“The effects of kindness are not always seen immediately. Sometimes it takes years until your kindness will pay off, and is returned to you. And sometimes you never see the fruits of your labors, but they are there, deep inside of the soul of the one you touched.” – Dan Kelly

In the last blog, we looked at the importance of encouraging and validating others to believe in themselves and their worth. You have a great impact on your friends, family, colleagues and especially your children when you make them feel valued.

Now, I’d like to remind you of YOUR value. If you don’t feel valued or validated by others, take a look at how much you are valuing YOURSELF. The psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw once said, “We teach others how to treat us.” Are your words and actions teaching others to treat you as valuable… or are they diminishing your own worth in their eyes?

You are inherently valuable because you are unique and special. Nobody else on the planet can do exactly what YOU do or give the same gifts to the world that YOU do. There would be an empty spot in every single life you have touched if you weren’t here. Therefore, not only does your life matter, it is essential.

Whenever you do some small kindness for another person – listening to them, encouraging them, standing up for them, lending them a hand, teaching them something you know – you are making a difference in the world and your value increases even more.

Rev. Arlene of Unity of Aliso Viejo put it beautifully in her weekly email message from July 13, 2015:

“I was talking to a friend recently and he said that since everything eventually dies, maybe our true purpose was to be born and then to die. I thought, ‘What a depressing thought.’ I said that even though we all die, it is what we do with the life we have that matters. 

The importance of lives such as Jesus, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. was not that they died but what they did when they lived. We may not make such a difference in the world as people like this, but we can make a difference. If we have made other lives better just by being in their life, then we have not lived in vain. The number of our years is not what matters but how we spend the years we have. 

The reason I love the movie It’s a Wonderful Life is because it is about how one man in a small town made a difference in the lives of those who knew him. His life mattered, not because of awards he won, or wealth he acquired, or even because of becoming famous; his life mattered because he cared about others, treated others equally and led a life of integrity, kindness and compassion. 

Never think you do not matter. Every day, you make a difference in someone’s life by just being the best you can be. That is what is important, that is what makes a real difference in the world, and that is what people will remember.” 

So never doubt for one moment that you are valuable. You are, in fact, PRICELESS because you make a difference for others by sharing with them your own unique gifts, ideas, talents and opportunities.

As you value yourself, so will others value you, and your kindness and caring will return to bless you many times over.

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