“Make it a habit to tell people thank you — To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.  Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you.  Truly appreciate life and you’ll find that you have more of it.” – Ralph Marston

[This slightly-edited blog first ran in 2014.  I give this incredibly powerful prosperity tip to all my Personal Success Coaching clients, and I want to share it with YOU, too!]

Feeling grateful is my habitual way of being, but that wasn’t always so.

It came from consciously following a daily practice that has greatly increased both my joy and the level of material abundance in my life. When I began it years ago, there was much more fear than gratitude inside of me.

Soon after my wonderful husband Rick and I bought our big expensive Dream Home in late 2006, the national real estate bubble burst with a vengeance.  Our home’s value plummeted by hundreds of thousands of dollars and my Realtor husband’s income evaporated overnight. At the same time, many of my clients had to quit coaching because their incomes also had been decimated by the Great Recession.

For months, I regularly woke up around 3 AM with a cold wave of fear engulfing me as I lay next to my sleeping husband thinking, “What if we lose our house?  Could we end up living in our car like the people on the evening news? Would our friends let us sleep on their couch?  What will happen to our beloved pets?”  I lay there envisioning the Worst Case Scenario in living color until the alarm clock finally went off. Then I would drag myself out of bed and try to put on a happy face for my family and my clients, but inside I was terrified.

Because of my faith and my coaching training, I knew the antidote to fear was to change my thoughts.  So I began to study every book and audio about prosperity that I could get my hands on. The consistent message coming to me from all the Master Manifesters was “Be grateful.”  That seemed like a real stretch, given our bleak circumstances and the predicted length of the Great Recession.

One day, I was watching Oprah interview Sarah Ban Brethnach, the author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.  Sarah recommended that the path to greater abundance started with keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal. Oprah enthusiastically endorsed the practice, saying that it had changed her life.  Well, Oprah was already one of the richest people on the planet, so that got my attention. What could possibly make her life better?

Oprah said that writing down five things she felt grateful for in a Gratitude Journal every day changed her life because it made her notice all the GOOD things in her life, big and small.  On a challenging day when she was feeling discouraged or stressed, she had to really pay attention because she knew she would have to come up with five things that she was thankful for at the end of the day!  Keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal made her aware that we are all so blessed to have a life we often take for granted.

That got me thinking about all that I was taking for granted in my own life: My loving, healthy family and pets, an abundance of material comforts like indoor plumbing, a refrigerator full of food, electricity, a microwave, washer and dryer, clean running water, etc. etc. etc. And most of all, we are blessed with personal freedoms that billions of other people don’t enjoy. I was living a modest middle-class lifestyle that would be considered royalty in most of world!

Then I understood the Prosperity Secret that Oprah knew: All I really needed in my life was more GRATITUDE for what I already have, instead of worrying about what’s lacking. We know that what we focus on expands. I was focusing on lack, so I was attracting more LACK into my life.  If I wanted to experience more PROSPERITY, I needed to focus on all the wonderful blessings I had in my life right NOW!

I started a Daily Gratitude Journal that very day. But I write down 10 things I’m thankful for each day because it’s hard to stop at five! My husband and I also began saying “grace” together before our evening meal, giving thanks to God for the specific blessings we are present to right NOW.

Slowly but surely, with a lot of Divine guidance, we began working through every single financial challenge we faced — settling five years of back taxes, discharging a bankruptcy, recovering from losing one car and two houses. Along the way, our family never missed a meal, paid a bill late or spent one night without our own roof over our heads.

Now, my husband’s real estate business is flourishing again, my coaching practice is nearly full and we are experiencing greater financial abundance and personal happiness today than the day we married nine years ago.

One of the clearest explanations of the very real power of GRATITUDE to create more good in your life is found in Felicia Blanco Searcy’s wonderful book Do Greater Things: Following in Jesus’ Footsteps. She writes: 

“…physicists have shown that there are a multitude of possibilities available to us at any given moment. All options are there at once, waiting for us to decide where we will put our focus, which then determines which possibility will manifest. 

…Gratitude opens us to the possibility that anything can happen.  It increases our capacity to entertain other options even if we can’t begin to see how they might happen.  It gives us a renewed sense of hope and brings our focus back to the possibility that things will turn out well. 

As we focus on what is good in our lives, we bring the favorable possibility out from the shadows into the light of day.  We clothe the desired choice and make it real with our thoughts and feelings.  As we focus on gratitude, or appreciation, we give God the space to bring about other possibilities that are beyond our human understanding or imaginings.” 

