“Service is the very purpose of life. It is the rent we pay for being on this planet.” – Marion Wright Edelman

Before I address this week’s topic, I want to thank everyone who sent me personal feedback on last week’s blog about Tolerations. Apparently, it really struck a nerve with many of you!   Most gratifying, many readers reported that they are already getting into ACTION on their Tolerations and feeling great about it!

Tolerations – things, people and situations you have been “putting up with” for some time that drain your physical, mental and emotional energy – can interfere with your ability to manifest the future you desire for yourself. Your 2014 Year Completion exercise helped you identify the valuable lessons you learned from the mistakes you believe you made last year, while the 2015 Year Creation exercise helped you identify exactly what you want out of THIS year.   Identifying the Tolerations that are in your PRESENT is the bridge between the two.

If you simply make a list of everything that’s currently bugging you and begin to work steadily at completing all your incomplete tasks, ending toxic relationships, getting out of commitments you don’t really care about, you will gradually open up a clean, clear energetic “space” for your NEW year to show up in – exactly the way you already imagined it on paper.   So I hope you will get to work on this pronto!

OK, now to today’s topic: As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.” When you give GOOD to others, the Universe will give GOOD to you in return.

First, I want to quote in its entirety today’s affirmation/positive message from The Daily Word, a wonderful little daily positive thinking tool published by the Unity church, because it sums this idea up so beautifully:

“[Today’s Affirmation:] I am appreciative, kind, and generous with others.

Today I live with the intention to express to others my generosity, kindness and appreciation.

I am grateful for the presence of my loved ones. I cherish the good moments and the difficulties that help us grow. As I appreciate others, I also feel better about myself.

Because I value others and myself, I am kind. In my thoughts and actions, I treat myself with gentleness, and I extend that kindness in my relationships. As I cultivate gentleness, my spirit expands. Out of kindness and appreciation for others, I am generous.   I take every opportunity to give of my time, talent and treasure. As I cultivate benevolence, I grow in the love of God.

[Scripture that was the inspiration for this affirmation:] You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God. – 2 Corinthians 9:11.”

I begin every coaching session by inviting my clients to do an energetic “clearing” by saying anything they need to say to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings, so they don’t clutter up the energetic “space” for our session – kind of like Tolerations do! I wish I had a dollar for every clearing that featured a complaint about another person – usually a family member, spouse, friend, business associate – i.e., someone who is emotionally close to them.

I acknowledge this as an observable fact: People close to us DO behave badly sometimes and it DOES hurt or annoy us. But the amount of time and energy we expend being angry and/or feeling hurt by what someone else says, does or even (we imagine) thinks about us is amazing! Unfortunately, that is purely negative energy that we are holding inside our mind, body and spirit. The energy WE feel and exude into the world is what comes back to US as “like energy.” That’s the Law of Attraction (or karma) in a nutshell: You get back from the Universe exactly what you give.

Whatever another person did or didn’t do that we judge they should or shouldn’t have can have NO lasting impact on US – unless we allow it to. Unless we invite it in with our hurt feelings, blame, judgments and Tolerations. One of the Four Agreements (an incredibly powerful and helpful self-coaching book that I highly recommend) by Don Miguel Ruiz is “Don’t Take Anything Personally.”   Ruiz asserts that if you can master not taking personally ANYTHING someone else says or does, you will live a life of “Heaven on Earth.” Nothing anyone else does or says will have the power to hurt you.

That’s true even if they were purposely TRYING to hurt you! The negative energy someone else directs toward YOU will come back to bite them via the Law of Attraction. Only if you meet their negativity with your own negative reaction will you draw negative circumstances to your own life. Evil does seem to have the upper hand sometimes, but it can never last. Positive energy is stronger than negative energy, so kindness, truth and generosity will eventually prevail — IF your thoughts, feelings and actions remain positive toward yourself and others.

How the Law of Attraction works is simple, if not always easy to carry out: If you want MORE prosperity, happiness and kindness to come to YOU, you must first GIVE them to others. One of my favorite coaching tools and personal daily practices is keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal, where I list 10 things I am grateful for in my life right now.   Many of them involve other people who are in my life. After I acknowledge my GRATITUDE for the ways they have blessed me, I always send THEM an energetic blessing that they, too, will have a great day filled with love, health and prosperity.

Whenever an opportunity arises to help someone else with my time, treasure or talents, I do my best to ACT on it. That doesn’t mean I always put others’ projects, commitments and requests ahead of my own. It means that IF I can help someone else, I will do so. And invariably, whatever good I do for someone else comes back to me – usually greatly multiplied!

One of the ways I routinely try to use my time and talents to assist others is by offering free one-hour phone coaching sessions to anyone who sincerely WANTS help with an important problem or goal in their life. In the hour we spend coaching together, I strive to deeply listen to them (allowing them to clear/release their negative feelings about themselves and others), understand their point of view (without judging them), and then offer any advice or resources I know they could use to help themselves.

Obviously, I hope many of my “free session clients” will want to hire me to coach them on an ongoing basis. This is how I make my living, after all. But I would say between one-quarter to one-third of them either don’t want to make the time and/or accountability commitment or believe they cannot make the financial investment at the moment to enable them to reach their goals. That is perfectly fine with me.   My belief is that this is the most valuable service I can offer the Universe as my “rent” for the happy, healthy and purposeful life I am blessed to live.

The funny thing is, though, that ALL these free sessions come back to bless me in some way. At the very least, I feel good about making a difference for a stranger I will probably never speak to again.   And it always sharpens my listening/coaching skills to try to help someone significantly in just one hour. The more I coach, the better I coach! But the prosperity benefits that have come back to me by serving strangers in this small way have been amazing, too, as some of my wonderful long-term clients came to me via referrals from someone I spent just one hour coaching long ago.

If you simply do whatever Good you can for those who need it – especially love, understanding and forgiveness and ESPECIALLY for your loved ones – that positive energy will always come back to bless YOU as well — exactly where, when and how you need it. That is the Law of Attraction in its most wonderful, magical form!

RECOMMENDATION: Check out Don Miguel Ruiz, Four Agreements and much more at: http://www.miguelruiz.com

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