“The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

This blog is the 200th I have written. Time does fly when you are having fun! I published my first Cup of Caroll in 2008 and after writing about 100, I took a prolonged, but necessary, break and re-started it with fresh enthusiasm in March 2013.

Before I share this week’s topic, I must pause and sincerely thank my cherished readers for your loyalty and for passing the blog along to your many friends, family members and colleagues. I may never meet you personally, but I strive to contribute to your success and happiness in my own small way.

This summer there has been a major increase in readership, so I thought my newer readers might like to know some “fun facts” about A Cup of Caroll:

  • It takes me about four hours to write, edit and publish each blog. I usually do this on Saturday afternoon, right before Sunday’s publication. Sometimes I have only a vague idea (or no idea) of what I’m going to write about until I sit down in front of the computer.
  • The wide-ranging topics come from three main sources: Books, articles and other resources I have found useful and think my readers will also find helpful; my own experiences; and my clients’ experiences.
  • I require that all my current coaching clients read the blog. This is not due to vanity, but because the topics provide essential information about how to make their lives more purposeful, joyful, successful and prosperous. I cannot possibly share the same life lesson with forty different clients each week! Most of my clients say reading the blog is like getting a bonus coaching session each week.
  • Over 400 readers currently subscribe to this free blog. I am very happy to know that it also gives people who are not my clients the same useful information for manifesting their Big Goals and living a fulfilling life as my paying clients receive. This is part of my mission to pay forward all the invaluable training and support I have been blessed to receive from masterful authors, coaches, mentors and teachers throughout my life.
  • In an effort to walk my talk, I now publish the blog three Sundays each month, instead of weekly. I coach my clients that it is essential to take at least ONE DAY OFF each week, in order to balance work and precious family time and “Me” time. A refreshed, relaxed mind is a much more productive mind!

Now to this week’s blog topic, which came to me courtesy of a client who is struggling with mounting negative feelings about her “day job” and the perceived lack of support she gets from her husband, as she strives to build a financially and emotionally rewarding career in network marketing.

The more enthusiastic she gets about her new business, the more she resents her current job. She finds it stressful and unfulfilling, and believes it steals precious hours and energy she could be devoting to her new business. Nevertheless, her current reality is that her new business is not yet able to pay all the bills and support her family. Her impatience has also led her to resent her husband for not doing more to help her escape the shackles of her day job.

Fortunately, she recognizes that her feelings toward her day job and her husband are adversely affecting her new business. It’s impossible to compartmentalize our thoughts and feelings (AKA our “energy”), no matter how hard we try. Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is always at work, causing “energy to attract like energy.” If she feels resentful, impatient and worried about other aspects of her life, her negative energy will inevitably attract more people and circumstances that will make her feel the same way. And wonderful prospective customers and business partners will subliminally register her negative energy and be repelled, rather than attracted, by it.

My client asked me what she could do to transform her negative feelings about her current work and her husband’s apparent lack of drive. Here are the suggestions I gave her:

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever we focus our attention/energy on will grow stronger. Focusing on what you hate about your current situation is only going to give you more to hate. Focus instead on vividly imagining (visualizing) what you WANT your life to be like when you reach your Big Goal. That will put the Law of Attraction to work for you – calling in the right people, resources and ideas to make it happen faster.
  • Constantly remind yourself that your current situation is only temporary. My client has already attracted a serious business builder to her Team who is off to a flying start. If she simply continues to support this Fast Starter and share the business opportunity with as many people as possible, she will attract MORE Fast Starters and her business will begin to gain momentum.   She can’t know exactly when it will be ready for “lift off,” but it could be much sooner than she expects.   Trust that everything is working out just as it should and believe that Divine Timing is always perfect timing!
  • Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life right now. Whatever we are grateful for expands. If we want MORE good things to come to us, we have to express gratitude for what we have right NOW. If you are grateful for the one dollar you have in your wallet, you will soon attract ten, a hundred, a thousand more. If you say, “All I’ve got is one lousy dollar! I’ll never have enough,” you are telling God/the Universe, “Money obviously makes me unhappy, so please don’t send me any more!”
  • The fastest, easiest way to feel happier about what you have in your life right now is to get out a blank page and list everything you can think of to be grateful for about your job, your home, your significant other whatever or whomever you are currently unhappy with. This allows you to stand back from the situation and realize that there are many more GOOD things about it than bad. Even the negative aspects are actually positives because they can help you develop the skills and strengths necessary to get what you really want.
  • So, I recommended that my client list 50 things she was grateful for about her current job – e.g., it pays the bills, sends her kids to school, puts a roof over her and her family’s heads, puts food on the table, introduces her to good people (and possible new business prospects!), etc. etc. etc. She can be grateful that her current job has provided everything she has needed up to now, and when she is 100% ready, her new career will provide even MORE of what she desires and deserves. (Oh, and I told her to list 50 things she is grateful for about her husband, too.)

I know that my client is 100% coachable and committed to succeeding in her new business. Therefore, I expect her to take on this assignment with gusto. If she does, I predict that she will discover MORE than 50 things to appreciate about her job and her husband. Most of my clients who have done this exercise report that once they start, they get on a roll and can’t stop at just 50 gratitudes! (One who was incarcerated for a time sent me a list of 100 things he was grateful for – in prison! He is now free, and happily building a productive life and serving as a great role model for his young son.)

If my client does this exercise, she will be channeling positive energy toward her great NEW business opportunity and feeling renewed love and appreciation for her precious family. In recognizing how very blessed her life is right NOW, she is putting the Law of Attraction to work for her and doing something very practical and powerful to help her reach her Big Goal with maximum speed and ease!

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