July 18, 2021

“Things do not happen.  They are made to happen.” – John F. Kennedy

In last week’s blog (Open to Miracles – Blog 409), we discussed the definition of a miracle as being “an outstanding and unusual event.” I and many other people believe we can regularly CO-create with Divine assistance these daily miracles whenever we face a problem for which we cannot see a possible solution.

One of the most impactful “daily miracles” that had to have come from Divine assistance happened for me and my family just about exactly nine years ago.

As you will recall, we had been completely financially devastated by the Great Recession that started in 2008.  Millions of people lost their savings and their homes, and we, too, were forced to put our own home on the market for a short sale. That put us in a seemingly “impossible” situation, with inconsistent income, poor credit scores, a teenage son, a dog and a cat. Who would possibly rent to us? Where were we going to live? I was truly terrified that we would end up all living in our Ford Explorer.

Fortunately, as an experienced Personal Success Coach, I had the same mindset tools to turn to that I teach my clients to use to create results that are far beyond what would be possible with hard work alone. 

I saw this huge personal challenge as a test of both my faith and my integrity as a coach because I had been studying and teaching The Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) to my clients for years to help them manifest their Big Goals.  This was a put up or shut up opportunity to PROVE my faith in God/The Universe and to prove that the Law of Attraction really worked. It was time to co-create a miracle with God because that was our only hope.

One of my favorite coaching tools is an “Ideal List.” I have used it to manifest cars, clients, a husband, and a couple of homes. It works great on anything that has features or qualities. It  forces you to be crystal clear and specific in what you are ASKING God/The Universe for and helps your subconscious mind to BELIEVE it can be attracted to you.

I sat down and wrote out ALL the features I would love to have in “Our Perfect New Home.” This is NOT a list of what I was willing to settle for or what I thought we might be able to get, but what I REALLY wanted in our next home. It was my job to ASK for what I REALLY wanted and leave it up to God/The Universe to connect me to resources that would answer my desire. 

I listed 10 “MUST HAVE” features (3 bedrooms/2 baths, quiet and safe neighborhood, ample storage space, room for all our furniture, welcomes pets ETC.) and 13 “HIGHLY DESIRABLE” features (beautiful surroundings, friendly neighbors, walking trails, near a Starbucks, ETC.).  I read that list ALOUD to God and my subconscious mind every morning and every night before bed, then closed my eyes and visualized it in vivid detail, until a feeling of true gratitude welled up in me – like I already had it and I was already enjoying it. 

My fear subsided and my belief grew stronger, but I still had no idea how or where we were going to connect with the house of my dreams.  Then one evening about two weeks after I wrote the list, Rick’s son Matthew decided to go to Best Buy to shop for a new mouse for his computer. 

As he told us later, there was a really tall man standing next to him, and when Matt glanced over at him, he recognized “Roger,” a widower like Rick, who had known the family since Matthew was in elementary school.  Matt naturally said “Hello.”

Roger politely asked how we were all doing and Matt, very uncharacteristically, actually opened up and said we were about to have to move out of our home and didn’t know where we would be going.

Roger told Matt that he had recently remarried and moved into his new wife’s lovely home a few miles away and was about to put his old home up for rent and asked Matt to have Rick call him in the morning to see if it would be suitable for us. 

The house had every feature I had listed on my Must Haves and all but ONE of the Highly Desirables (there was no community pool.)  And it had one feature that I had completely overlooked but which became critical years later: It was a single-story home. When Rick had back surgery, and climbing stairs was out of the question, I realized that God had foreseen that crucial need WAY before it arose.

Roger didn’t ask to see our credit report and was fine with our two pets.  He asked us how much we could pay, which was below market, and accepted.  We moved in on August 1, 2012.  For nine years, this house has been great for us in every way. In my wildest imagination, I never would I have envisioned such a perfect solution to our urgent need coming in such an unlikely way – through Matthew’s mouse shopping!

Now, I have an UPDATE to this miracle tale: On Memorial Day Weekend, out of the blue, Roger called us and told us he and his wife needed to sell our house for financial reasons.  He would have Rick list it for them, of course, so there will be a nice commission, but we were totally unprepared to think about moving right now!

This time, our credit and finances aren’t an issue. But once again, there is an external force beyond our control that makes it seemingly “impossible” to find a nice home quickly at a price we can afford: The Southern California real estate market is VERY hot right now.  That will be good for a quick sale of Roger’s house, but very challenging for us as renters. 

A friend emailed me: “I hope you find a place. There is so much competition, there are even bidding wars for RENTALS!  It’s crazy!”

Once again, my Ego was trying to warn me, “This is impossible!  You can never find a big enough house or condo for what you can pay!  And you definitely won’t be able to find a single story!” (Rick still has some mobility issues.)

I admit it took me a few days to process the shock. But this time, I am proud to say that I remembered all I learned from my Big Manifestation Lesson of nine years ago!  I am calm and sleeping fine.  I also asked several friends to pray and visualize success for us, and they have.

I quickly got out my “Our Perfect New Home” list and updated it.  It now lists 15 MUST HAVES (including a single story) and 11 HIGHLY DESIRABLE features (including “a kind, friendly and supportive landlord,” “beautiful surroundings,” “backyard patio and grass for the dogs” and “Starbucks within walking distance.”)

In the month that I have been reading my new Perfect Home list ALOUD every morning during my prayer time, we have gone out just a few times to see properties in some nearby communities. All were either depressing, too small or had multiple applicants vying for them already.

Then last week, a new listing popped up: Three bedroom/two bath detached condo, pets OK, located in a beautiful 55+ community about five miles from us. We toured it with the owner, “Penny,” who is “kind, friendly and supportive” and loves dogs! It has 25 of my 26 listed features. (No nearby Starbucks.) Everything else is exactly as I wrote down.

When we submitted our application the next day, the agent said it was the most well-put-together application package he has received in 25 years. He also told us that Penny said she really liked us and feels good about having us live in her home.  We move in on August 20. What do you know? ANOTHER “daily miracle”!