If you aren’t keeping a Daily Gratitude Journal, I highly recommend starting yours today. Take it from Oprah (and me), your life will never be the same!

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“Cherish your imagination.  It will create an ocean of possibilities, and lead to unexpected places.” –Barb Mayer

On Oscar Sunday (focused on my favorite television event of the year), I thought it appropriate to discuss the incredible power of the human imagination and give you a couple of tools to put yours to work making your dreams come true.

The first simple tool you can use to put the Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) into action using your imagination is visualization.  This technique has been used extensively in the sports world for decades. Coaches teach it to their players as a mental aid to improving their athletic performance, in addition to the physical practice they must perform to hone their skills.

It’s simple to do.  Just close your eyes and use your “mind’s eye” to see yourself doing something you want to do in the real world.  If you want to take a dream vacation to tropical paradise, see yourself on the white sands, with palm trees around you and crystal blue water stretching out to the horizon.

Don’t limit your imagination to just the sense of sight, though. The point of visualizing is to convince your subconscious mind that you really ARE on the tropical island of your dreams. So you have to engage all of your senses. Imagine what the warm breeze feels like on your skin. How would the salty air smell ?  What would the waves lapping the shore sound like? What would that tropical drink you are holding taste like?

One important caveat: Be sure you are imagining the scenario the way your subconscious mind experiences the REAL world – from inside your body, looking out through your eyeballs.  If you imagine the scene as though are watching a movie of yourself doing these things, that’s exactly what your subconscious will conclude it is – just a movie you are watching, instead of your “reality.”

The more vividly you can conjure up the scene in your imagination, the more completely your literal-minded subconscious mind will be fooled into thinking it is real.  Then it will go to work trying to figure out ways to make it a reality in your life. It’s easiest for it to do this when you are asleep because that’s the one time your subconscious mind has 100% free rein, without the interference of your conscious mind to tell it “This is a trick!” 

The late, great Master Manifester, Dr. Wayne Dyer, asserted that whatever you fall asleep thinking about, your subconscious mind will go to work on during the next four hours of sleep. Everything you have ever learned, heard, read, seen or experienced is stored deep in the vault of your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind can’t access most of this deeply-stored information, but if you give your unfettered subconscious mind a vivid mental blueprint of what you want, it will work like a dedicated little Minion, diving into the vault containing all that information and experience to “connect the dots” in creative new ways that can make your imagined scenarios a reality. They usually come to you as unexpected, inspired ideas during your waking hours.

Isn’t it more productive to set your powerful inner Minion working on how to get you to a tropical paradise, rather than running over the laundry list of regrets from today and worries about tomorrow that most people fall asleep thinking about?  Here’s another bonus: My coaching clients who fall asleep visualizing themselves driving the car of their dreams, enjoying a luxury retreat with their huge, successful business Team, walking across the stage to applause or taking a family dream vacation report feeling more relaxed and sleeping more deeply. That alone is reason enough to try this technique!

The second fun and effective tool you can use to harness the limitless power of your imagination is a Vision Board or Dream Board. Think of it as a “still picture” version of visualizing that can be used in place of or in addition to the “mind movie” technique. Around early January, many of my clients like to have Vision Board parties with their network marketing teammates to create their current dreams together.

To build your Vision Board, simply get a large piece of whiteboard from the stationery store and cover it with pictures of things you would love to be, do and have. You can add inspiring words, such as “Limitless,” “Freedom,” “Abundance,” “Adventure,“ “Wealth” or “Leader” and beautiful pictures from internet sites like Pinterest or glossy magazines about travel or luxury living. For about $1 a week, you can subscribe to the Robb Report and continuously visualize living like the Rich and Famous — and eventually you will!

Recently, I had my own delightful demonstration of the power of a picture to seep into my subconscious mind and make my heartfelt desires a reality.  I don’t have a full Dream Board on the wall of my office, but I do have some beautiful pictures of two of my favorite things — Hawaiian beaches and horses.

When I was in elementary school, I used to ride a friend’s horse every day after school and I’ve been horse crazy ever since. I long ago gave up the idea of owning a horse, realizing the cost and commitment were more than I wanted to take on. We are fortunate to live just a few blocks from a stable, and whenever I pass by, I watch the horses in the arena and affirm aloud that God/The Universe is right now working on fulfilling my dream of being able to ride a horse whenever I want to.

Not surprisingly, I chose a horse-themed calendar for my office. February’s picture shows two beautiful all-white mares — mother and daughter rescues.  I stare at this picture every day for hours as I coach my clients on the phone.

