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Reflections Exercise

To create a FRESH START for the New Year, it helps to take stock of what happened this past year. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on the past year, clear out the cobwebs, and start your New Year with a clean slate. This exercise holds you to account for your accomplishments and breakdowns in the following areas:

What Happened?
How Did You Contribute to What Happened?
What Did You Learn?

The exercise also offers you questions to consider for creating the year to come, giving you the opportunity to ignite your passion fuse and start the New Year off with a bang! Let’s Get Started!

Below is a list of questions. Write your answers in a journal or in a place where can refer back to them. You don’t have to complete the exercise in one sitting. It’s okay to complete it in stages.

Pick a time and a place where you can allow your heart, mind, body and spirit to be present to this exercise without distractions. Relax, take a few deep breaths and allow your answers to come without force. Listen to meditation music if that works for you.

If you get “stuck” on a particular question, move on. You can come back to it later. If particular questions don’t pertain to you, that’s okay…as long as you aren’t avoiding them. You may think of questions that don’t appear on the list – it’s okay to include them. The intention of this exercise is to EMPOWER you for the year to come. Don’t over-think or judge your answers. Just allow your Higher Self to be with whatever comes to you.

PART 1 – Questions to Complete the Year
1- What promises did I break to myself and others last year?
2- What did I do that did not work out?
3- What do I still resent or feel upset about from the past year? (Include people, circumstances, ways of being, etc.)
4- Who or what did I withhold love from during the past year? (Include you, other people, circumstances, ways of being, etc.)
5- What did I tolerate last year?
6- What do I wish I hadn’t wasted my time and energy on last year?
7- What do I wish I HAD expended my energy and time on but didn’t?
8- What do I wish I had accomplished last year but didn’t?
9- What word or phrase best describes last year?
10- On a scale of 1-10, what is my level of satisfaction with last year?

PART 2 – Questions for Acknowledgement and Acceptance
1- What promises did I keep to myself and others last year?
2- What accomplishments or milestones am I celebrating?
3- What is important about each of these accomplishments or milestones?
4- What did I have to overcome or break through?
5- What is possible for the future as a result of reaching these accomplishments or milestones?
6- What must I let go of in order to forgive myself and others?
7- What’s the most important lesson I learned last year? What’s important about that lesson?
8- What would I like to pat myself on the back for?
9- What would I like to be patted on the back for by others?
10- What am I thankful for regarding the year?

PART 3 – Questions for Creating Your New Year
1- To whom and what do I intend to express my love this year? (Include you, others, circumstances, etc.)
2- What do I intend to do differently this year? Who do I intend to become?
3- What would I most like to un-learn or eliminate from my life this year?
4- What new skills or practices do I intend to put into place this year? How would that make me feel?
5- What would I most like to learn or master? How would that make me feel?
6- What do I intend to accomplish this year that will matter most five years from now?
7- What successes would I like to achieve in the areas of:
 Financial Well Being?
 Health?
 Personal or Professional Relationships?
 Spirituality?
 Personal Growth and Development?
 Business or Career Growth?
 Community Service?
8- How will I celebrate these accomplishments?
9- What word or phrase best describes my intention for the coming year?
10- What else is present for me to complete, acknowledge or intend that I haven’t already said, acknowledged or intended?