PLEASE NOTE: The blog is off next weekend and will return on Sunday, August 1.


“Caroll has helped me to clearly identify my Ideal Business Partner and keep my mindset in a place of positivity, abundance, growth and gratitude.  My businesses grew exponentially despite COVID, and I can directly attribute much of that success to Caroll’s coaching.” – Christine, interior design company owner, Realtor and direct sales team leader

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July 11, 2021

“Don’t use the power of your words to describe the situation; use them to change the situation.” – Joel Osteen

What do you believe about miracles?

Do you believe they exist at all, or are they simply happy coincidences? Do you believe miracles are real, but they only happened back in Biblical times?  Do you believe miracles happen, but just a few times in a lifetime if we’re lucky?

Or, do you believe, as I and many others do, that miracles occur on a regular basis throughout our lives…. And that they aren’t just random occurrences, but we can actually co-create them with God/The Universe?

Let’s start by defining the word “miracle.” The first definition in the dictionary is: “An event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an act of God.” This type of miracle is probably what you think of when you read ancient stories about seas parting, etc.

The second definition is closer to what I mean. May McCarthy uses it in her book The Gratitude Formula.  She says a miracle is “an extremely outstanding and unusual event.” That is what I think of as “daily miracles” in our lives which we have co-created with Divine assistance.

May McCarthy and many other Master Manifesters know that we can create “daily miracles” big and small, whenever we need something to happen that doesn’t seem possible.  Rarely do these types of miracles actually break “the laws of nature,” although I would say some physical healings that cannot be explained by medical science appear to.

Mostly, though, the “daily miracles” we are all capable of generating with Divine guidance and assistance don’t break any physical laws of the universe, but they DO overcome very long “odds” of happening.

One of my favorite affirmations to use when I feel stuck in a situation that I do not see any way out of is from Catherine Ponder, a Unity Minister and longtime teacher of prosperity thinking and miracle-making through prayer and mindset management.

When you don’t see a way, Catherine Ponder suggests affirming ALOUD to yourself many times over: “Divine Love melts impossible situations.” 

This is where the CO-creation part of making miracles comes into play.  In order to triumph over long odds in any situation, you must first work on your own MINDSET.

First, you must ASK for what you want: Get clear and speak aloud the outcome that you want, even if you have no idea of HOW it could happen.  It’s actually better if you admit that you do NOT know the HOW because that part of miracle creation – the all-knowing, all seeing, unlimited power to direct you to the answers you need – belongs to God/The Universe.

YOUR job is simple but not easy: Get crystal clear in your own mind about what you want and focus ONLY on that. Visualize the ideal outcome instead of spending your precious creative brainpower spinning out imagined scenarios of all the BAD things that could happen if you don’t get what you need.

Next, you must BELIEVE that absolutely NOTHING is “impossible” for God/The Universe to help you achieve. You may have tried everything your own limited Ego knows how to do to no avail, but your Higher Power has ways that you would never think of in a million years.

That’s where affirmations, meditation and prayer come in: All these tools help to quiet the incessant fear voice of your Ego that keeps screaming in your head, “This is impossible!  Nothing can save us! There is no answer! We are doomed!”

Because your conscious mind cannot hold two different thoughts at the same time, when you declare ALOUD “Divine Love melts impossible situations” — or any other positive affirmation that calms and strengthens you – it quickly drowns out the fear voice and allows your subconscious mind to be still and calmly LISTEN for perfect Divine Guidance.

Divine Guidance for connecting you to the HOW comes in many forms. You could get a sudden inspired “brainstorm” idea, or come across a message online, in a book or spoken by someone, or get a sudden irresistible urge to do something or go somewhere that makes no sense to your Ego, but puts you in the right place at precisely the right time for a “miracle” meeting with someone who has the answer to your prayer.

One of the most impactful “daily miracles” that could ONLY have come from Divine assistance happened for me and my family in July nine years ago.

We had been completely financially devastated by the Great Recession.  Millions of people lost their savings and their homes, and because my wonderful husband Rick is a Realtor, his income dried up when the real estate market plunged.  My coaching practice also suffered because many of my clients had downturns in their business.

When we had to put our own home on the market for a short sale in the summer of 2012, we faced a seemingly “impossible” situation: Our income was inconsistent, our credit scores were bad, we had a teenage son, a dog and a cat. Who would possibly be willing to rent to us? Where were we going to live?

I remember sometimes waking suddenly at 3:00 AM, my heart racing, from a vivid dream that we were all living in our Ford Explorer.

Fortunately, as an experienced Personal Success Coach, I had the same powerful mindset tools to turn to that I give  my clients to help them create results far beyond what would be possible from their hard work alone.

I saw this huge personal challenge as a test of my faith AND my integrity. I had been studying and teaching The Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) to my clients for years, and most of them had used it with great success to manifest their Big Goals.  If I truly BELIEVED in what I had been teaching my clients, I now had the opportunity to put up or shut up in my OWN life. It was time to co-create a miracle with God. I had no choice.

NEXT WEEK: Stay tuned next week for the miracle outcome of my big belief test and a NEW miracle update that I can’t wait to share with you.


“Caroll made me feel appreciated and capable of doing what I have to do but am afraid to do.  She taught me about the value of Gratitude Journaling and the importance of forgiveness.  While I was in coaching with her for my business success, one of my life-long personal dreams also came true in the most effortless miraculous way!” – H.H. Artist and Solopreneur

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June 27, 2021

“If you are happier today than you were five years ago, you are making progress. It is a lifelong journey that ends only when life ends. ” – Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar

Last month, I shared some simple but effective “Tips for Happiness” from Professor Debbie Powers (“I Will be Happy When….” – Blog 405) that got a big positive response from my readers. It’s no secret that “the pursuit of happiness” is something we all care about.  

I recently watched a fascinating online presentation by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, author of Happier, No Matter What: Cultivate Hope, Resilience and Purpose in Hard Times. Dr. Ben-Shahar is an Israeli psychologist and Harvard lecturer who is the head of the Happiness Studies Academy (HSA), where scientists and academics study what creates happiness in societies across the globe, from the viewpoint of science.  