As Valentine’s Day approached, I was driving along the freeway close to home and saw a huge white tent with a big sign that said “Cavalia,” which is like Cirque du Soleil, but with horses as well as humans performing graceful and amazing physical feats. This incredible show has been on my Bucket List for many years, but either we couldn’t afford the pricey tickets during the Great Recession or the traveling show wasn’t close enough to be practical to attend.

Now, it was five minutes away, so as soon as I got home, I went on the website and bought two tickets to give to Rick as his surprise Valentine’s gift.  We went on Valentine’s weekend and it was magical — everything we hoped it would be.

Unbeknownst to me, Rick also chose a horse-themed surprise Valentine’s gift for ME: a trail ride for two amidst the rolling green hills and live oaks of a 200-acre regional park near us. I had never been to that park and didn’t know it contained public stables or I would have suggested it long ago!

This past Friday afternoon, Rick and I took our one-hour trail ride — just the two of us and our lovely guide, Melissa. When she took us to the corral to meet our mounts, Rick was assigned Marley, a big brown gelding.  Then she introduced me to a mare named Whisper and I broke into a big smile because she is all-white, just like the two mares on the calendar I have been staring at all month.

We had a great time and have vowed to return to ride at least monthly. I’m even considering taking riding lessons. God/the Universe delivered my life-long dream of being able to ride a horse whenever I want to in a way I would be sure to recognize and appreciate – through the power of visualization!

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“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens….not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.” – Anonymous

Yesterday, my wonderful husband Rick and I spent our monthly “Big Kids’ Play Day” at the Happiest Place on Earth. The sun was shining, lovely flowers and trees were blooming, birds were chirping and Spring was in the air.  My soul felt a renewed lightness in these joyful surroundings and I felt more grateful than ever that we live so close to Disneyland that we can go whenever we want to “lighten up.”

You don’t have to remind little kids to lighten up. They are all about play, fun and using their imaginations to find adventure everywhere they go.  As we stood in line for the Storybook Land canal boats, Rick chatted with a small boy whose shirt was covered with  buttons proclaiming that he was celebrating both his first visit to Disneyland AND his birthday.  It didn’t take much coaxing for him to excitedly relate all the rides he had been on and the ones he was still looking forward to.  Some of the adults in line looked tired and frazzled, but there was not one iota of resignation, worry or negative energy in that little boy.

This got me thinking about some of my clients who seem to struggle with how to lighten up.  They take their Big Goals very seriously, and sometimes feel frustrated when things don’t seem to be progressing fast enough or according to their own plan.

I understand, believe me.  For five years during the Great Recession and its aftermath, I had to work hard every single day to release heavy feelings of fear, worry, disappointment and frustration that my coaching practice was just barely surviving and Rick’s real estate business seemed dead in the water.

When I couldn’t see any visible progress being made, what enabled me to face each day in a positive frame of mind was my faith that God/the Universe was on my side and that if I just kept doing my BEST, the solutions would come at the right time and in the perfect way.  Even when we can’t see it with our eyes, we have to keep the faith that there is progress being made  behind the scenes.  I kept reminding myself that the “How” is up to God/the Universe and MY job was simply to stay positive, stay alert  for Divine direction, and be grateful for every good thing in my life.

Despite our shoestring budget, Rick and I made it a priority during those tough years to keep up the monthly payments on our Annual Passes and take at least one day each month to play at Disneyland and to regularly do other things that made us happy. We knew that by “lightening up” – focusing only on the positive and choosing to be happy, no matter what our circumstances were — we would attract the people and resources we needed to turn our financial situation around. Eventually, that’s just what happened. One friend’s referral led to another and another, and without warning or build-up, both my coaching practice and Rick’s real estate business took off at the same time and haven’t stopped growing since.

If they feel a sense of frustration that their dreams are not manifesting as fast as they would like, I tell my clients that they must lighten up — letting go of all heavy energy produced by worry, frustration and discouragement and revving up the light energy of joy and gratitude.

The Law of Attraction says that “energy attracts like energy.” If you are pursuing your goals with grim determination, attachment and clenched teeth, what kind of people and situations do you think you are going to attract into your life?

If you want to attract what and who you want more quickly and easily, the first step is to express sincere GRATITUDE for all the wonderful things God/the Universe has put in your life thus far.  Expressing gratitude for all the good we have attracts even MORE of those things to us.

Next, you must create a genuine positive, light energy that will make you a magnet for the people and serendipitous resources that will help you reach your goals.  One of my former clients recently discovered how well this approach works.

