or two, always leaving a short, polite message stating I just needed 10 minutes of her time to tell her about this important opportunity. I never got one single response from her in nine months. Nevertheless, I committed to myself that I was going to keep on leaving my polite messages until she either called me back and heard me out or told me to stop calling her.

One day, out of the blue, she called me back on Canadian Thanksgiving day. She apologized for not replying sooner, but explained that she trained clients in her home basement gym 10-12 hours a day six or seven days a week and this was the first day off she’d had in months. She said she decided to call me back because she appreciated that I was “politely persistent.” And that’s how we began our business relationship and friendship, which ultimately gave me the second-biggest organization in all of Canada.

Success rarely comes in the form we first envisioned or the timeframe we hoped for. But it will come if you have a rock-solid WHY for pursuing your Big Goal and if you are willing to take ACTION and stick with it.   Hang in there. Don’t quit. PERSEVERE.

I encourage you to watch this beautiful three-minute video on Perseverance. I think you will find it inspiring and thought-provoking and I hope you will pass it on to someone who needs it too:


What do you want for your life? My “job description” as a coach is simply this: I help you get what YOU want. I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation where together we’ll explore your big dreams and determine if coaching can assist you in reaching them. I have programs and coaching specialties for every need. Learn more at: or contact me at or toll free at 888-503-8145. Contact me TODAY to schedule a complimentary phone consultation!

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” – David Frost

“When we set out to do the best we can do, it is inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing what truly makes us happy. We’re in alignment and ready for the opportunities that life puts in our path.” – Josh Hinds

As a True Purpose Coach ™ for the past 10 years, I have encouraged my clients to pursue their passion and purpose, strive to do their BEST at what they love, and trust that the money will follow. Ironically, I got this lesson for myself just yesterday. No choir of angels sang or lightening bolt hit me. I got it by eavesdropping on my husband’s phone conversation.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that a little over a year ago, I thought I had found a perfect plan for rebuilding our savings and ensuring a bright financial future for Rick and me as we reached “senior” status. Neither of us wants to ever fully retire and sit in a rocker. But neither do we want to work full-out, full-time until we drop in the traces. We both crave more time to travel and pursue our individual interests (including fine wine for Rick and writing for me).

What stood in the way is that we lost everything in the Great Recession — our retirement funds, personal savings, two homes and main car. Rick’s real estate business tanked completely and my coaching practice slowed dramatically. We spent five years focusing on just getting from one end of the month to the other.

Finally, last year, the Southern California real estate market suddenly picked up steam and Rick became busier than ever before in his 15-year real estate career. At first, he seemed physically overwhelmed. I watched helplessly as he dashed to multiple appointments daily, held multiple open houses each weekend, and worked far into the night most evenings. This was exactly what we had hoped for — just not all at once!

Then I had a brainstorm: I could help Rick with client contacts, paperwork, open houses, etc. by getting my own California real estate license. Never for a minute did I plan to give up coaching, but my practice was still fairly slow then, and I believed I could handle coaching during the week and real estate on the weekends.

Truth be told, I was also doing it partly out of fear. I thought real estate could provide a “Plan B” for me if something happened to Rick.   I thought this was a good back-up skill to have, just in case. Rick could teach me the ropes over time, and I would be ready to take over his business if the need arose. Seems like a prudent plan, right? Nothing wrong with real estate, I told myself, and I thought I would be good at it.

So I took an online Real Estate course, which involved studying and passing three major finals. Each course took me a month or two to finish, but I passed all three with flying colors early last fall, and applied to take the California Real Estate Exam. So far, so good!

Well, this is where my best-laid plans began to unravel. When we are living off-Purpose, as my Mentor Tim Kelley always says, the Universe will find ways to get our attention and direct us back to our authentic life Path. Just as I began to review for the State Exam, my coaching business exploded!   One of my dear friends, Leslie Zann, a dynamic trainer and motivational speaker for the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry, referred a handful of clients to me out of the blue. She felt they needed coaching in my specialties, such as changing limiting beliefs, adopting the right mindset and using the Law of Attraction to create success faster and more easily.

A handful of referrals from Leslie became an avalanche of abundance, as these clients referred me to others in their company, who referred me to others, and before I knew it, I had a full coaching practice for the first time in my 10-year career! I had no time to study Real Estate because I was busy enrolling and coaching new clients.

Still, I am not a quitter.   I didn’t want to just drop the idea of helping Rick and having my own “Plan B” from real estate, even as month after month, I was enjoying my coaching more and more and reaping greater and greater financial rewards from it. It felt like I had come so far, it would be foolish not to finish taking the State exam and get my license, which is good for four years.

Except that I hated studying the subject matter, which was dry as dust to me. A review program gave me practice questions that could be on the State Exam. I took some practice tests and did poorly on them. I’ve always been an “A” student –so what was up with this?

The truth is, doing real estate just isn’t on-Purpose for me. It’s a perfect fit for Rick. I love sharing in his satisfaction whenever he closes a difficult deal and his clients get their Dream Home, but I don’t want to be responsible for all the details myself.

This is where the eavesdropping comes in: Last night, while I was watching TV by myself   because Rick was doing more paperwork, I walked toward the kitchen and overheard him talking to an agent whose clients had just submitted an offer on a house he has listed. He was attempting to get the agent to understand why the price his sellers were asking was justified. They were discussing “price per square foot” and “comps” and I knew exactly what he was talking about, but apparently the agent for the potential buyers was playing dumb and arguing for her clients’ unreasonable position, attempting to get them a much lower price.

That was my Ah-Ha Moment: I would make a terrible agent! Rick has the patience and professionalism to handle almost any annoying situation or person in his business. What I love about coaching is that I don’t have to work with anyone unless I WANT to and I get paid to tell the TRUTH (as I see it). If I spoke my truth to some of the difficult people Rick handles so beautifully, I would probably lose my license!

So, I hereby give up pursuing anything I don’t love out of fear. Coaching is what I love to do. It is my passion and it perfectly fulfills my Purpose (which is To teach people to love themselves). Starting now, I am going to spend my precious time doing what I love and focus solely on being the best Me I can be.

Now, instead of spending my weekends with my nose buried in a dry textbook, I vow to enjoy my leisure time to the max! Having ample money in the bank is very nice and we are very grateful for it…. And we must always remember that our success comes from consistently following our passions and our unique Purposes, not our fears.


What do you want for your life? My “job description” as a coach is simply this: I help you get what YOU want. I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation where together we’ll explore your big dreams and determine if coaching can assist you in reaching them. I have programs and coaching specialties for every need. Learn more at: or contact me at or toll free at 888-503-8145. Contact me TODAY to schedule a complimentary phone consultation!