He originally delved into this unusual corner of the field of psychology because of his personal experience, starting his academic career as a computer science major at Harvard 30 years ago. He appeared to have a bright future in every area of life — except he couldn’t shake the fact that he didn’t FEEL happy or fulfilled.  So he set out on a personal quest to find out WHY he wasn’t happy. Being a natural skeptic, he wanted science-based answers he could trust, so he changed his academic major and began to research everything he could find about the subject of how we can become happier as human beings.

Here are some conclusions from Dr. Ben-Shahar’s studies that we can all apply to our own individual quests for happiness and fulfillment:

Relationships are Key to Happiness

According to Dr. Ben-Shahar, the number one predictor of happiness is having close, intimate, supportive relationships. (Close social connections are also the number one predictor of good health in humans.)  It doesn’t matter if the relationships are romantic, work-related, friends, family or social, as long as you feel close to them and supported by them.

The Five Happiest Countries in the world are Denmark, where 93% of the adult population are active members of church and social clubs, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Israel where family ties are very strong, and Australia, where people put a premium on friendship with their “mates.”

Having Goals Matters More than Achieving Them

As we discussed in the prior blog, you can’t focus solely on the destination.  That is the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome that keeps you believing you can feel happy ONLY when you reach an ultimate Big Goal.  He calls it the Arrival Fallacy.

It doesn’t work because the destination you seek is never enough.  Dr. Ben-Shahar says, “Once you reach Goal X, you are only happy for a brief time before you yearn to reach Goal 2X — it’s never ending.  The more we get, the less happy we become.”

He recommends using your imagination through “visualizing” to help you reach your Big Goals.  But instead of just visualizing your destination, visualize your JOURNEY to success as well.  Imagining the milestones you will accomplish along the way sets you up to become steadily happier, as you imagine yourself making progress toward your goals.

Get Regular Physical Exercise

The state of our body is also important to our happiness. “Physical exercise has the same effect on our psychological well-being as our most powerful psychological medications do and it works the same way,” according to Dr. Ben-Shahar. Walking, running, dancing and sports all work this way. He also gave a success tip: We’re more likely to exercise with an Accountability Buddy!

Practice Gratitude

Dr. Ben-Shahar evidently saw the same Oprah show I saw years ago, because he said it made him start keeping a Gratitude Journal, just like it did for me. In 2003, the first studies came out that proved there is a measurable value in keeping one.  The happiest people say, “I appreciate the little things in life,” says Dr. Ben-Shahar. “We can multiply the impact of success and our relationships/loved ones when we express gratitude for them.”

Address Unhappiness Head On

I found it very valuable that Dr. Ben-Shahar also talked about Unhappiness and what we can do to alleviate it. He said that if someone you know is having a hard time, we can help them most just by listening to them.  Studies show that the most common element in all extraordinary Leaders is their ability to listen to others. 

“People feel better when others open up about their difficulties because we realize we are not alone.  We are in this together.  Loneliness hurts us psychologically and physically,” according to Dr. Ben-Shahar.

How should we process our negative emotions when they come up? “There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions.  Painful emotions are part of being human and we need to deal with them,” he says.

But just sitting with your negative thoughts is the least effective way to process them, because we tend to just go deeper and fixate on them. Instead, talking about it with a coach, therapist or friend lifts the emotional weight off of us.  

Another good option for processing negative feelings is to journal about them. “Just writing them down helps us better deal with and overcome our negative feelings,” he says.

I was surprised to hear him say that a great way to release our negative emotions is to cry them out.  “When we cry, we release oxytocin (the love hormone).  It’s a natural healer inside us.  Let it out!  Let it do its work, rather than suppress it.”

Finally, Dr. Ben-Shahar recommends we make a point to participate in social groups and communities where we can regularly get together and share around topics we are interested in.

We are all leaders in our communities, jobs, social groups and among our families and friends. We need to share ourselves vulnerably and authentically, listen and feel listened to in order to thrive and be truly happy.


Now it’s time for the announcement we’ve all been waiting for: The winner of the drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.  I put all the names in a bowl of everyone who emailed me answers to the three questions I asked about your business goals and frustrations, as well as your honest feedback about my new website www.practicalprosperitycoach.com I am truly grateful to all who shared your thoughts and suggestions with me! 

I had my wonderful husband Rick randomly draw the name:  Christy Good, Congratulations!  Contact me to claim your prize.

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 June 20, 2021 

“No one values a dad till you need one. Dad is where you go when you wreck the car. Or lose a job. Or you can’t get the garage door to close. They are the only customer service that actually helps.” – Chris Erskine 

I hope you get to spend your Father’s Day with a wonderful father – yours, your children’s, your spouse’s or just a man you admire.  I gratefully acknowledge everyone who is a father or who acts as a role model/mentor for someone else. The influence of a strong, positive role model on a young person is one of life’s most precious gifts, and these humble heroes don’t get nearly the credit they deserve for fulfilling this challenging role. 

My longtime readers will recognize this post because I have re-posted it on Father’s Day several times over the years.  That’s why I am calling it “Last Lessons” because this is the last year I plan to run it.   

But I just could not resist one more run, since I miss my Dad’s wisdom more and more the older I get. I have a number of pretty big challenges facing me right now (don’t we all?) and I wish I could pull a chair up next to him and ask his advice.  I know it would be exactly right because as my favorite humor writer said, Dads “are the only customer service that actually helps.” 

Here we go, one last time:

“Love life, engage in it, give it all you’ve got.  Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it.” – Maya Angelou

This quote from the late, great Maya Angelou perfectly describes the way Professor Harbison Parker lived his life.  Although his years on earth were far too short, he lived each of them with maximum gusto and I am quite sure he had no regrets when he died suddenly at age 57, right at the beginning of my senior year of high school.

My mother was my source of unconditional love, whatever minor discipline I needed, and the usual “always wear clean underwear for the ambulance” practical advice.