Before our coaching, she struggled with feelings of anxiety, stress and frustration about the pace at which she was building her network marketing business. She didn’t enjoy her business the way she did her day job. I encouraged her to stop pushing to try to make things happen and instead to go with the flow and allow God/the Universe to bring the “How” to her.  I suggested she approach her network marketing business the same way she did her day job – with a feeling of relaxed confidence in her own skills and true joy at being of service to others.

We completed our coaching and I didn’t hear from her for a couple of months. Recently, I got this email, proving to me that she has mastered the art of reaching her goals with grace and ease:

“Hi, Caroll:  I’m really excited and had to share.  I feel things are really shifting for me: my attitude is positive and non-attached to the outcome.  I’m getting things done quickly. I’m getting things done with ease.  I’m contacting more people, talking to more people, scheduling more appointments and I’m headed toward month-end without my usual anxiety….

I’m continuing to read my [Daily Success] Script two times daily and listening to The Power [by Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret.]   Is this how it normally goes for your clients? That it just kind of ‘kicks in’? It feels very different this time and I’m feeling momentum in my team, too.”

Here’s one simple but powerful way you can rev up YOUR positive energy: If you aren’t currently taking at least one full day off from ALL work each week, I highly recommend you begin doing so. Taking regular breaks to engage in self-care, play and activities you enjoy with people you enjoy will actually make you MORE productive and help you reach your goals faster.  It’s time to shake off the winter doldrums and lighten up!

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January 10, 2016

“Words are like seeds. When you speak something out, you give life to what you are saying. If you continue to say it, eventually that can become a reality…You are prophesying your future…Your life will move in the direction of your words.” – Joel Osteen

I hope you are working on creating your 2016 just the way you want it to go!  In the last blog, I gave you a format for “prophesying your future” that my clients and I have been using every January since I began coaching over 11 years ago.  I would say that, on average, the things I have declared in each of my Year Creations have come true about 80% of the time — far better odds than winning The Lottery!

My 2015 Year Creation had some items in it that I had been wanting to manifest for years, including my first trip to Orlando to experience all the Disney Florida parks in a magical week with Rick’s and my dear friends. They invited us to share their Disney Vacation Club luxury two-bedroom suite at no cost, and we would just pay for our own transportation, food and activities.

I had first listed that trip in my 2014 Year Creation, but a few months into the year, when we would have to start planning in earnest and buy our plane tickets, our friends told us that they had another trip they wanted to take that Fall, so they were going to postpone their Orlando trip until 2015.

That is when I got a lesson about “Divine Timing” always being the perfect timing.  When you list your heart’s desires for the year, you are simply giving God/The Universe and your subconscious mind an idea of when you would be willing to receive them.  Having a target to aim for is a GOOD thing.

But you can’t be attached to your own timing. I believe that God/The Universe always has the Big Picture view and knows things about our individual paths and futures that we don’t. So it is important for you to stay positive about your desires and not be disappointed if something doesn’t happen when you thought it should.  You must simply stay committed to your goal and continue to believe that everything is working out behind the scenes for your very Highest Good.

At first, we were actually relieved that our friends didn’t want to go in the Fall of 2014, because early in the year, Rick’s real estate business still had not recovered from the Great Recession.  He didn’t have much business at the time, and we weren’t sure we should spend a big chunk of our savings on a vacation.

As it turned out, Divine Timing was absolutely perfect, as always. Rick’s business took off in the second half of the year and he had so many deals going at once, we would have had the money for the trip but there was no way he could have taken 10 days off from his business at that critical time. So, I simply forwarded my “October dream trip to Orlando” request to my 2015 Year Creation and it unfolded smoothly and perfectly when the time came.

On New Year’s Eve, as I was writing my 2016 Year Creation, I was delighted to see that almost everything I had asked for last year had manifested. There was only ONE thing I thought I had missed out on, and it was the most important item I wanted — a new car.  Rick’s Ford Explorer was repossessed five years ago during the Great Recession, with just 5 months left until it would have been paid off. It had been his primary business vehicle for taking clients out to see properties, and we were forced to share my 2002 VW Passat for both personal and business driving.

Although we were very grateful that my Passat was paid off, and very grateful that it has been reliable all this time, it was still inconvenient to try to jockey our schedules around sharing one car and by 2015, it was definitely beginning to show its age. So, with great faith, I had put a new car in my 2015 Year Creation, trusting that it would manifest at what seemed like the right time for our need.