My father was my playmate, teacher, walking thesaurus/dictionary/encyclopedia, and my #1 Role Model.  I don’t remember him talking to me directly about values to live by. Instead, he just lived his life on his own terms, and I learned how I wanted to live mine by observing how he did it.

Here are the key Rules for Abundant Living that I got from observing the happiness and fulfillment my Dad derived from living by them himself:

  • Be happy – Other than the day President Kennedy was assassinated, when I saw him cry for the first time, my Dad was invariably optimistic, cheerful and humorous. He loved to laugh at and tell jokes (especially bad puns), watched all the 60s comedy TV shows with me, and could find the hidden humor or irony in any problem. From him, I decided that hanging out with happy, positive people is the only way to go!  While I got my inclination to worry from my mother, I got my sense of humor from my father.  Guess which trait has helped me more in life?
  • Be curious – My Dad was the most insatiable life-long learner I’ve ever known. He never passed a used bookstore without buying something.  He left behind boxes of notebooks and reading materials on everything from Elizabethan poetry to paranormal science.  It’s too bad he didn’t live into the Internet Age because he would have spent hours Googling everything.  He taught me how great it could be to know a little bit about a lot of things (which led my high school English teacher to dub me a “Renaissance Woman”). Dad never pontificated about his own views, but sought to learn from others’ opinions. His attitude set me up for career success because coaching requires more listening than talking, being curious instead of judgmental, and having a wide variety of resources at my fingertips to support my clients’ needs.
  • Be creative – My Dad was one of the most creative problem-solvers I’ve ever known. He was an amateur inventor who came up with what he believed was a breakthrough system for teaching reading that was better than phonics. Unfortunately, he died before he got to finish it. My Dad taught me to stretch my imagination and ingenuity with his homemade inventions, like a teeter-totter I could play on all by myself, consisting of a long board balanced on an old oil drum and weighted on the other side with bricks that were equal to my weight. (This was in the days before “helicopter parenting” and Cal OSHA, you understand.)
  • Be of service – By Dad’s example, I learned that while life can be enjoyable when we meet our own needs, it can be truly fulfilling only when we help others meet their He voluntarily gave up a lucrative professorship at the University of California to teach at a community college where he felt he could make a bigger difference teaching remedial English to working adults striving to improve their lives. 

Dad took a personal interest in Mrs. Edwards, an elderly widow in his night school class who wanted to improve her English. One day he hitched a trailer to our station wagon and filled it with boxes of hand-me-down clothes and a used refrigerator. Then my parents, Mrs. Edwards and I drove from Orange County to Tecate, Mexico to give her extended family these precious gifts.  I was just eight, but I still remember what the dirt-floored, one-room adobe shack smelled like, with all the flies buzzing about. I am certain those strangers never forgot my Dad’s generosity.

Looking back, our relationship reminds me a lot of the one between Atticus Finch and his young daughter, Scout, in To Kill a Mockingbird.  Like Atticus, my Dad was older when I was born, so we didn’t do much physical play together; our father-daughter bond was more emotional and intellectual. And luckily for me, like Atticus, my father demonstrated by his daily life exactly how to be self-confident and stand up for one’s principles, while remaining respectful of the different abilities, values and opinions of others.

In short, Prof. Harbison Parker was my #1 Role Model for how to “love life, engage in it and give it all you’ve got.” And I feel blessed to be his daughter.

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June 6, 2021

“A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.” – Earl Nightingale

This year marks 17 years since I became a certified professional coach.  I can hardly believe it.

When I was first certified in the Fundamentals of Life Coaching, I had no idea what my client niche would be.  I just knew I wanted to help good people reach their Big Goals and transform their lives in wonderful ways, like coaching had helped me to do.

My first specialty training and certification was in Dream Coaching ®, a great workbook-based program created by Marcia Wieder. From her, I learned how to take someone’s big dream and help them turn it into a practical goal that could be achieved, step by step.  It was challenging and fun for a time, but eventually, I began to get a little bored and restless, just following someone else’s blueprint.

Through Marcia, I was introduced to a masterful coach named Tim Kelley and got certified in his True Purpose Coaching ™ method — a unique and effective process for discovering your life purpose.  I did that full steam for a few years and helped scores of clients find their unique purpose, which was rewarding, but I knew deep down that was not all that I was meant to do.

So, I kept searching, taking a number of advanced trainings, honing my skills and learning new tools and techniques that further enhanced my clients’ ability to succeed.

One day, I was given a DVD of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and I realized that I had found the KEY I had been searching for to help my clients. Suddenly, all the random pieces of the coaching “jigsaw puzzle” came together, and I could see clearly that the Law of Attraction, which says that “energy attracts like energy” was the missing piece to help my clients reach their Big Goals with maximum speed and ease

Once I proved it to myself, I began to incorporate MINDSET training into my work with my clients. Along the way, I adapted techniques that I learned from my continuous study of the Law of Attraction, as taught by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Rhonda Byrne, Jen Sincero, May McCarthy, Abraham Hicks, Catherine Ponder, Edwene Gaines and many other Master Manifesters, and I created some simple and effective attraction mindset tools of my own.

Soon, my clients started to get breakthrough results and I named my program Practical Prosperity Coaching ™ because it is a very practical, easy-to-use method for reliably creating prosperity in all its forms, including business success, financial prosperity, creative fulfillment, good health, positive relationships, etc.

Then, about 10 years ago, purely through word of mouth, I began to effortlessly attract a steady stream of direct sellers, Realtors and solopreneurs as clients and that’s when I discovered a whole new level of JOY in my coaching because I knew I had found “my tribe” that I was put here to serve.

I know that I attracted them so easily because am one of them (the Law of Attraction, again)! Rick, my wonderful husband of 14 years, is a Realtor (and I have coached over 200 Realtors to date), and before I became a professional coach, I was a solopreneur with a full-time direct sales business for many years. It was incredibly fulfilling to be able to teach these clients exactly how to harness the power of The Law of Attraction to achieve MORE success and prosperity with greater speed and ease than they ever thought was possible.

Then, in 2020, COVID unexpectedly put us ALL to the test.  Would adopting the right MINDSET enable us to continue to thrive, even under uniquely challenging circumstances?  Thankfully, the answer was YES!  My clients and I had a banner year that proved The Law of Attraction works in good times AND bad — which is why they call it a law!

At the beginning of this year, I felt a divine tap on the shoulder, telling me it was time to step up and carry this message to a much bigger audience of the people I am meant to serve so they can learn to harness the power of The Law of Attraction to turbo-charge their results.

It appeared to be a daunting task to a non-techy type like me, but walking my talk, I used The Law of Attraction to quickly and easily connect with a fabulously creative web designer (Ashley Glesmann) and an expert social media coach (Blake Jones), who were the perfect ones to help me re-brand Practical Prosperity Coaching ™ to more clearly speak to my tribe.

This post is our “birth announcement” of the NEW Practical Prosperity Coaching ™ and you, my Cherished Reader, are the first to know about it!


And now I have a direct request for YOU: The new website is ready and I am poised to do targeted outreach on social media and other platforms, but I need YOUR invaluable input to create a message that will speak to my special “tribe” who must generate their own income each month, whether as a full-time career or side-gig. 

Here is how YOU can help: Please go to www.practicalprosperitycoach.com and take a good look at the re-vamped website. Then email me at carollschwartz@att.net with your answers to these three questions:

1) What is your full name, what is your business or career, and what is your #1 GOAL for it right now?

2) What is your #1 CHALLENGE and/or frustration with your business or career right now?

3) What is your candid OPINION about the new website? (What elements do you like, not like, and/or do you think speak well to my target audience – or not?) 

MY PROMISE: Your information will not be shared with ANYONE else or used to SPAM you. You already know me, and your honest feedback will be invaluable to help me to reach solopreneurs, Realtors and direct sellers with a message that speaks clearly to those who want to succeed at a higher level than ever before.

As a token of my heartfelt thanks for your input, one respondent’s name will be randomly drawn to receive a $100 Amazon.com gift card, which will be announced in the blog on June 27. June is my birthday month, and I would LOVE to give YOU a special present as well! I hope to hear from you soon! carollschwartz@att.net


May 23, 2021

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes from the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.” – Theodore Isaac Rubin

If we wait until life is “perfect” and just the way we imagine it should be, we will likely never experience true happiness. This post from two years ago, which is updated with some new material, reminds us that happiness is a CHOICE that we can make right NOW, if we are willing.

May 5, 2019

“Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity, focus, ease and grace.” – Maria Nemeth, Life Coach and author

I recently read a short, impactful description of what it takes to be “happy” that I would like to share with you today.  It’s by Debbie Powers, an athlete, coach and author and Professor Emerita of Wellness at Ball State University.  It was published by Body Wise International:

“Happiness Now

We often convince ourselves that life will be better after we lose ten pounds, change jobs, get married or retire.  Or we’ll be happier after getting a new car, having that baby, or the kids growing out of the teenage years. It goes on and on.

Life will always be filled with challenges, so it’s best to admit it and decide to be happy anyway!  If not now, when?

Consider a quote from Alfred D. Souza.  He said, ‘For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life.  But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time to be served, or a debt to be paid.  Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.’

This perspective reveals that happiness is a journey, not a destination.  Control what you can with your diet, exercise and other health habits.  Keep your body fit and strong.  Then treasure the moments that you have.  If you are constantly waiting for Friday night, summer vacation, graduation, or paying off the house, you could be missing a lot of living.  Happiness is within each of us. Live today!”

As a Personal Success Coach, my job is simply to help my clients reach their Big Goals – whatever they are.  Some want a fitter body, others want a new love, more money, or a fulfilling career. Most of my current clients want to build a successful business. I give them tools and strategy and accountability and encouragement to pursue all those goals.

While I do not want to see anyone postpone going after their heartfelt dreams, I also realize that we must never postpone experiencing happiness by waiting for those dreams to manifest before we allow ourselves to feel “successful.”  Pursuing Big Goals gives life drive, spice and meaning.  The drive to strive for more is inherent in us as human beings. But the formula for a successful, happy life isn’t “push and strive until you get what you want.” 

Debbie Powers recently wrote another post with helpful tips for creating more personal success and happiness for yourself:

“Tips for Happiness by Debbie Powers

1) Change your thoughts. You have full control of your thoughts. Sadness produces more sadness. Positivity produces more positivity.  Enthusiasm produces more enthusiasm. Etc. etc.

2) Surround yourself with positive people. We become who we hang around. Attitude rubs off – both positive AND negative.

3) Think of what you are grateful for.  The simple act of expressing gratitude contributes greatly to a positive outlook.

4) Do something that you love doing. We all have things that make us happy – read, walk, listen to music, dance, go fishing, watch a movie, play tennis.  These experiences reinforce happy thoughts.

5) Relax.  Sometimes a negative mind is one that is bombarded with commotion. Take time to rest, nap, meditate, or reflect.  A calm state of mind attracts positivity.

6) Create a memory bank.  Replaying and savoring happy memories in your mind has a calming effect. 

7) Laugh. Laughing is like “internal jogging.” Laughter and its subtle companion, humor, can produce psychological relief from tension, anxiety, anger, hostility and emotional pain.

Life is currently throwing curveballs to many.  For health and wellness, your own mindful actions can make a difference. For most of us, happiness is totally up to us.”

I personally believe lasting happiness comes from this: Strive to do and be your BEST each day.  Keep your word to yourself and others. Be proud of each day’s big or little achievements.  Own each day’s failures and learn from them.  Be fully present to your life and everyone in it every moment.  Strive to be kind in all circumstances and to lend someone your ear or a helping hand each day.