But by December, we still had not decided on exactly what make and model we wanted and I thought we had not saved up quite enough for a down payment on the type of high-end vehicle we wanted Rick to have for his business driving. I wanted to be sure that the car we chose would be a keeper and something we could comfortably afford to make monthly payments on for the next four or five years.

On New Year’s Eve, I was still waiting for my Inner Guidance to kick in and direct us to the perfect car at the perfect time.  I admit I was a little disappointed that we weren’t ready to buy something and take advantage of the year-end sales.  But I quickly got back into my belief that it WOULD happen at the perfect time and in the perfect way, just as the Orlando trip had.

Little did I know that our “car miracle” would come just 24 hours later!

A couple of days earlier, Rick was at our local VW dealership to get a light bulb fixed in our Passat. To amuse himself while he waited, he walked around the lot. That’s when he spotted a beautiful 2013 black Passat with cream interior that looked new but was listed at about HALF of what a new 2015 would cost.

Although we had been discussing a completely different make and type of new vehicle, when Rick got home, he mentioned the 2013 Passat . Today’s version is much bigger and more luxurious than the lightly used 2002 Passat I had been happy to purchase in 2004. And the low-mileage, beautiful 2013 he saw seemed like such a good deal, he thought maybe we should consider it.

So, on New Year’s Day, we went to the lot again and approached the black Passat with cream interior that was parked in the same spot.  Only it wasn’t the same car.  It was a 2014, a year newer and with just 10,000 miles on it, instead of the 30,000 on the 2013 he had seen.  And it was listed for just $4,000 more than the 2013 vehicle.

Before we knew it, we were on a test drive that felt completely right to both of us, and then we were filling out the credit application, putting down a much smaller down payment than I had imagined we would need, and at a much lower interest rate and monthly payment than I had thought we would have. Once again, God/The Universe knew best!  And this time it was Rick’s Inner Guidance that prodded him to go to the dealership and walk around the lot when he did.

Once again, I was reminded that if a heartfelt goal is delayed, it simply means that something EVEN better than I had been imagining is on its way. Divine Timing always works effortlessly and perfectly – if you will simply trust and follow the nudges of your own subconscious mind that is constantly listening to the directional whispers of the Divine Mind.

NOTE: The blog will be off next Sunday. Enjoy your Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, and A Cup of Caroll will return on January 24. If you haven’t yet written your own 2016 Year Creation, I hope you will soon, so that all the good things you want to have in your life this year can begin to manifest!

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“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. – Edith Lovejoy Pierce, poet

 “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

In the last blog of 2015, we discussed the importance of completing your OLD year before you can create your NEW year.  Once you have laid to rest any lingering resentments, incompletions and regrets over what did or didn’t happen for you last year, you are ready to create an even better new year for yourself.

I have been doing a New Year Creation exercise every year since 2004. I can’t say every year turned out exactly the way I had envisioned in every area of my life. Still, as I re-read each New Year’s Eve what I had set out to create, I was amazed to find that despite some very difficult challenges, much of what I truly wanted did come true.  Whatever turned out differently than what I created in each of those years, I had faith would ultimately bring me my highest good because that’s the way God/the Universe works!

By the way, if you haven’t yet completed the “Relfections Exercise” that my coaching colleage, Sue Koch, and I designed to help you powerfully complete the old year, identify your Big Lessons from it, and create the mental and emotional space for a year of new manifestations, please take all the time you need to finish it before you begin this next exercise. See blog 217 at


Once you have gotten complete with the old, you are ready for a brand new year of creating your life to be just the way YOU want it to be!  Every January, my coaching clients use this very effective technique for creating their year on their own terms, rather than passively waiting to see how it all “turns out.” You CAN ask for what you want – and get it!

STEP ONE: Create a “theme” for the year. How would you like this year show to up in your life?  Make it catchy so you can remember it on a daily basis. Last year, my theme was “2015: The Year of Limitless Abundance.”  I am happy to say that it turned out exactly like that! My coaching practice was nearly full and my husband’s real estate business did well too. On the first day of 2016, we were able to purchase our first new car together. My theme for the new year is “2016: The Year of Effortless Expansion” because I want to share the simple principles that have helped me to create my own prosperity with MORE people than ever before. 

STEP TWO: Create a list of attributes to describe how YOU want to show up for the world this year. State it in the present tense, as though it’s ALREADY a fact. Here’s my current one: “In 2016, I am a richly-rewarded Messenger of Limitless Prosperity and Possibility: Irresistible, Confident, Peaceful, Joyous, Patient, a Good Listener, Loving and Giving. I attract Effortlessly WHO I AM and EVERYTHING I want and need.” 