“I have been coaching with Caroll off and on for six years….Most of all, Caroll has given me the gift of mindset and has taught me the small, simple tools to use in my daily life that make me a more grateful, well-rounded and successful human in all areas of my life.” – Ashley M., direct sales Team Leader

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May 16, 2021

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” – Johann Wofgang von Goethe

It’s been another one of those acrimonious weeks in Washington, D.C. with lots of mudslinging and snide tweets between political parties and even within parties. Just what is it they are trying to accomplish, we might wonder?  Have our “public servants” completely forgotten what it was that We the People sent them there to DO: help our country thrive and our citizens live better lives?  Seems so sometimes.

I think most of us find it depressing and distressing that people in all walks of life these days seem to have lost the will to compromise, be civil and work together for their mutual interests. Many, but thank goodness, not ALL people.

Whenever I get frustrated about the state of human relations, it always helps if I re-focus my attention on the many, many MORE people on this planet who are working hard on positive things to benefit mankind.  Quietly, with dedication and drive, they go about their work as scientists, medical professionals, front-line workers, teachers, animal rescuers, social workers, gardeners, salespeople, stay-at-home moms, etc., solving problems and making their world better. Sadly, we never seem to acknowledge or thank them enough for that.

From time to time, it is inevitable that we all will have conflicts or disagreements with others. But we must remember that their different political affiliation, beliefs or opinions don’t make them a “bad” person or an “enemy.” If whatever we focus on expands and grows stronger (and it does), then we MUST focus on the GOOD in others if we want to have productive, mutually-beneficial personal and professional relationships. As the Law of Attraction says, the energy (our thoughts plus our emotions) that we put forth always attracts back to us matching energy.

One of the recent inspirational emails I receive daily from Joel Osteen reminds us that we can create much happier, more productive relationships if we focus on others’ positive qualities and use encouraging words whenever we speak to them:

Sharpen Each Other by Joel Osteen

“This principle is true in relationships: If you see the good in your spouse, your children, and your friends, focusing on their strengths and praising them for what you like about them, that will draw out more good and improve your relationship.  People improve when you praise them for their good qualities.  Your spouse can have a hundred good qualities, but if you focus on the three things you don’t like, it will drive a wedge between the two of you.

“If you overlook the things you don’t like and focus on the things you do like, it will change the atmosphere in your home.  God put you together so you would sharpen each other. Don’t use your iron to say hurtful words that cut like a knife or use your iron to try to hammer out all the flaws.  The way you sharpen them is by praising them for what you like, encouraging them in what they’re good at, and cheering them on for what they’re doing right.  Be a voice that pushes forward.”

So the next time you are tempted to be critical of your family member, student, team leader or member, friend, neighbor, or anyone else, simply pause first and turn your attention to their GOOD qualities.  Then, if you absolutely must deliver some useful feedback or correction, be sure to do it in a way that clearly shows kindness and your respect for them.  And even MORE often, whenever you see something praiseworthy in them, be sure to speak up and acknowledge them for it. That will surely create a relationship that “sharpens” you both in the best possible way.


“When I started coaching with Caroll, I truly didn’t believe I was worthy of success.  I self-sabotaged and listened to the voices in my head telling me it wasn’t even worth trying.  Now, I sincerely believe that I have something to offer and am deserving of the success I want in my life.” – Catherine B., direct sales leader

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May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and Fur Baby mothers! None of us would have made it this far in life without your unconditional love, nurturing and endless patience. To honor them, I want to share a blog from three years ago that is a Fan Favorite because it reminds all of us of how MUCH we are capable of when we have a big enough WHY to go after our dreams.  

May 12, 2018

“Determination, energy and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something.  We take risks that are unimaginable in any other context.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

As the stratospheric box office numbers for the newest Avengers movie will attest, we are a Superhero-obsessed culture these days.  And female Superheroes are becoming just as popular as the male versions. Superheroes like Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Supergirl serve as strong, resourceful, and intelligent role models for girls and boys alike.

But I’ll tell you who the REAL female Superheroes in our world are: Moms.

Soccer Moms. Working moms. Moms in boardrooms and Moms in minivans.  Moms who sign the paychecks and Moms who mop the floors and take out the trash.

They are strong, resourceful, visionary and determined because they have a Why that is bigger than themselves.  They care deeply about their families and will do whatever it takes to create a better future for them. They are fierce, resilient and filled with grit and gusto. They are lady warriors in high heels or sneakers. They are in pursuit of a Greater Purpose and they are after it 24/7.

I coach many of these real-life Superheroes.  Having no children of my own, I can’t fully understand what drives them, but I marvel at and admire and do my best to support and nurture them to value themselves and pursue their Big Dreams with belief and passion.

I am in awe as I see them work their day jobs, come home to fix dinner, help with homework and then give up much-needed sleep to spend an hour or two building a business that will provide the future they dream of for their families.  Some of them work from home, which is just as challenging, because everyone around them thinks they have plenty of time on their hands, and routinely call on them to help with the charity bazaar, assist in the classroom, chauffeur the soccer team, help their husbands with THEIR careers….etc. etc. etc. Just like the full-time working moms, stay-at-home Superhero Moms must squeeze in the time to grow their businesses and build their dreams.

Some of my Superhero Mom clients are single parents, with no backup if they or their children get the flu or the car breaks down. It’s all heaped on their slim shoulders.  Do they cry about it?  Nope. They suck it up and JUST DO IT.  Superhero Moms have no time for pity parties.  Stuff needs doing.  Big Dreams need fulfilling.  Either lend them a hand or get out of their way.

Some of them are also in the midst of ugly divorces and custody battles.  I cannot imagine what it is like for them to be a single parent, hold down a job, work on building a part-time business AND have to deal with a jerk whose main aim in life is to sabotage them, just for spite.

How do these Superhero Moms respond to such abuse?  They lift their chins, turn away and get back to building a great future for their kids. The opposition makes them even MORE determined to succeed on their own terms.  They are the very definition of “indomitable.”

So what is the Greater Purpose that drives these Superheroes in high heels? Time.  They want more time to spend with their families and to play a big role in their children’s lives as they grow. They are committed to instilling their deepest values in them and proving to them that even their wildest dreams CAN come true — and not just in fairy tales or comic books.

So here’s to ALL the too-often-taken-for-granted, undercover Superhero Moms who walk among us – our wives, mothers, relatives, friends, teachers and colleagues.  Let’s pause this Mother’s Day (and hopefully, EVERY day) to express our admiration and gratitude to them. Let’s treat them like the Superheroes they truly are.   After all, they are saving the future of the World by pursuing their Greater Purpose.

Coaching Results

“I originally went to Caroll with one goal: to blow my skin care business up so much bigger than it had ever been.  But what I realized through the process is that I also had other dreams that were very important to me, but I just never thought were possible.  I credit Caroll for pushing me off the ledge and helping me jump into a very exciting and multi-faceted way to run my businesses!  Yes, what was originally just ONE business goal now has multiple facets in very different areas and are so much BIGGER!” — E. G., direct seller and real estate investor

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April 25, 2021

“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.” – William Feather

Our weather in Southern California is typically sunny and mild, but for the past week or so, it’s been cloudy, drizzly and gloomy all day every day.  I know that many parts of the country are still having serious snow storms, so believe me, I am grateful to live here!

But still, I must admit that gloomy weather tends to make me feel lethargic and blah. I have trouble focusing and getting motivated to tackle projects. Instead, I want to curl up under a comforter and read a book all day, which is not a productive energy to be in.

This morning, as I was trying to get up the gumption to hoist myself off the couch, I came across a daily post by the Good News Network that lifted my spirits and instantly put me in an energetic, positive mood.

It said that in a research study commissioned by Small Luxury Hotels of the World, “2,000 Americans revealed in a recent poll that their top simple pleasure is hearing music they love. Seeing flowers bloom also made it into the nation’s top ten simple joys.

“Those surveyed enjoy an average of eight moments of simple pleasure each week, about one a day. The satisfaction of a moment’s pleasure can last for upwards of 20 minutes on average, although 11 percent get a glow for up to an hour.”

Here are the top responses from 2,000 Americans about what gives them pleasure. (Notice that most don’t cost a thing!)


1. Listening to your favorite songs

2. A nice dinner

3. Watching your favorite movie

4. Finishing a really good book

5. Doing exercise

6. Spotting a species of bird you’ve never seen before

7. Seeing flowers and trees blossom

8. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good

9. Home cooking

10. A match on Hinge (or other dating site) with someone you’re attracted to

11. Stunning views

12. Going to the beach

13. Not having to set the alarm at the weekend or on a day off

14. Getting a delivery in the mail

15. Dining out

16. Finding money you had forgotten about

17. Laughing out loud at a film

18. Having dinner made for you

19. Staying in bed on a Sunday morning

20. Making someone smile or laugh

21. Sound of rain on the window

22. Having a picnic

23. Hearing the wind blow through the trees

24. Being somewhere new

25. Sleeping in a freshly made bed

26. Receiving a compliment from a stranger

27. Swimming outside

28. Discovering new food

29. Feeling the sun on your face

30. Playing sport with friends or family

31. Waking up to sun

32. Donating to charity

33. Getting a cuddle from your children

34. Meeting new people

35. Buying fresh local produce

36. Hearing nothing but birds tweeting

37. Payday

38. Cake

39. Having a coffee/tea in bed

40. People watching

41. Putting your out of office on as you head off on a vacation

42. Smell of toast in the morning

43. Spontaneous outings

44. Long walks

45. Playing a musical instrument

46. Sleeping in a big incredibly comfy bed

47. Wearing a new pair of socks for the first time

48. Having a gossip or catchup with friends

49. Being in the countryside

50. Seeing a butterfly

Much like making a Daily Gratitude List of 10 things I am most grateful for right now, just reading the Simple Pleasures list put a smile on my face by conjuring up memories of similar experiences I have enjoyed. (Although I find it hard to believe the list overlooks PETS!  Our two adopted dogs would absolutely be in my Top Five! Well, I suppose #33 could apply to Fur Children as well as the human variety.)

Suggestion: If you, too, could use a little more happiness in your life right now, simply take one or more of these items that make you smile and intentionally include them or be fully present and grateful for them during your upcoming week. (It’s fine to include other experiences of your own, too, of course – like cuddling or playing with your pets!)

I am going to challenge myself to experience at least one simple pleasure per day. The Law of Attraction (“energy attracts like energy”) dictates that the positive energy that will radiate from me as a result will attract even MORE good things into my life. And that’s a foolproof recipe for happiness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The blog will take next Sunday off and return on Sunday May 9.

Coaching Results

“I’ve accomplished goals I never believed were possible.  I’m healthier and more balanced in my personal life.  I’m more present with my children, more productive in my daily work life, and I’ve been able to develop healthy relationships and a lifestyle that I would have said was ‘never possible’ but now is.  The dollars I have spent coaching for the past several years have come back to me in more ways than I can count. Coaching with Caroll has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.” – S.L., attorney and entrepreneur

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April 18, 2021

“All distractions are equal.” – Leslie Zann

In the last blog, we discussed the revolutionary approach to reaching your Big Goals presented by Gary Keller and Jay Papsan in their amazing book The One Thing.  (Keller is the co-founder of Keller-Williams Real Estate, the largest real estate company in the world.)

The authors say you must make your Big Goal the ONE priority in your professional life and then focus daily on the ONE Thing you must do to reach it.  First, determine what specific actions you must take each day, each week and each month and then block the time in your appointment planner to allow yourself to focus on carrying out those actions without interruption.

Bottom line: Productivity is the KEY to success and TIME BLOCKING is the key to productivity. 

But, as we all know, focusing on anything during your workday without interruption is a challenge.  Just ask any parent of school age children who is working from home during the pandemic.  But even if you are lucky enough to be working in an office, there are plenty of distractions from colleagues who try to hang out at your cubicle or a boss who has an urgent question or just the usual lineup of office meetings that are 20% useful and 80% wasted time.