By declaring who you are in writing, you will begin to become this person. And these qualities and attributes will attract to you “who you are” and “everything you want.”  As the Law of Attraction, states, “Energy attracts like energy.”  So whatever you cultivate in yourself will show up in those who will be attracted to you – in business, friendship, relationship – everywhere!

STEP THREE: List the main areas of life that are important to you.  Then simply state what you intend to have show up in each area this year.  Remember, you do not have to know how you are going to get those outcomes!  Each dream you list is simply a declaration to God/the Universe that this is what you WANT – stated in the present tense, as though it’s already happened.  It’s up to God/the Universe to figure out the HOW. It’s your job to quietly listen for Divine direction and then take ACTION.

Last year, one of my clients created the clearest, most powerful and graceful Year Creation I have ever read – all on a single page, which is much shorter than my own!  (And most of her personal dreams came true as well!) With her permission, I share it again as an example of what the format looks like when complete.

Remember, the areas of life she created her own dreams in are the most important to HER; yours may be in different areas, which is perfectly fine. If you see something you would like too, feel free to “borrow” it for your own!

2015 – My Year of Gentle Strength

I am a strong athlete, tender and caring friend, and open-hearted leader. I am creative, expressive and joyful. I feel and speak my truth. I am grateful, resilient and committed to my well-being.  

Health and Well-being:

I am strong and healthy.  I revel in the joy of moving and challenging my body.  I run, swim, cycle, lift weights and do yoga with passion, as these things make me fully alive. I treat myself with gentle love, accepting what my body needs and can do on any given day. I eat whole, real foods that nourish me and provide me with optimal health. I give thanks for my healthy body.


I have a comforting spiritual practice that allows me to build a beautiful connection with God.  Through regular prayer, gratitude and reflection, I allow God’s will to be my guide.


I am grateful for a fulfilling marriage and friendship with my husband.  We appreciate our time spent together, especially when we are separated geographically. We love, honor and respect one another and the gift of building our marriage and sharing experiences together.


I have a fulfilling and rewarding job that allows me to use my leadership skills.  I have a steady income that continues to grow.  I maintain a healthy balance between challenging work and my personal life, allowing me to nurture myself on many levels for overall health. As part of my self-care journey I balance time for work and time for home.


I comfortably attract abundance into my life.  I earn enough steady income to feel a sense of peace about our life.  I ask for what I want and need with confidence and a strong sense of self-worth.


I live a life that seeks and celebrates balance.  I nurture many parts of myself so that I may flourish. I pray and meditate daily, I capture my profound gratitude in my journal and I connect with my inner wisdom to live each day at the pace and intensity that is right for me.  I treat myself with kindness, compassion, and unconditional love. I feel lightness in my every day being.


I am surrounded by a small circle of loving friends who accept me for who I am, support me, and teach me what I need to learn.  We want only the best for each other. I see them for socializing regularly.


Our home is filled with nourishing sunlight and love.  It is open, warm and welcoming.  It comforts and sustains me and is where I find peace and love. It provides beauty and safety for our family. 

What matters most to YOU right now? 

In this exercise, all you have to do is ASK God/the Universe for it and BELIEVE it will show up for you at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Some of my clients like to read their Year Creation daily or weekly. I read mine just a few times during the year, to stay connected to it. But you could put yours away in a drawer and not take it out until next New Years — and you will be amazed that your own subconscious mind has been conspiring with the Divine Mind behind the scenes to create opportunities for you to make your Big Dreams real. That’s the Law of Attraction in action. So don’t delay! The BEST year of your life to date is just waiting for you to create it.

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“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.” – John Wesley 

I hope 2015 has been a wonderful year so far for you and yours, as it has been for my family — a year of fulfillment, abundance, adventure and opportunity. But perhaps it hasn’t been so wonderful, as you may have experienced a profound loss, health challenge, financial deprivation or worry that someone that you love is grappling with a serious illness or addiction.

Whatever you are experiencing, I am confident that you know you are still profoundly blessed. Just living in Western Civilization affords us personal freedoms, security, comfort and economic opportunity far beyond what most of the rest of humanity enjoys. Simply having a roof and four walls, potable water, indoor plumbing, electricity and food in the refrigerator makes us look like royalty to billions of people who share our planet.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching in the USA, I want to share one simple idea that can make this a joyful time, regardless of your present circumstances: Pay it Forward. 

Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, also wrote a book called The Magic, which asserts that GRATITUDE is the most powerful positive emotion we can feel. Being grateful for whatever you have now puts the Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) into action to attract MORE of what you love to you. This book teaches many, many ways to rev up your capacity for gratitude and attract more good into your life.

But there is a step beyond simply feeling grateful that can make your life overflow with abundance. Putting your gratitude into ACTION proves your commitment and faith that unlimited good is on its way to you from God/The Universe. This Thanksgiving is the perfect time to go beyond simply saying a special grace at the table. However big or small your current resources, you can actively DO something to bless someone, which will inevitably bless you as well.

Yesterday, Rick and I went to Starbucks for breakfast. I only had a few minutes before I needed to start walking in order to get back home in time for my first coaching call. I now realize that by distractedly checking my watch and focusing on what was coming next in my day, I was missing out on fully savoring the small delights of a good cup of coffee, a delicious treat and a lively, warm environment – not to mention the sparkling company of my wonderful husband!

When the line thinned, I impulsively grabbed one of the last bags of my favorite Thanksgiving Blend beans in the remainder bin. I was surprised (and, yes, a little annoyed) that they were still full price, since the shelves were already overflowing with their Christmas Blend! As I pushed my Starbucks gold card across the counter to pay, the barista said, “The gentleman in front of you paid $5 toward your purchase, so this is only $9.95.” 

I was momentarily speechless that a total stranger had shown me such a generous kindness for no special reason! All feelings of time pressure and distraction disappeared, replaced by profound GRATITUDE. When I figured out who it was, I walked over to the gentleman to thank him. He smiled and said, “Someone did that for me and I was just paying it forward.” 

Today, Rick and I returned to enjoy breakfast at a more leisurely pace and I impulsively purchased four $5 Starbucks gift cards. Then I pushed one of them across the counter to the barista and asked her to give it to the next person who came to her register. Moments later, a stranger approached our table with a cup in his hand and a big smile on his face saying, “Thank you! I will be sure to pay it forward!” 

I can’t wait to repeat this joyful practice at least three more times between now and Thanksgiving! I trust that each of those strangers will also pay it forward to make someone else feel special and cared about. Just think! We could create an endless chain of joy and gratitude inside Starbucks, one cup at a time!

So here’s my Thanksgiving Challenge for YOU: Take one small, specific action to demonstrate your profound GRATITUDE for all your many blessings. It doesn’t even require much or any money! For example, most of my coaching clients are sending Thanksgiving cards to surprise their customers with a heartfelt expression of gratitude for their friendship and support.

You could invite a single friend with no family nearby to join your Thanksgiving celebration.   Help someone put up the Christmas lights, haul home their Christmas tree or take them on errands if they don’t drive. Cover for a colleague at work or babysit someone’s kids while they do their shopping. Surprise an elderly neighbor with a tin of tea and a plate of homemade holiday treats. Better yet, sit down and listen to them while you enjoy the goodies together.

If you have the wherewithal, consider making a donation or volunteering at a local charity. Big national non-profits do a lot of good, but local charities often struggle at this time of year when their need is greatest. When you are at the gas station, if you notice someone in an old car with kids in the back, surprise her by paying for a tank of gas. Astonish a homeless person by handing them $10 or $20 instead of spare change.

In whatever way you choose, if you will do just ONE thing to pay it forward for all the good you have been blessed with, I guarantee the joy you feel will be PRICELESS!

P.S. Please let me know what you did or plan to do and I will share all those wonderful ideas in the next blog, right before Thanksgiving!

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“Triumph often is nearest when defeat seems inescapable.” – B.C. Forbes

I recently heard another inspiring televised sermon by Joel Osteen on a thought-provoking topic. He was urging each of us to be a Nevertheless Person.”

It starts with recognizing a challenging situation you face for what it is. You may have lost a promotion or a job, you could be in great financial distress, facing a dire medical diagnosis or despairing of ever finding your perfect mate. You don’t deny what’s so. Things do appear to be stacked against you, yet you are able to declare with conviction, “Nevertheless, I am going to triumph.”

Joel gave a vivid illustration from the Bible of what it means to be a Nevertheless Person in the story of David and Goliath. David faced his people’s enemy, Goliath, an experienced warrior described as a “giant,” while David was a teenager whose only life experience was herding his father’s sheep. Goliath had protective armor and weapons, while David had only a slingshot and five smooth stones.

But David didn’t see his situation the way the Vegas odds-makers would. He recognized that he was outmatched in many ways. Nevertheless, he was willing to fight Goliath because that is what God told him to do. David said, “If God be for me, who can be against me?” With God on his side, the odds didn’t matter to him. David believed wholeheartedly that if he did everything he was able to do to the very BEST of his ability, he would still triumph.