What, then, can you do to consistently follow your One Thing plan to be productive in pursuing your Big Goal? The key is to develop a STRATEGY and adopt the right MINDSET. Here’s how:

Protect Your Time Block

First and foremost, you must commit to protecting your Time Block.  The authors say, “The world doesn’t know your purpose or priorities and isn’t responsible for them – you are.  So it’s your job to protect your time blocks from all those who don’t know what matters to you, and from yourself when you forget…The best way to protect your time blocks is to adopt the mindset that they can’t be moved.  So, when someone tries to double-book you, just say, ‘I’m sorry, I already have an appointment at that time’ and offer other options.”

But we know that’s tough when the requester is a high-level person in your life: “How do you say no to anyone important – your boss, a key client, your mom – who asks you to do something with a high sense of urgency?  One way is to say YES and then ask, ‘If I have that done by [a specific time in the future], would that work?’ Most often these requests are more about an immediate need to hand a task off than about a need for it to be done immediately, so the requester usually just wants to know it will get done.”

But what if the request really IS urgent and it comes at the time you have blocked to be productively working on your ONE Thing that day? “In this situation, follow the rule ‘If you erase, you must replace’ and immediately reschedule your time block.”

I agree!  I have always recommended to my coaching clients that they leave at least one hour of unscheduled “white space” in their planner each day.  Then if something comes along that truly MUST be handled during their Time Block, they can use their free hour to make up that ONE Thing productivity time.  If nothing gets in the way, they can reward themselves for their productivity with an hour of “Me Time” to do whatever they want!

Finally, you must overcome your own Ego’s constant preference for keeping you “safe” by keeping you from carrying out your One Thing plan for the day.

“The key” the authors assert, “is to fully internalize the domino fall that will happen when your ONE Thing gets done, and remember that everything else you might do or have to do will be easier or unnecessary.”  The authors even helpfully include a colorful little sign you can pull out of the book and hang on your office door handle that says “In case I can’t say NO, this sign will have to do it for me.”

The Four Thieves of Productivity

Keller and Papasan warn that there are “four thieves of productivity” that can stop you from accomplishing your Big Goals and they tell you exactly how to avoid each of them:

1) The first thief is an inability to say “NO” – This comes as no surprise to us recovering People Pleasers! “Peers will ask for your advice and help. Co-workers will want you on their team. Friends will request your assistance. Strangers will seek you out.  Invitations and interruptions will come at you from everywhere imaginable. How you handle all of this determines the time you’re able to devote to your ONE Thing and the results you’re ultimately able to produce.” The solution is to respectfully say NO promptly, and (if you can) give them a lead to someone who might help them. Bottom line: “If you can’t say no a lot, you’ll never truly be able to say yes to achieving your ONE Thing. Literally, it’s one or the other – and you get to decide.”

2) The second Thief of productivity is the Fear of Chaos. “Focusing on ONE Thing has a guaranteed consequence: other things don’t get done…Other areas of your life may experience chaos in direct proportion to the time you put in on your ONE Thing.  It’s important for you to accept it instead of fighting it.”

During a very busy fourth quarter of 2020, my home office looked like a war zone.  It was hard to go in there each day, stepping over piles of binders and folders and seeing the dust bunnies in the corners. But I put blinders on and did my One Thing each day because I knew a pristine office wasn’t going to make me successful.  Eventually, we always get a chance to catch up on the truly critical things.  When things quieted down during the Holidays, I was able to devote a half day to cleaning and organizing my office. That felt great, but not as great as what I had accomplished toward my Big Goal.

3) The third Thief is Poor Health Habits. This is the opposite of their advice about putting up with chaos for a while in order to do your One Thing.  You can never put your health on hold  while you pursue your dreams. “Personal energy mismanagement is a silent thief of productivity.  When we keep borrowing against our future by poorly protecting our energy, there is a predictable outcome of either slowly running out of gas or prematurely crashing and burning.”  Instead, here is the authors’ Highly Productive Person’s Daily Energy Plan:

  • Meditate and pray for spiritual energy.
  • Eat right, exercise and sleep sufficiently for physical energy.
  • Hug, kiss and laugh with loved ones for emotional energy.
  • Set goals, plan and calendar for mental energy.
  • Time block your ONE Thing for business energy.

4) The fourth Thief is an Environment that Doesn’t Support Your Goals. Our physical surroundings and especially the people we surround ourselves with influence our health, our mindset and ultimately our level of success. “Surrounding yourself with the right people is the right thing to do.  While attitude thieves will rob you of your energy, effort and resolve, supportive people will do what they can to encourage or assist you.  Ultimately, being with success-minded people creates what researchers call a ‘positive spiral of success’ where they lift you up and send you on your way….Hanging out with people who seek success will strengthen your motivation and positively push your performance.”

The authors strongly recommend getting an Accountability Partner to support you in reaching your Big Goal.  They say that a professional Coach makes the BEST Accountability Partner, but you can also ask a trusted colleague or friend to keep you honest and on track. “An accountability partner will positively impact your productivity…. Just knowing they are waiting for your next progress report can spur you to better results. Ideally, a coach can ‘coach’ you on how to maximize your performance over time.  This is how the very best become the very best.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who achieves extraordinary results without [a Coach].”

There you have it — your foolproof Formula for Success: If you are committed to reaching your Big Goals, spend your working hours identifying the ONE Thing you must do each day to reach them, don’t let the Four Thieves waylay you, and get support in holding yourself accountable for doing what you promised to do.

Above all, remember no one succeeds alone and no one fails alone and, in the words of comedian Lily Tomlin, “The road to success is always under construction!”

Coaching Results

“Caroll has been very helpful in guiding me to clarify what my most important goals are, what they mean to me and why they are important.  Learning to focus on the important things makes me more efficient and able to get there faster.  It’s a huge stress reliever to know where you want to go and the necessary steps to get there.” – June G., Realtor ™

I want to be of service to YOU and your friends, colleagues and loved ones! To schedule a F*R*E*E, no-obligation one-hour Success Breakthrough Session by phone that will help clarify your Big Goals and get you into ACTION on making them a reality, please email me while I still have openings at caroll@practicalprosperitycoach.com

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