And of course, he did.   David’s slingshot landed one stone right in the middle of Goliath’s forehead and brought his enemy crashing to the ground. And we all know where David’s destiny led him: By trusting and following God’s word, the young shepherd eventually was promoted to be the ruler of his people. What odds would Vegas have given that, do you think?

When you are a Nevertheless Person, you don’t deny what’s so, but your expectations aren’t limited by what appears “likely” to happen. If it is humanly possible to do something, then it is possible for YOU to do it — especially when you believe God/The Universe actively guides and supports you. I believe the Master Manifesters who assert that the single greatest tool we have been given by God/the Universe to help us create everything we want is The Law of Attraction, which states “energy attracts like energy.”

You can’t always control your circumstances and you definitely can’t control other people.   But you CAN control your own beliefs, thoughts and emotions – and those are what create your “energy.”   The energy you send out is going to draw back to you the people and resources who are in alignment with your energy, and they can help you triumph, despite long odds.

During a complimentary coaching session this week, I was blessed to meet a very inspiring Nevertheless Person. “Martha” was SO excited and grateful to have an hour of coaching with me, it was almost embarrassing. While I was uncertain how much I could do for her in just one short hour, I soon realized that she was 100% committed to taking advantage of EVERY form of assistance God sends her, and I guess she saw me as part of God’s Care Package.

She was consistently positive and upbeat as she shared a little bit about the many serious challenges she has faced in her young life. She was born premature and contracted a debilitating health condition at a young age that flares up whenever she over-stresses her body. It can put her in pain and in bed when it flares up, so she has to be careful to get enough rest and limit her work hours.

She worked too hard at a previous 80-hour-a-week job and her condition flared up, so she had to quit that well-paying position and move back in with her parents. She went back to school to train for a teaching career, but it just couldn’t pay the bills. So Martha reluctantly had to take a fairly low-paying job, but before long, the company downsized and let her go.

Her parents, while very supportive, have their own financial struggles. Martha really wants to give them the retirement they deserve, so rather than taking another low wage job, she made the bold decision to devote herself 100% to growing her fledgling network marketing business. “I was making a good amount doing it part-time just 10 hours a week,” she told me, “so I decided to see what I could do in 40 hours a week.”

To do this, she had to put all her possessions in storage and move away from her family to another state. She is currently living as a temporary houseguest of her business mentor, who is giving her intensive training and support to help her grow her business rapidly. With the guidance of her skilled mentor, Martha is determined to take her business to new heights in record time.

She devoured The Power by Rhonda Byrne, which I recommend to all my clients. It’s one of the very best training manuals for putting the Law of Attraction into action in daily life. And she has been eagerly using one of the key tools I taught her, a self-coaching affirmation that begins, “I claim, accept and expect the Best from myself and others 100% of the time.” She repeats it aloud constantly, especially before every call to invite someone to purchase her products or consider becoming her business partner. She truly is expecting the BEST and she is getting it.

Martha promoted from a “Level One” to a “Level Five” Consultant – a big leap — in a few short months. She now has 19 business partners in her organization, eleven of them personally sponsored by her. “Most of them are serious, solid business builders, like me,” she says. (There’s the Law of Attraction at work again!) Her monthly commission check is growing quickly.

Even more amazing, Martha recently got the last seat on a plane to fly her to the network marketing company’s annual convention and found herself sitting next to an attractive young man. They took an immediate shine to each other and talked throughout the trip. He is planning to come visit her soon. “For years, I have been asking God every day to please send me my perfect mate” and now she just may have God’s answer.

On our call, I gave Martha my authentic encouragement and acknowledgment that she is embodying the right positive energy and taking all the right actions to help her reach her Big Goals. Still, I don’t think I did as much for Martha as she did for me. She showed me what it looks like to face down some of life’s biggest challenges and declare, Nevertheless, I WILL triumph.”

****************** The Gift of Dreams Fulfilled! ********************

I invite you to offer someone you care about a truly unique gift that can change their life — ONE HOUR of Personal Success Coaching! It is absolutely F*R*E*E* of charge, with no obligation and no strings attached! And if YOU haven’t coached with me in awhile and would like a “tune up” session please give yourself this gift!

To schedule a F*R*E*E* HOUR of phone coaching that will help clarify your Big Goals and get you into ACTION to make this the BEST year yet, please email me at or call toll-free 888-503-8145.










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